Detargeting Protein-Protein Interactions For Cellular Design Applications, Using 3D Structure-Based Deep Learning Models

Rational protein design has had a tremendous impact on pharmaceutical, agriculture, and chemical industries over the past 30 years, by focusing exclusively on individual proteins and their intrinsic activities. The next generation of protein design tasks will seek to modify function inside living cells, competing and interacting directly with pre-existing cellular machinery. Modifying systems in living cells will open a new wave of biotechnology applications, such as living drug implants and diagnostic tools.

Development of durable hydrocarbon-based proton exchange membrane for fuel cell applications

This MITACS project aims to investigate the durability of IONOMR’s PEMIONTM membranes in Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM)-based fuel cells for automotive and other applications. Specific test conditions and protocols for use at IONOMR based on industry standards will be developed and the materials will be benchmarked against current state-of-the-art materials in order to prioritize development efforts and aid in customer adoption efforts.

Building sustainable midwifery associations: Application of an evidence-informed framework for midwifery professional association strengthening

There is a severe shortage of midwives in Canada and globally. As a result, there is a large unmet need for sexual and reproductive healthcare in communities. Midwifery associations are an example of largely women led civil society organizations that play a critical role in improving the profession and supporting sexual and reproductive health and rights.

The effect of the MyoStorm heated vibration ball on pain andperformance with an examination of underlying mechanisms

Foam rollers are popular devices used for training and rehabilitation and have been extensively investigated in the literature. Research has shown that foam rollers can increase range of motion, alleviate myofascial and muscle pain with no impairments and in some cases improvements in
subsequent muscular performance. Vibrating rollers have also been introduced but there are few studies investigating their effectiveness. Heat is an ubiquitous treatment modality used in therapy to increase blood flow and accelerate recovery.

Impact of Lystek Process Treatment on Co-digestion of Food Wastes and Municipal Wastewater Biosolids

The problem is that currently food waste and municipal wastewater biosolids are produced in abundance, which necessitates a proper treatment rather than disposal to landfills, and increasing CO2 emissions. In this research proposal, the main goal is to enhance both biomethane production and biodegradability of organic solids by applying subsequent Lystek thermo-alkaline hydrolysis technology followed by anaerobic digestion/co-digestion (mixing different organic wastes at different mass ratios) of organic solids such as food waste and municipal wastewater biosolids.

Ultrasound-driven “on-demand” pulsatile delivery of chemotherapeutics or chemotherapeutic delivery vehicles to tumours

In many drug delivery methods, chemotherapeutic drugs have a hard time solely attacking cancer cells in a tumour and instead also attack healthy cells in the body, leading to severe side effects. Pharmasonica has developed ultrasound-responsive microcapsules that can be injected in the stationary tumour. These microcapsules have small silica nanoparticles on their outer shell that eject out upon ultrasound activation (similar to popping a cork on a wine bottle) to enable “on demand” drug release; the more nanoparticles ejected out, the more drug is released.

Simeio: Anomaly Detection for Building Automation System - Year two

Buildings are an important energy consumer and are equipped with hundreds of sensors and control systems. The analysis of such massive data can reveal insights for building owners to optimize the building infrastructure. Currently, usage of such data is limited to traditional control systems, energy commissioning, and maintenance on a regular basis.

Solving the integration problem for loyalty programs

Paying with a mobile phone within brick and mortar retailers is becoming increasingly popular, as it adds convenience as well as security to the payment process. Many retailers that use interac terminals with tap technology allow mobile phone payments in this way but are unable to integrate loyalty points into the mobile payment process.

Inspiring mass stakeholder groups to self-alter their normative patterns and thrive through self-interest and self-direction

This research project seeks to explore/determine if mass-stakeholder-groups can be purposefully, and directionally, influenced to self-alter their respective normative patterns of behavior, and to then further self-sustain their new normative behaviors through their self-interests and self-direction. In other words, if we increase their awareness of tools and supports available, could we encourage those who are considered under-performing to self-identify and then divest from their potentially detrimental normative behaviors to ultimately thrive through self-interest and self-direction?

An Integrated Software Suite for Rail Condition Analysis using Machine Learning

Rail transit and freight rail properties apply rail grinding to maintain rail condition and ensure satisfactory performance of rail infrastructure systems. The proposed research investigates and applies a variety of computationally intelligent algorithms to establish useful relationships between rail corrugation, noise generation, and vibration. These relationships will support more timely and effective rail grinding interventions. The algorithms will process real-world rail corrugation, noise, and vibration data collected from three rail transit properties in North America.