The nexus of high frequency, big, and long-term data – catalysing new opportunities to support drinking water treatment

Within the prairies, water treatment brings unique challenges. Source waters are often nutrient rich, and within lakes, this can lead to enhanced cyanobacterial bloom risk, and elevated dissolved organic matter leading to production of disinfection by-products. There are myriad challenges, which can be supported by improved understanding of source waters, and improved technology supporting decisions for water treatment, and water resource management.

Integration of Machine Learning and AI Based Optimization from IoT Datastreams and Business Information Systems

Internet of things (IoT) includes of multitude of sensors from a wide variety of applications. These sensors produce high volume and high velocity data. Recently there has been much interest in application of such technologies to improve agricultural practices. The sensors that are installed in the field transmit real time data regarding numerous environmental variables of interest. This data is then used to forecast a future state and to make a well informed business/operation decision according to an expected future state.

The Role of Natural Background Radiation on Neurological Development and Processes

All species on the planet are affected by their environment: temperature, atmospheric pressure, daylight hours, and so on. These conditions affect how a species react to stress, grow, reproduce, and survive. Natural background radiation (NBR) is ever-present and has been prior to the evolution of all species. In order to study the effect of NBR on important biological processes, such as brain growth and development, we must remove it from the environment to see if it induces any changes. In order to remove NBR, a deep underground laboratory, shielded from NBR exposure must be used.

The Impact of Emerging Technologies on Defense Policy

How technology relates to Canadian national defence policy, strategy, and planning is not well understood. To date, much of the research on emerging technology in the military focuses on concerns over ethics, privacy, human rights, and governance, largely overshadowing equally important research on the way technology intersects with military strategy and tactics, defence recruitment and training, and alliance politics and national policy.

Changing children's awareness and behavior toward environmentally sustainable practices through educative programs

In order to improve the understanding and awareness for students about the management of energy efficiency and environmentally sustainable practices, this study will evaluate the effectiveness on changing children's awareness and behavior toward those aspects through of the implementation of educative material, previously developed by Nature's Ride, by way of scholastic workshops on primary school children. This study is foreseen helping students gain a clearer understanding of energy-saving practices in their everyday life, to achieve a greater awareness level.

Affordability Dashboard - Vancouver

The VEC, under its Economic Transformation Lab and in partnership with SFU and MITACS, seeks to research, design, and publish an affordability dashboard that consolidates all important metrics/statistics on affordability, relevant to Vancouver businesses and talent. The Dashboard will not only focus on affordability of office, retail, and industrial space, as well as other pertinent business operation affordability metrics, but will also contain affordability metrics that inform businesses of the cost of living for their talent.

Restoration Opportunities for the Lost Creeks of South Etobicoke

Extensive development in south Etobicoke resulted in creeks historically viewed as a nuisance being buried, culverted or piped underground. However, creeks don’t just disappear, during large rainfall or snowmelt events. These buried creeks have been found to be a catalyst for flooding and reduce water quality because of reductions in storage and absorption of stormwater run-off over vegetated surfaces resulting in a ‘flashy’ response to stormwater. This project will investigate restoration options for the remnant portions of the lost creeks and investigate green infrastructure (i.e.

Middle ear optical coherence tomography imaging system

This project will develop a microscope to allow ear surgeons to non-invasively see through the ear drum and into the middle ear. 250,000 ear surgeries are conducted annually in the US, but currently ear surgeons do not have a good diagnostic tool for imaging the middle ear non-invasively. For many forms of conductive hearing loss, conclusive diagnosis is only achieved in the operating room once the eardrum is cut open.

Antioxidant capacity and anti-inflammatory bowel diseases effect of hemp seeds grown in Canada

Hemp seed is a super fruit because its bioactive compounds have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial capabilities. Hemp seeds have the potential as a food therapy to reduce inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD). In this project, we will collect hemp seeds from 20 hemp cultivars grown in different provinces in Canada. Antioxidant capacities of hemp seeds will be determined by using different chemical assays. Selective hemp seeds of different levels of antioxidant capacities will be used to investigate the anti-IBD effect using both in vitro ?gut-on-a-chip?

Molecular effects of novel high-CBD Cannabis cultivars: from mechanisms to novel applications and therapeutics

With the legalization of cannabis, a serious issue facing Canadians is: how will consumers know their products are safe and created with their health in mind? Many Cannabis products claim diverse health benefits, ranging from treating pain to reducing inflammation and affecting tumor growth. While this is incredibly exciting, have all of these products been researched to ensure their claims are rooted in scientific proof?