Cycloadditions and Annulations of Epimeric Pyrroloimidazolone Derivatives for the Synthesis of Novel Drug Leads

The proposed research aims to exploit specific applications of epimeric pyrroloimidazolones (EPIs) for the synthesis of new drug leads. Two classes of biologically active molecules will be targeted. First, EPIs will serves as intermediates toward chiral bicyclic[2.2.2]octenes with nitrogen at the bridgehead position, which are known to have a broad range of biological activities. Second, EPIs will be used to develop a series of dihydrofurans such as nucleoside analogues that have known utility for treatment of various cancers.

Development and evaluation of WinSport’s IPLAY program: A mixed methods examination of a physical literacy-based initiative for newcomer youths

Physical literacy (PL) programs focus on developing competence, confidence, and the knowledge to be physically active (PA) across the lifespan. Given that current rates of PA among children are continuing to decline, with only 9% of children meeting the Canadian PA guidelines, PL programs provide a unique opportunity to facilitate a lifelong interest in PA. The partner organization, WinSport, is interested in developing, rigorously evaluating, and iterating a community outreach program which seeks to promote health, PA, and engagement among new immigrant youths.

AK Platform – Soft skills learning as a key resource for faster job placement

Canada, a country composed presently of 20 percentage of immigrants, aims to be a world leader in global problem-solving. To do so, and to draw from the insights and ingenuity of the immigrant population, requires that Canadian organizations develop faster and more effective ways of adapting newcomers into the labor market. Especially, as extant research has found, that skilled immigrant workers are presently constrained within the labor market and this restricts Canadian organizational performance and curtails Canada's competitiveness.

Examining the Relationship between Men’s Use of Flexible Work Arrangements and Parental Leave

This project will provide new evidence on fatherhood in Canada, regarding fathers’ engagement with both parental leave and flexible work policies. By examining in-depth the relationship between parental leave policy use, and flexible work policy use, we can determine how and whether fathers use this suite of policy options, and the impact it has on their division of household labour, and family wellbeing.

Evaluation of the Group Living Compatibility Assessment Tool (GCAT)

For the past two years, Kerry’s Place Autism Services has been developing a tool to measure compatibility between housemates on the autism spectrum in a group living setting. The Group Living Compatibility Assessment Tool (GCAT) is to be used as a guide to identify whether or not two persons are likely to cohabitate safely.

Effects of a novel probiotic supplement on bone health in postmenopausal women

Menopause is the natural cessation of a woman’s menstrual cycle. During this transition, low levels of estrogen and associated pro-inflammatory state stimulates a rapid decline in bone tissue which may ultimately increase the risk of fragility fractures. Prevention strategies are warranted to maintain bone mineral density and a strong skeleton after menopause and use of probiotics may serve as a promising approach. Probiotics may modulate bone via regulation of the gut microbiome and subsequent anti-inflammatory pathways in a bacterial strain-specific manner.

Health benefits of living in a wellness-centred community

The general objective of this project is to test for improvements in the physiological and psychosocial health of residents in a wellness-centred community (e.g. the Wellness Suites) who engage in a prescribed healthy lifestyle that emphasizes regular exercise and a modified vegan (i.e. Pegan) diet. Physiological, molecular, and psychosocial assessments will be used to identify participant progress from day of intake to six months, and to identify new biomarkers of healthy aging.

Testing Potential COVID-19 therapeutics & Development of Rapid IC test

The novel Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic caused by SARS-CoV-2 virus continues to challenge scientists to find therapeutic treatments to combat the virus and to develop rapid and reliable methods for detection of the virus. Our team aims to contribute to both of these research areas over the next two years. Several Canadian research groups have asked us to test potential antiviral agents (including small peptides, aptamers, interleukins, and photosensitive virucidal dyes) in VERO E6 cell culture infected with COVID-19.

100% Ontario wines from Vidal and Marquette: Quality improvements to Increase Domestic Market Share

Research that supports Ontario’s wine industry has an opportunity to improve the quality of a white hybrid grape, Vidal, and to investigate the potential for a red hybrid grape, Marquette, which is seeing increased interest from growers and wineries. This project is a scientific evaluation of varying factors that could improve the expression of Vidal character in table wine and improve its market acceptability by assessing consumer preference.

Measuring the Contribution of Equipment to Performance: Using portable inskateinstrumentation to optimize skate boot/blade set up, training andperformance in world class speed skaters.

Evolution of the on-ice sport equipment, namely skate boots and blades, has been primarily driven by the users;
however, there is a lack of scientific evidence supporting the link between skate boot/blade design and set up as
it translates to optimal on ice skating technique and performance. We are proposing a new academic-industrialsport
research collaboration that will explore the use of unique performance measurement tools for equipment
managers, coaches, and athletes to support their expertise and augment day to day practices of skate boot/blade
set up and implementation.