SkinScreen: Using AR technology to accurately project images on the human body

The purposed research project undertaken by the intern is intended to help development of the application Skin Screen and the partner organization developing it, 2481008 Alberta Ltd. The application outlined in the project utilizes a special camera in current iPhones and iPads, the Lidar camera, which allows the user to run augmented reality applications on their device. The intended use is to allow users the opportunity to display images on a person, allowing the image to wrap around any contours of the body.

Regenerative Tourism Strategies within Kelowna BC to Promote Destination Development and Environmental Sustainability

For many communities, the tourism industry is an important and integral part of their cultural, social, and economic capital. It provides many jobs, salaries, and wages within local communities contributing to overall gross domestic product. While this industry creates opportunity and revenue there are also negative environmental impacts that cannot be ignored. The tourism industry is reliant on a healthy, pristine and accessible environment however this same industry is actively contributing to environmental degradation.

Non-destructive testing of utility poles in service

Wooden utility poles provide safe, economic, easily obtainable means of delivering power, communications, and cable television to the masses of industrial and residential locations worldwide. However, when a pole has been in service for a substantial number of years, its failure becomes more likely. Hence, the proposed project focuses on the strength estimation of in-service utility poles using non-destructive technology (NDT). The advantage of using NDT is that no further damage is caused to the poles during the investigation, which can further lead to reduced service life.

Improved Surveillance and Flight Efficiency using Autonomous Soaring

To address the challenge of increasing flight endurance for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), a novel technique involving the exploitation of atmospheric energy, typically by soaring in thermal updrafts, is being developed. The AUTOSOAR algorithm developed in a previous Mitacs project permits the UAV to rely less on its onboard motor to maintain altitude, and reduce the amount of energy consumed during flight, thereby significantly extending mission surveillance time.

Development of novel chemical probes and SARS-CoV-2 antiviral therapeutics through engineered HAI-2 protein inhibitors of TMPRSS proteases

Respiratory viruses exploit the biological activity of human proteins present at the surface of airway cells to allow viruses to penetrate that physical barrier and subsequently replicate in infected cells. It has been established that a family of human proteins, the type 2 transmembrane serine proteases, are directly responsible for this viral entry, but they have been challenging to develop drugs against because they have been unable to be studied in isolation.

Development of low-cost and lithium-metal stable halide solid electrolytes for high-performance all-solid-state batteries

Conventional Li-ion batteries using liquid electrolytes (LEs) are suffering from insufficient energy density and safety issues when used for the flourishing market of electric vehicles (EVs). Replacing LEs with solid-state electrolytes (SSEs) to fabricate all-solid-state lithium batteries (ASSLBs) has been regarded as an essential route to improve energy density and safety. Basically, a qualified SSE requires high ionic conductivity and electrode compatibility. Halide SSEs become attractive due to their decent ionic conductivity and good cathode compatibility.

Characterization of PATL2’s role in Human Fertility for the Development of Non-hormonal Contraceptives

Norethindrone, the first oral contraceptive, is noted as one of the most pivotal molecules to be introduced into society. When introduced in 1960, norethindrone caused a societal paradigm shift by allowing for family planning and providing women with more agency over their reproductive system. Unsurprisingly, the women’s liberation movement, rise of feminism, and the increased percentage of women in the workplace have all been attributed to the emergence of the first contraceptive molecule.

Blue and green carbon sequestration on degraded ecosystems

The aim of the research is to conduct two studies. The first component is to conduct a robust literature review on methods to estimate above and below carbon in temperate (green carbon), and mangrove ecosystems (blue carbon). This component of the proposed research will be aimed to identify a package of monitoring tools that can be utilized and scaled to develop carbon credit models.

AI Global Manager for AV-Over-IP Network

As digital communication and big data needs increase in a variety of different fields including education, healthcare, business, public areas, and mission-critical operations, organizations need more efficient and effective ways to distribute and display content. Audio-Visual (AV) over Internet Protocol (IP) provides an innovative solution to provide users with enhanced content in real-time.

Addressing the Identity Dilemma: Comparative Assessment of technological advances in Identity Validation

The goal of this research project is to better understand the dilemma faced by displaced persons needing to prove their identities to aid institutions without the assistance of formal documentation. While there are processes in place for addressing these situations, advances in distributed ledger technologies (DLT) may offer ways to improve efficiency and thereby improve the processing experience of these vulnerable persons.