As a not-for-profit corporation, Mitacs has a duty to ensure that as much of its funds as possible are directed towards its program goals. At the same time, Mitacs recognizes that its management, staff, committee members, researchers and students (herein referred to as "members") can incur a number of expenses while traveling on Mitacs-sponsored travel and internal administrative center travel. Members will be reimbursed for allowable business expenses as outlined in this policy. In some instances, separate travel policy may be designed for individual events. In that case the terms of the separate policy will prevail. Reimbursements submitted are approved at the discretion of the designated signing authority and may be rejected if the signing authority does not feel the expenses follow the Mitacs policy.

  • Airfare and all public travel must be claimed at the lowest rate available, not to exceed full economy fare. Where one month or greater notice of a meeting has been provided, Members are required to book at least 14 days in advance of the travel to obtain the best rate possible, and reimbursement will be limited to the best available rate on that date.
  • Except where approved, Mitacs does not cover airfare change fees
  • Only point-to-point travel, or the equivalent, will be reimbursed. Mitacs will not reimburse for portions of a trip not associated with Mitacs business.
  • Mileage when using one’s own vehicle is admissible under a 200 km radius from the destination, or over 200 km when flights do not provide adequate transportation. Mileage will be reimbursed at $0.51/km for the first 200 km and at $0.31/km after 200 km, covering gas and wear and any tear on the vehicle. Passengers may not claim a mileage allowance. Names of passengers must be shown on the claim. Mitacs does not assume responsibility for any damage to the automobile when used for business travel. Members should establish with their insurance agent whether it is advisable to take out supplementary business insurance for such trips. Commuting costs between the residence and place of employment or between two places of employment will not be reimbursed
  • Car rentals will be reimbursed when required to attend Mitacs events or meetings. Compact cars should be used.
  • Taxi fares and parking fees are allowable expenses. A receipt is required. Tolls for roads, bridges and tunnels as well as parking at parking meters are allowable. No receipt is required.
  • Accommodations will be reimbursed at actual expenses for commercial accommodations at single occupancy rates. Such accommodations should be conveniently located. The use of luxury accommodation at Network expense is not permitted. It is strongly recommended to ask for university or government rates due to Mitacs status. Original receipts must accompany any additional charges to the hotel bill. Charges for movies, laundry, and minibars will not be reimbursed.
  • Mitacs will reimburse accommodation starting the night before the Mitacs-related business and no longer that the night after the Mitacs-related business
  • Reimbursement for meals when traveling on Mitacs business will be limited to reasonable amounts in the particular circumstances and must be supported by an original receipt. If a bill or receipt is not issued, a credit card voucher may be submitted in lieu. Meals claimed on a receipt basis must exclude any charges for alcoholic beverages.
  • For each full day on travel status a Member may claim per diem allowance up to $60/day to cover meals and incidentals such as gratuities and telephone calls in lieu of receipts. For each of the first and last days of travel status, and for travel of less than a full day, a Member may claim:
      Breakfast .............................$14.00
  • When meals are provided for at the organized event, no claim for meals may be made.
  • In exceptional situations, claims may be made for actual expenses for meals and incidentals,which exceed the above allowances, supported by a full explanation and listing all guests. The types of business entertainment) expenses incurred for Mitacs business may include food, beverages, and social or recreational activities. Normally, acceptable purposes for entertaining involve Mitacs guests, visitors or business partner. The normal maximum allowance per individual per event is $50. Variations from this amount require prior approval of the Mitacs COO or CEO.
  • Original receipts clearly indicating GST paid must accompany all Travel Expense Claims. Faxes, credit card receipts or photocopies will not be accepted. Airfare or public travel expenses must be accompanied by original boarding passes. If original receipts for major costs are lost, destroyed or stolen, a written explanation of the circumstances must be provided by the Member and approved by the CEO or the COO before the claim is processed.
All Travel Expense Claims must have the appropriate approval signatures before they are processed. The following signatures are required:
  • 1st Signature: The Member making the claim
  • 2nd Signature: Network Administrative Centre Approval
    • COO, CTO, CEO or Chair of the Board (in case of the expenses incurred by CEO). Travel Expense Claims should be submitted to the attention of the Director of Operations, unless other specifications are given, at Mitacs Head Office, normally within 15 working days following completion of each trip.
Travel Expense Claims should be submitted to the attention of the Director of Operations, unless other specifications are given, at Mitacs Head Office, normally within 15 working days following completion of each trip.