Investigating the efficacy of Sleepgift blanket on sleep quality and heart health

Exposure to electromagnetic field (EMF) emitted by mobile phones and devices with WIFI is on the rise and so is the EMF effects on sleep quality and well-being of individuals with high exposures to EMF. Some studies have shown poor sleep quality among individuals with long-term occupational exposure to EMF, and some have shown association between EMF long-term exposure and neuropsychiatric disorders including depression. This study aims to investigate a commercially available EMF-blocker blanket, called Sleepgift, that claims helping people to have a better sleep and improved health.

Modelling land-based mitigation technologies (LMTs) with ALCES Flow: A participatory modelling platform for landscape simulation and ecosystem carbon emission analyses

Wildfire incurs major environmental and economic losses in many areas of the world. Although climate change is playing an important role in changing fire frequency and magnitude, human management strategies can play an arguably comparable role. Managers must choose from a range of strategies to ensure viability of forest stands, but research supporting efficacy of different approaches is not always available. In Venezuela, forests regions are threatened by wildfires originating in adjacent Savannas.

Informing Researcher and Clinician Decisions to Interact with a Scholarly Publication: Identifying Preferences for a Journal Transparency Tool

Advances in healthcare and research are published in peer-reviewed biomedical journals all over the world. Our previous research shows that predatory journals, or fake academic journals, pose a threat to this. Predatory journals claim to publish high-quality research, but they do not follow accepted scientific publishing practices (e.g., peer review, indexing). If health decisions are made based on low-quality research published in predatory journals, this is a problem.

Increasing Engagement and Reducing Barriers to Participation among Immigrant Voters in Canadian Big-City Elections

In this mixed-methods study, we aim to identify specific experiences and institutional barriers that prevent recent immigrants from engaging with and participating in municipal elections in the city of Calgary, Alberta. Using a systematic literature review and data from focus groups and in-depth interviews in Calgary, we will first develop a list of the concrete local factors that reduce interest and engagement in municipal elections among new Canadians.

Data Driven Transit Signal Priority Reliability Analysis

This study will analyse Calgary Transit’s bus operations on The City’s road network. Intersections and road segments will be categorized based on Level of Service (LOS) based performance indicators such as bus travel time and schedule adherence. The outcomes of the analysis will indicate whether a particular intersection needs transit signal priority (TSP) to improve its LOS. Intersections will be ranked then from least critical to most critical to aid in identifying intersections vulnerable to severe delay at the network level.

Generating potent Interleukin-2 variant to specifically enhance NK cell proliferation

A human protein “interleukin-2” plays a key role in immunity. The target of this project is to modify this protein, triggering more immune cells in body, and hence enhancing body defense. At first, the intern will produce normal interleukin-2 in bacteria. The protein will then be mixed with the immune cells. Increase in cell amount indicates the protein is functional. Afterwards, the intern will modify the interleukin-2 at different positions, followed by combining these modifications randomly to create a library of various interleukin-2. They will be tested by using immune cells.

Hamlet of Pangnirtung Community Socio-Economic Framework Planning and Development

The Hamlet of Pangnirtung is exploring ways to improve the socio-economic development within the community. In preparation, and with the help of two Mitacs interns, the community would like to research various economic development models, the legal and social requirements for business development, existing local businesses, and explore other northern community socio-economic models, both in northern Canada and internationally.

Effective concrete mixes for Saskatchewan side walks using locally available pop-out prone aggregates

A disturbing number of aggregate pop-out cases have recently been observed in newly poured concrete throughout the City of Saskatoon. A “pop-out” is a small, often cone-shaped void in a horizontal concrete surface left after a near-surface aggregate particle has fractured. Aggregate pop-outs can accelerate the deterioration of concrete sidewalks and can result in safety hazards to pedestrians and increased maintenance costs. Every year, the City of Saskatoon removes and replaces deteriorated sidewalk panels throughout the city.

A Feasibility and Usability Study of Virtual Reality Assessment for Paramedic Occupational Competency (VAPOC) in Saskatchewan

This goal of the project is compare tools that can be used to evaluate the job performance of paramedics in a fair, equitable and consistent way whether they live in Saskatchewan or somewhere else in the world. Individuals who have completed their paramedic training will be evaluated using a common real life situation that they will experience when working as a paramedic in our province. The situation will be experienced in an artificial environment or through the use of a mannequin doll.

Evaluating the efficacy of a 91-day self-talk mental health self-care journal

Self-talk describes our inner monologue, or “inner voice”, that we are often conscious of. This self-talk can be important and helpful, such as when it is encouraging us, calming our fears, or giving us confidence. However, often this self-talk is negative, and can make us feel sad, upset, or worthless. There has been a recent surge in the popularity of health-promotive self-care products, or products aimed at providing individuals with “the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required to achieve and maintain good health”.