Effects of a novel probiotic supplement on bone health in postmenopausal women

Menopause is the natural cessation of a woman’s menstrual cycle. During this transition, low levels of estrogen and associated pro-inflammatory state stimulates a rapid decline in bone tissue which may ultimately increase the risk of fragility fractures. Prevention strategies are warranted to maintain bone mineral density and a strong skeleton after menopause and use of probiotics may serve as a promising approach. Probiotics may modulate bone via regulation of the gut microbiome and subsequent anti-inflammatory pathways in a bacterial strain-specific manner.

Health benefits of living in a wellness-centred community

The general objective of this project is to test for improvements in the physiological and psychosocial health of residents in a wellness-centred community (e.g. the Wellness Suites) who engage in a prescribed healthy lifestyle that emphasizes regular exercise and a modified vegan (i.e. Pegan) diet. Physiological, molecular, and psychosocial assessments will be used to identify participant progress from day of intake to six months, and to identify new biomarkers of healthy aging.

Testing Potential COVID-19 therapeutics & Development of Rapid IC test

The novel Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic caused by SARS-CoV-2 virus continues to challenge scientists to find therapeutic treatments to combat the virus and to develop rapid and reliable methods for detection of the virus. Our team aims to contribute to both of these research areas over the next two years. Several Canadian research groups have asked us to test potential antiviral agents (including small peptides, aptamers, interleukins, and photosensitive virucidal dyes) in VERO E6 cell culture infected with COVID-19.

100% Ontario wines from Vidal and Marquette: Quality improvements to Increase Domestic Market Share

Research that supports Ontario’s wine industry has an opportunity to improve the quality of a white hybrid grape, Vidal, and to investigate the potential for a red hybrid grape, Marquette, which is seeing increased interest from growers and wineries. This project is a scientific evaluation of varying factors that could improve the expression of Vidal character in table wine and improve its market acceptability by assessing consumer preference.

Measuring the Contribution of Equipment to Performance: Using portable inskateinstrumentation to optimize skate boot/blade set up, training andperformance in world class speed skaters.

Evolution of the on-ice sport equipment, namely skate boots and blades, has been primarily driven by the users;
however, there is a lack of scientific evidence supporting the link between skate boot/blade design and set up as
it translates to optimal on ice skating technique and performance. We are proposing a new academic-industrialsport
research collaboration that will explore the use of unique performance measurement tools for equipment
managers, coaches, and athletes to support their expertise and augment day to day practices of skate boot/blade
set up and implementation.

Greening the Canadian Landscape

Urbanization is rapidly increasing in Canada and these areas are confronting major challenges associated with climatic change. Canadian cities must navigate these challenges and may also significantly contribute to mitigation efforts. However, municipalities and developers lack the state-of-the-art information, policies, and resources necessary to be successful in this endeavour.

Ontario__Brock University

No additional funding contribution is required from the academic supervisor or university.
Fellowships will be awarded competitively.

Redefining Fatigue: considerations for the calculation of critical power

Humans have a finite capacity for hard exercise. Sports scientists can mathematically determine this capacity by using multiple tests to exhaustion at different exercise intensities and looking at the relationship. However, the current testing protocols assume that once the initial point of fatigue is reached, exercise must be stopped. In the proposed study, we aim to quantify the ability of an athlete to perform work after reaching that initial point of fatigue by gradually decreasing the work rate.

Use of a deep passive source extremely low frequency (ELF) conductivity mapping system to improve the definition of ore bodies at depth - Applications to Bathurst, NB

The Bathurst Mining Camp, located in northern New Brunswick, is one of Canada's oldest mining districts. Most of the 46 known deposits were discovered in the 1950s using a combination of geological and geophysical methods.

Advanced analytics and predictive statistics in continuous flow sports.

Hockey has long been shown to be among the least predictable of all professional sports. Recent developments in data collection methods have created the demand for more detailed and advanced predictive modelling techniques to extract value from and apply the data to real world problems. This project focuses on predicting important outcomes in hockey at both team and player levels. Game winners and scores will be predicted using Bayesian approaches tailored to accommodate evaluative statistics and relevant pre-game factors.