Extracellular nucleotides can favour inflammatory diseases via the activation of P2 receptors. The proinflammatory P2Y6 is the dominant nucleotide receptor in human and murine intestinal epithelial cells (IEC) and its expression increases during inflammation. Interestingly, we found that the blockade of P2Y6 totally prevented inflammation in the murine DSS model. This project will show whether and how the blockade of P2Y6 signaling in IEC can reduce, or even prevent, mucosal inflammation.

Using tacit knowledge in peer communications and research literature to identify emerging respiratory therapy practice topics and trends

Each day several email messages containing respiratory care topics, issues, and latest treatments are exchanged within the Respiratory Therapy community. Effective exploration and visualization of informal knowledge in these email threads and combining them with the scientific articles published in the Canadian Journal of Respiratory Therapy (CJRT) has the potential to inform future respiratory care practice.

Biomaterials for the reduction of bacterial adhesion and biofilm formation

Stents are tubes placed between the kidney and the bladder which prevent blockages which might otherwise damage the kidney. Introducing foreign material into this system allows a platform for bacteria to exist and which will potentially cause infections. These are very common. We propose modifying the surfaces of the materials used in stents to make them “non-stick” to prevent bacteria attaching and then causing infections. We can test this in the laboratory and wish to test different types of material under different conditions which mimic the clinical environment.

Improving Hearing Aid Processing for Live Music

The goal of this project is to improve the processing on hearing aids for music. Currently hearing aids are designed for speech, but for some hearing aid users music is an important part of their lives. A concert where the room acoustics are changed will be used to collect audio samples for testing changes to the hearing aids to improve the quality of live music for hearing aid users.

Optimized Non-invasive Cuff-less Continuous Blood Pressure Measurement Technique Using Artificial Neural Network

Continuous blood pressure (BP) monitoring is highly of assistance for detection of the major public health issue which is cardiovascular problems. Nowadays the BP monitoring technique which are commonly used are mostly using an uncomfortable cuff that makes continuous monitoring impossible since it slows the blood flow. However, measuring continues blood pressures are necessarily and crucial in some cases such as diagnostic of hypertension, for CVD patients, Sleep apnea and etc.

Understanding the Impact of Legal Cannabis Access on Health: A Large, Prospective Cohort Study of Canadians Obtaining Medical Cannabis Authorization

Although legal access to medical cannabis has been available in Canada for many years, our society has yet to fully understand the important health implications surrounding the use of medical cannabis or recreational users. However, the current availability of medical cannabis in Canada means that researchers have access to a large number of individuals who are cannabis users.

The effects of Radical Plus® consumption on exercise capacity in humans

Muscle fatigue and associated perceived exhaustion are among the main barriers to physical activity and training adherence, which directly contributes to the spread obesity and cardio-metabolic diseases in Canada. While several dietary supplements claiming anti-fatigue properties exist on the market, a large number have not gone through robust scientific testing. The Radical Plus® product from Carpe-Diem Inc. is a liquid dietary supplement containing marine collagen, blueberry extract, and polyphenols.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Skin Cancer Imaging, Screening, and Diagnosis

This project involves the research and development of a new skin examination system for Elucid Labs Inc. (Elucid) to add to its imaging and diagnostic capabilities in the area of skin cancer, disease, and conditions. Elucid is building a comprehensive system that identifies and tracks a patients’ moles to perform screening and risk assessment. Moreover, Elucid will be developing a multimodal microscopy system that may prove to be useful in streamlining the histopathology process pertaining to skin biopsies.

Development of an automated system for counting fetal and maternal red blood cells in clinical KB Test

The Kleihauer-Betke (KB) test is the standard method for quantitating fetal-maternal hemorrhage in maternal care. The critical component of the KB test is the counting of fetal and maternal red blood cells (RBC). However, manual counting still the dominant clinical method for KB test. Manual RBC counting takes ~20 minutes. In a standard procedure, a lab technologist, looking through the eyepieces of a microscope, manually counts about 2,000 RBC and calculates the fetal-maternal RBC ratio.

Effectiveness of EarlyDetect, a psychiatric assessment program, using a mobile APP interface - Phase 2

Mental health illness cost over $50 billion in the Canadian economy annually, and is prevalent at workplace. The cost and prevalence of menial health illness can be greatly mitigated with early detection and intervention. EarlyDetect is a program developed by Chokka Center for Integrative Health for convenient, accurate and reliable self-assessment of mental illness, and has been validated in a pen-and-paper form.