Skill – An AI-generation resume standard

Skill is an open-source standard format for resume writing that is optimized to be processed by AI systems. It can remove the hassle and stress of fully expressing themselves from job seekers and eliminate the hassle of finding the best candidate from employers. As AI systems grow more popularity in different fields, Skill will provide the required tool for re-defining the hiring process with the help of artificial intelligence.

Risk Assessment of Riverbank Stability Subjected to Construction Induced Vibrations

The stability of riverbanks has always been a concern for land-use planners, stakeholders as well as the Cities around the world. Construction activities can generate different types of dynamic waves and vibrations.

Impact of dark chocolate consumption on glucose levels of people with diabetes

Blood sugar levels increase after the consumption of food. Especially in sugary foods such as candy or chocolate, this increase in blood sugar will be more pronounced. In individuals with diabetes, who may require tracking of carbohydrates and food or injection of insulin following a meal, foods such as chocolate are suggested to be avoided.

An Investigation of Potential Market Entry for Novel Medical Devices ina Pandemic Environment

Currently, it is difficult to obtain market share in the medical device market. Furthermore, a lack of resources by small companies with disruptive technologies can prove to be detrimental to establishing market share. This huge hurdle thus discourages innovators from commercializing their life-saving technologies especially in a pandemic situation. This project will focus on the development of a framework to support vulnerable new entrants into the medical device market with penetrating and securing a position in the market, within a pandemic setting.

Assessing temporal and spatial patterns of bowhead whale presence and underwater noise in the western Canadian Arctic

Understanding when and where bowhead whales occur is ecologically, culturally and politically important in the context of a rapidly changing climate, with some of the greatest impacts happening in the Arctic. Decreases in sea ice allow for increased shipping and its associated underwater noise in one of the last acoustically pristine habitats in the world. Bowheads, the only endemic Arctic mysticete and a cultural keystone species for the Inuit, are vocal, their survival depends on sound, thus vulnerable to increasing noise.

Follow up of horses treated with stem cells at eQcell Inc.

For over 10 years, eQcell Inc. has been treating horses with stem cells. In order to efficiently direct future research, a full picture of the efficacy of past treatments is necessary. This project will follow up with all clients across 8 clinics to collect an up-to-date snapshot of previously treated horses’ health and progression or regression from the time of treatment. These data will help generate hypotheses and narrow the research focus of the company to where stem cells may be best applied.

Investigating the performance of ultra-thin graphene oxide films for natural gas dehydration

The main goal of this project is to identify the key performance parameters of the membrane and collect some data on the membrane performance. To achieve this goal the intern needs to first develop a testing system to evaluate the dehydration performance of the membrane. After building the test system the intern will utilize the system to check the performance of a wide range of membranes and select which ones work best as well as factors that would impact the membrane performance. Then the test system will be brought to natural gas plant to verify the performance.

Application of Actigate Targeted Performance Technology for the Treatment of Wheat Rust

Fungal rust infection of wheat is an ongoing problem in Canada and use of commercial fungicides is increasing while the problem of fungicidal resistance is also arising. This project aims to develop optimized fungicidal treatments for fungal rust infection of wheat. The issue of inefficient penetration of commercial fungicides will be addressed by applying a specific technology to enhance delivery of the active ingredient to target fungal pathogens thereby reducing the dose of fungicidal application. The mechanism of action of the resulting fungicidal formulations will also be explored.

A Feasibility Study on the Development of Oshawa Hydrogen Economy Hub

This project aims to investigate the establishment of a hydrogen hub in the Pickering and Oshawa region to reduce emissions from fossil fuels. Transportation sector is one of the major air pollution sources in Canada. Produced hydrogen will be used in vehicles operated with fuel cell that will be produced by GM and Hyundai. Fuel cells do not emit NOx, SO2, CO2 compared to conventional fossil fuels. Within the scope of this study, the proposed system will be investigated thermodynamically to optimize hydrogen production.

Mobile Field Analytics Integration

VeriGrain is in the agricultural automated sampling and data management business. By providing representative sampling of the harvested grain provides the grain characteristics for maximum profit, helps to determine the risk of spoilage and helps farmers eliminate downgraded and rejected loads of grain at the terminal. Currently the samples are taken at the farm and are sent off for lab analysis to determine the quality and characteristics of the grain. However, advancements in technology through spectral analysis provide the opportunity to move some of the lab analysis out to the field.