Marine ecosystem changes in Atlantic Canada: drivers of altered abundance and habitat use by waterfowl and marine birds?

Saltmarshes and coastal wetlands in Atlantic Canada are some of the habitats that have experienced the greatest decline in area over the past 400 years. Various organizations have monitored habitat change and bird use of these sites for decades, but no one has undertaken a comprehensive examination of changes in habitats or avian abundance, potential factors that influence those (including government policies), and the perspectives of local stakeholders on the successes and failures of conservation efforts in these region.

Effectof face covering functional design on cardio pulmonaryresponses and athletic performance

Virus transmission from one person to the next is heightened during physical activity and team and given the unique circumstances created by the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for face coverings have exploded in all sectors of society. This project investigates Evolution Sports and Athletic Gear’s sports face covering prototype to evaluate the performance of these face coverings, alongside how athletes perceive both the breathability and comfortability of the mask prototype(s).

Nothing About Us Without Us: People with Cognitive Disabilities Evaluate the Accessibility of Non-Curricular Documents on Three Nova Scotia University Websites

More than ever before, Nova Scotia universities and colleges are relying on digital materials to provide information to the public, staff, students, etc. For example, PDF and Word documents are being used for non-curriculum information, such as application materials, campus maps, etc. It is crucial that these documents are accessible for everyone.
In a first of its kind project, the current state of accessibility of these documents will be evaluated by Nova Scotians with cognitive, neurological, intellectual, and/or learning disabilities.

Multi-Gram Scale Synthesis, Purification and Formulation of Psilocybin

Mental illness and addiction refer to a wide range of disorders that affects mood, behavior and thinking and thus leads to depression, anxiety disorders, substance use disorder and stress. The psychedelic drug assisted therapy functions as a mental health therapy, which is evolving at a quicker pace nowadays. These drugs are useful in the treatment of anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress, obsessive-compulsive disorder, substance addiction, cancer-related and end of life anxieties.

Estimating Apple Crop Yield using Images

As a high-value crop, apples are intensively managed with much of this management being associated with yield estimates. Currently, estimates are done manually by experience farmers and by Scotian Gold experts. Unfortunately, this results in costly estimates that vary in their quality from farm to farm and between apple varieties. A system that can provide consistent and accurate estimates using low cost digital photography and cloud-based artificial intelligence can provide an opportunity to improve production and marketing for the industry.

Youth Engagement in Social Enterprise and Co-operative Development: Supporting Economic Adaptation in Rural Communities in Atlantic Canada in Context of Covid 19

Communities and regions throughout Canada have just been hit with a bomb that is a major threat multiplier: Covid 19. Across the country, rural municipalities that were already struggling economically are now struggling even more with how they should move forward, and support economic recovery and stabilization.
This research project will focus on how to rapidly engage youth in social enterprise, community enterprise and the co-operative model as a means of helping to rebuild and strengthen the economies of their communities in the context of Covid 19 and its aftermath.

Development of tools to assess genetic and age structuring of the Atlantic Sea Cucumber (Cucumaria frondosa)

As fisheries for the Atlantic Sea Cucumber (Cucumaria frondosa) develop in Atlantic Canada, effective management will require a thorough understanding of the underlying genetic relationships within and between different populations to assess “genetic health.” Detecting genetic structure, such as differences in allelic frequencies and heterozygosity, is challenging in marine invertebrate species like C. frondosa due to having a highly dispersive and long larval stage, which results in high levels of gene flow between populations.

How Internet of Things can support radio infrastructure

In urgent situations like natural disasters — or even the current pandemic — Canadian first-response teams rely on mobile radio systems to communicate in a fast and secure way. Manufacturers globally also use radio systems in their production plants. Enabling radio communications requires a complex infrastructure with hundreds of thousands of radio repeater sites spread across North America and the globe.

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No additional funding contribution is required from the academic supervisor or university.
Fellowships will be awarded competitively.

Predictive Analytics for Charitable giving

Machine learning in the charitable sector is only beginning to be used successfully. Fundmetric Inc has applied various machine learning algorithms to predict donor behaviour, such as who will become a major ($10,000+) donor and which lapsed donors will return if stewarded correctly. There is ample opportunity for research in this domain, including building a super model across various charities, investigating feature synthesis and importance, applying deep learning to make use of the rich temporal data concerning donations, and learning to sequence email appeals.