Smart battery management system and remaining useful life prediction for second life batteries

Given the popularity of EVs, it can be foreseen that many retired EV battery packs will appear. Since the retired EV batteries still have 70%-80% capacity, reusing the retired EV batteries as the stationary energy storage becomes appealing. However, the management of the retired batteries is difficult. For example, the degradation mechanism of retired battery varies, and they are prone to overcharge or over-discharge.In this study, a smart battery management system for retired EV batteries will be developed.

Using Single Cell Transcriptional Profiling to improve the understanding of TAC T cells

Adoptive cell transfer (ACT) is a type of immunotherapy where a patient’s own white blood cells are used to attack tumors. ACT with engineered T cells is done by the extraction of T cells from the patient, followed by genetic engineering of cells with a T cell receptor to help target tumor cells and then the infusion of the engineered T cells back into the patient. Our lab has generated a T cell antigen receptor (TAC), a novel receptor that co-opts the endogenous immune defense mechanisms.

Lipid mediators of growth for cellular agriculture

Cellular agriculture aims to generate more sustainable approaches to the production of agricultural products, and this nascent field requires the development of new tools to enhance controlled cell growth. In this project, we will investigate the use of insect cell biomass to produce specific phospholipids that can be used to enhance cellular growth. We will examine known pathways that are activated by exogenous phospholipids in mammalian cells. We will determine optimal compositions and formulation of the lipids for stimulating cell growth in multiple cell lines.

Développement d'un algorithme de reconnaissance d'images de papillons pour le programme de science participative eButterfly

Le nombre d’espèces qui nous entourent est si important qu’il peut être ardu, même pour les spécialistes, de toutes les identifier. Cela est particulièrement vrai pour les insectes. De plus, avec l’avènement des technologies mobiles de l’information, la quantité et la qualité des images disponibles n’a jamais été aussi importante. Grâce aux appareils photos numérique et aux téléphones intelligents, virtuellement n’importe qui peut générer des données d’observations qui peuvent être utilisées pour le suivi de la biodiversité.

Development of a cost effective plant pathogen detection system with high specificity and sensitivity

Plant exposure to pathogen contamination can lead to serious health and economic risks. With the modern just-in-time logistics system, it is more critical than ever to have the ability to detect plant contamination to avoid the economic loss and health implications that can arise from plant contamination. Ecoli Sense is looking to develop a fast, inexpensive, and robust pathogen detection device for plant-based pathogens.

The development of flexible photoanodes using composite semiconducting materials

Dye Sensitized Solar Cells (DSSC), are a device capable of generating electricity using the light from the sun. A traditional DSSC is formed by an anode, a cathode, and an electrolyte, each component with an essential purpose in the overall functioning mechanism.Special attention will be paid to the anode, its components, and modifications in the herein project. The anode is usually formed by a glass slide coated with a thin semiconducting oxide material as the substrate. Then titanium dioxide nanoparticles are deposited onto that substrate and modified with the desired dye.

Targeting Peritoneal Adhesions

In about 4% of patients that have had an abdominal surgery ranging from a C-section, to appendectomy, to removal of the gall bladder, they will develop bands of scar tissue that can cause extreme pain and/or life-threatening complications such as bowel obstruction which requires emergency operation. The only temporary cure is a second operation which usually only provides temporary relief. No therapeutic is available to prevent adhesion formation. We have the technology to look inside the belly and see these adhesions form and we discovered how this happens.

Numerical Simulation for Subsea Ice Interaction Barriers to Energy Development (SIIBED)

The partner organization, C-CORE, conducts medium- and large-scale experiments on ice fracture. The goal is to estimate the mechanical loads involved in the interaction of icebergs and subsea cables/pipelines. While the ice fracture tests provide the most valuable data, numerical models may help estimate the loads at custom geometries and conditions the test apparatus cannot create. In some cases, numerical models can predict unexpected situations and guide future research.

Thermal microgrid: An integrated energy system with low carbon technologies

Shortening the difference between where energy is generated and where it is being used, the need for heavy-duty transmission infrastructure could be avoided to reduce the amount of energy lost along the way and eliminate the impact of grid failure. The proposed project, a thermal microgrid, can connect alternative generation, renewable generation, rejected or waste heat, and storage to simultaneously provide optimized heating and cooling services. The integrated system can substantially reduce the carbon footprint by creating a sustainable energy sharing network for local communities.

Design and Implementation of a Three-Phase Two-Stage Transformerless Bidirectional Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Inverter with Battery Energy Storage System

The goal of this project is to design, implement, and validate a coordinated control scheme for a three-phase two-stage transformerless grid-connected PV inverter with Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) using real-time Power-Hardware-in-the-Loop (P-HIL) testing. The project partner, SpinorX Inc., is a Canadian technology company specialized in developing emerging energy technologies and related systems and procedures to allow more renewable electricity to be integrated into the grid in a cost?effective manner.