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No additional funding contribution is required from the academic supervisor or university.
Fellowships will be awarded competitively.

Progressive Cybernetics Decentralized Autonomous Organization (PCDAO)

Digitization of assets is becoming a dominant form of business operations today; the Internet of Things and increased connectedness to consumers and citizens alike is creating a decentralized virtual marketplace for digital services and assets. The potential for sharing technology assets is high due to digitization (the new way of referring to digital transformation).

Real Estate Information System User Experience Analysis

Real estate information systems (REIS) provide real estate market participants with information that helps inform their decisions. Most prior REIS research has focused on price estimating and forecasting. Although price is important, it is not the only variable of interest.

This research seeks to investigate the needs of REIS users. Who are they? What information do they need? How should that information be presented to maximize its accessibility? How do users’ stated preferences for information differ from their revealed preferences?

Development and evaluation of a mental skills training program in youth hockey

This project seeks to develop a mental skills training program for kids in youth hockey. The first part of the project will involve reviewing the literature to find out what is knows about mental skills in kids. We are interested in seeing how kids can use mental skills in sports and hockey and if certain skills are more important depending on the age of the player. Once we have a good idea of what is known about mental skills in youth we will interview elite hockey players to find out what they think of mental skills training and what kinds of mental skills they think are valuable for kids.

Junior hockey competence analytics - Year two

We are developing a wearable hardware sensor and analysis software. The sensor collects activity and performance data, which is then analyzed by software and used to present feedback that players and coaches can use to improve performance.

Junior hockey competence analytics

Analytics is about awareness of the states of knowledge of users. Users can become aware of their owns states of knowledge at different levels. Analytics measures such levels of each user, and engages them in taking initiatives to hop from one knowledge state to the next.
The hops happen mostly gradually, depending on the capacity of the user, punctuated by dramatic jumps. Analytics identifies such scenarios where dramatic jumps are necessary and offers the information needed to enact such jumps.

Volunteer Retention and Engagement in the Boys & Girls Clubs and Big Brothers Big Sisters Edmonton (BCGBigs)

Boys & Girls Clubs and Big Brothers Big Sisters (BGCBigs) are non-profit organizations in communities across Canada and the USA, with the largest Canadian chapter in Edmonton, Alberta. These organizations deliver programming to support the physical, emotional, academic and overall wellness of children and youth, including mentorship programs and the provision of safe places for children after and during school. BGCBigs would not be able to deliver programming without a strong volunteer base. The Edmonton chapter has over 3,000 active volunteers, compared to 100 paid staff members.

Optimized Approach for Minimizing Oil and Gas Asset Remediation and Reclamation Liability Cost

This proposed research and development project is intended to create an Integrated Approach to Recovery of Mature Oil and Gas Asset Production and to achieve Strategic Lifecycle Liability Discharges in the oil & gas industries. Tansley Associates Environmental Sciences (TAES) and Athabasca University (AU) each have excellent talent pools and facilities with specific strengths in environmental analysis as well as computational technologies to apply to this project.

Educational Reward Plug-In for Massively Open Online Course (MOOC) Platform

Reward is a common way to increase students’ learning motivation in traditional classroom learning. The traditional rewards, such as stamps and stickers, are usually symbolic and valueless to students and may not get students motivated. This project proposes an educational reward plug-in for massively open online course (MOOC) platform like Moodle and edX where students can receive in-game rewards while studying online.

Design and Implementation of Bio-Inspired Student Clustering Approach Based on Students’ Annotations on Web-based Reading Materials

When students read a book, they usually annotate important words in the text. Students may perhaps miss some important information while reading the book. If students are reminded about the potentially important annotations, they may achieve better academic performance later, in terms of having better marks for written exams, quizzes, and other learning activities. With an annotation system’s help, teachers can create online reading activities for students and review students’ annotations on the e-text. This project aims to design and implement a bio-inspired clustering method.