Collaborative Robot for Vertebral Fusion with a Quality of Fusion Estimation Model

Spinal fixation, the process by which a broken spine is mended, or a deformed spine corrected, can involve the placement of tens of pedicle screws during lengthy surgical operations. With an ageing population the overall demand for these procedures is increasing. Surgeon fatigue is an issue in these procedures and has demonstrated decreased performance. Our focus will be on the researching and developing an automatic surgical system for the purposes of spine screw insertion.

APEX Total Compensation Study

The APEX (Association of Professional Executives of the Public Sector of Canada) total compensation study seeks to provide a current assessment of executive compensation philosophies and governance within the public service sector in Canada. Issues related to limited differences in compensation between senior level managers and less experienced managers will be explored including the various compensation policies in place within federal, provincial, and municipal public sector organizations.

Structural modeling for glycosaminoglycan/peptide complexes

Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) are biological anchors for growth factors (GF) and other chemical substances. The binding of these substances to GAGs can be modified in times of need. For example during wound healing the increased number of GAGs in the injured areas enables a very localized increase in growth factors and chemokines necessary for wound healing. It appears that the orchestration of initial inflammation, tissue repair and scar formation in would healing is a result of a well-directed feedback between the tissues and the circulating GF.

High Efficiency GaN RF Power Amplifiers for 5G and Beyond Applications

This research project will be a collaborative effort to explore, understand, and capitalize on the growing market shift from Laterally Diffused Metal Oxide Semiconductors (LDMOS) to Gallium Nitride (GaN)-based radio units in the base station market, which is ever-growing with the increased demand for 5G. The intern will be trained on simulation, measurement, design, and development tools that will allow for a comprehensive analysis of these GaN-based units.

Nature Based Outdoor Recreation ROI Framework

The project will develop a conceptual framework to quantify the value of nature based recreation. The tool will focus on improvements in physical health, improvements in mental health and health benefits associated with improved ecosystem protection. The tool will provide provincial, municipal and community organizations a mechanism to support informed program, policy and planning decisions and will help users better understand and communicate the value of investments in nature based outdoor recreation.

Retail Supply Chain Predictive Analytics

The project aims predict the demand of customers for small and medium size businesses. Forecasting models will be developed analyze historical data to understand patterns and correlations. Machine learning will be applied to determine how the accuracy can be improved over existing statistical methods, such as Fourier Regression Analysis which is commonly used in retail demand chain management. The demand forecasting model will examine customer behavior and the context surrounding that behavior, including upcoming holidays, the weather, or a recent event such as COVID-19.

Effectiveness of Cannabis strains at reducing seizure rate in a zebrafish model of epilepsy

Cannabis has been used for centuries to treat epilepsy and related convulsive disorders. While Anecdotal evidence suggests a therapeutic benefit in some patients, there is little information as to what compounds within Cannabis plants may have medicinal benefits. This work will highlight specific strains (which CEPG will grow locally in Jackson’s Arm, NL) that will potentially provide effective seizure control in epileptic patients.

Canadian History Through the Lens of Indigenous Women: Indigenous History and Cultural Awareness Training

This proposed research project pairs two students with expertise in branding, digital design and user experience with a partner organization that offers training in Indigenous cultural awareness, specifically Canadian history as seen through the lens of Indigenous women. The students will address research questions, assist with finding ways to expand the awareness training to a wider audience via digital outreach, and explore possibilities for building an online educational platform.

Multimodality thermal cancer treatment using targeted liposomes and temperature monitoring using photoacoustics and ultrasound

The problem of cancer chemotherapy is the severe toxic side effects on healthy tissues. The use of liposomes as a chemotherapeutic drug carrier can accumulate at the tumour site, but the timely release of the drug has remained as a problem. Liposome systems that respond to hyperthermal temperature is one of the approaches for triggered release of drugs from liposomes. The combined use of drug-containing thermosensitive liposomes and localized heating methods can selectively deposit drugs in the heated region.

Data analysis and image processing for livestock identification

OneCup provides cattle management solutions to the livestock industry. Our AI is called BETSY - Bovine Expert Tracking and Surveillance. Using artificial intelligence, we put a rancher's skillset into a device the size of a small book. With several types of cameras, BETSY can ID and track cattle activity 24x7. For example, she can track an animal's growth over a season, or determine if an animal is suffering from a disease or lameness. When BETSY finds something that requires human intervention, she texts or emails a human immediately.