A Study of Clients’ and Staff Perspectives of the Guelph Assertive Community Treatment Team’s Use of Community Treatment Orders

This study will give voice to the experiences and opinions of men and women diagnosed with serious mental illness who are clients of the Guelph Assertive Community Treatment Team (ACTT) and at the same time subject to Community Treatment Orders (CTOs). Instituted in 2005, CTOs require that individuals abide by certain conditions in order to live in the community; they are intended to provide comprehensive community support for these individuals such that admission to hospital is decreased. The study will also increase knowledge about how and why CTOs are used by service providers.

"Optimizing a short-duration pulsed xenon UV (PX-UV) system for healthcare disinfection application *Renewal, previous title ""Multifunction system for measuring endothelial cell remodeling under laminar and turbulentpulsatile flow related to heart disea

Topnotch Building Maintenance Ltd. (TBM) has designed and developed an innovative pulsed UV disinfection system, which will be a more efficient and safer sterilization technique. The objective of this project is to optimize this portable and versatile device to be used for healthcare disinfection. Based on current prototype model, the PDF will develop a research plan to fully evaluate and optimize the system to be applied in hospital environment.

Mobilising Cycling Economies for Safe Cycling Networks

A lack of physical infrastructure and the corresponding fear of harm are a significant barrier to urban cycling, and an impediment to the expansion of Curbside Cycle’s target demographic. Using outreach and education through a collaborative process involving partners Curbside Cycle and Cycle Toronto we will empower local experts, enlist local businesses as powerful community stakeholders, and foster coalitions of community support for improved bicycle infrastructure.

Experimental verification and development of model based machine condition assessment methodology

This project is a necessary step toward model development for machine condition assessment that is capable of both diagnosis and prognosis including root cause analysis. The analytical model, once validated and calibrated can serve as a baseline model or a template for the detection of machine health problems. Because of the details of a machine internal variables this model can provide, it can allow the root cause determination of machine faults.

Trajectoires d'utilisation de services et de rétablissement des personnes ayant des troubles concomitants de dépendance aux substances psychoactives et en santé mentale

Dans le contexte de réformes des systèmes de soins, incluant ceux en rapport avec la dépendance, cette étude vise à améliorer les connaissances et soutenir la prise de décision sur les profils d'usagers aux prises avec des troubles concomitants de dépendance aux substances psychoactives (alcool et différentes drogues) et de santé mentale. L'objet de l'étude porte sur l’utilisation des services, les trajectoires de rétablissement et leurs prédicteurs. L’étude est pionnière, s’intéressant à l’exploitation des banques de données administratives en santé.

Purification of Metallurgical Grade Silicon using Additives/Slagging for Solar Cells

This research will be looking at the effectiveness of improving silicon purity by the method of “slagging” and “solvent refining” to eventually get solar grade silicon. The most difficult elements to remove are phosphorus and boron so these will be closely monitored during purification processes. There will be two slags investigated, one of which was developed by Process Research ORTECH (PRO), and the effectiveness of the slag to remove boron and phosphorus will be examined.

Effective Prediction and Recommendation by Concentrating on Dynamicity and Evolution in Charity Data Processing

Individuals (donors) wishing to donate funds to non-profit and/or charitable organizations want to know how the organizations operate and how effectively their donations are used. Dexterity has developed an online service called Place2Give which aims to answer those questions. The research project aims to employ social network analysis and data mining to enhance the data introduced into the databases used by Place2Give from which the data for the analysis of the charitable organizations behavior is extracted on a case by case basis.

Making the extraordinary – ordinary: what is stopping organizations from unlocking the power of “good” in everything they do

This research project study the different approaches organizations have to corporate social responsibility and identify the reasons and challenges that are stopping different types of organizations from integrating the notion of “purpose” in their profit creation mechanisms. So far, the confusion that surrounds social responsibility space as well as the inability to accurately measure outcomes of social responsibility programs have created uncertainty and many barriers that caused success stories to be extraordinary rather than a normal part of business conduct.

Assessing emergency shelter patterns to inform solutions to homelessness

The mandate of the Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness is to end homelessness in the Capital Region by 2018. Significant progress has been made, 162 units of supportive and 129 units of affordable housing have been built since 2009, yet homelessness remains a significant problem in Victoria, BC (Pauly et al., 2013). There continues to be a constant number of people using the emergency shelters annually (approximately 1650 for the past three years) and the number of people waiting for social housing has remained high (Pauly et al., 2013).

Factors that Promote the Effectiveness of Internships for Internationally Qualified Professionals

This project will explore factors that contribute to the benefits of internships for internationally qualified professionals in terms of improving these essential immigrants' integration into the Canadian labour market. The project involves a partnership between Career Edge (a non-profit organization that arranges paid internships for internationally qualified professionals and Canadian individuals), the University of Western Ontario and York University, and will utilize an online survey and follow-up interviews to achieve its goals.