Integrating autonomously recorded audio data with traditional field surveys to improve detectability estimates for North American birds

Around the world, birds have been declining at an alarming rate. It is therefore important that conservationists use as many resources as they can when making informed conservation decisions. Autonomous recording units (ARUs) have become an increasingly popular choice for monitoring bird populations, because they can be left in highly remote regions (such as Canada’s Boreal Forest) and automatically record birds throughout their breeding season.

Investigation for Effective Pothole Solutions for Ontario: Alternative Patching Materials and Techniques

Potholes are among the most common and most unfavorable pavement distresses. Abundantly present in coldclimates, potholes are exacerbated by severe freeze and thaw cycles. The cavities left behind by potholes areoften dangerous to vehicles and need to be repaired through patching. Due to the widespread nature of thispavement distress, the repairs can become costly. Finding the balance between long-lasting and cost-effectivepatching materials has long been a challenge for pavement designers.

Stereo (Multi-view) DepthIQ and its Application in SLAM

Our partner organization has developed a new type of camera, one where depth information is part of a single lens/sensor construction, meaning that there are no occlusions or shadows which plague stereo cameras, there is no requirement to light the scene as well time-of-flight cameras, and the expense is low compared to light-field cameras. Currently these cameras are limited to a near-range depth field of around 2m, this project aims to improve through several methods.

Reimagining Design for Manufacturing & Assembly (DFMA) for Housing in the Architectural Design Process

Combining design and digital workflows, pre-fabrication, and automated assembly provides a rare opportunity for the AEC industry to unite three critical construction items that have traditionally been at odds with one another: Time, Cost and Quality.

E-Bell and ‘resource theft’: Using technology to understand causes and outcomes of cattle theft among pastoral communities in Western Kenya and eastern Uganda.

Pastoral communities in North-Western Kenya and Eastern Uganda has for the last decades gone through a vicious cycle of bloody conflict. The conflicts are centred mainly around resource use but manifests in cattle theft/raids leaving fatal casualties, mass displacements and abject poverty in its wake. While these conflicts are majorly driven by an array of factors, climate change seems to have perfected the conditions and exacerbated the rationality of the conflicts.

Landing and Securing of a Novel Unmanned Air Cargo Vehicle on a Ship Deck - Feasibility Through Simulations and Scaled Experiments

The marine environment is arguably one of the most challenging for an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) to operate in. It has to contend with unsteady ship motion, ship airwake, adverse weather conditions, wet landing surfaces and insufficient sensory cues. Sky Canoe is a Canadian company that is producing an advanced autonomous, zero-emissions and long-range cargo rotorcraft to be safely landed and secured on a ship deck. Sky Canoe and the Applied Dynamics Lab (ADL) at Carleton University have partnered to develop and validate a ship landing system for Sky Canoe’s UAS

Experimental and Numerical Studies of a New Quartz Atomizer for Vaping Devices

A new atomizer for vaping devices will be studied experimentally and numerically. The visualization of the flow inside the atomizer microchannels and the liquid film formed over to the top surface of the atomizer (with and without surface heating) will be attempted. Aerosol characterization using Phase Doppler Anemometer (PDA) will be conducted. In addition, numerical studies using VOF (Volume of Fluid) will be performed and validated against the obtained experimental data.

Predicting productivity in UpBeing app users

It is no secret that people strive to be more productive in their personal and professional lives. Productivity applications have made life easier for people by enabling them to meticulously monitor their output in numerous domains. Even so, there remains the problem of how one can most effectively use all this knowledge in order to improve oneself. In the current project, I will work with UpBeing to determine how productivity can be measured and which factors contribute to improved personal productivity.

Investigation of Fire Performance of Concrete Beams Strengthened with FRCM

Reinforced concrete (RC) is widely used due to its ease of construction, accessibility of raw materials, and excellent integrity. However, severe breakdown of RC structures due to mechanical and environmental loads may result in the need for strengthening to increase functionality and extend the service life of such structures. The use of fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) composites with external bonding (EB) through epoxy adhesive is a fast, effective, and reliable solution to increase flexural or shear strength.

Digital Workflows for Adaptive Reuse of Historic Houses in Ottawa’s downtown (Canada)

Digital Workflows for Adaptive Reuse of Historic Houses in Ottawa’s downtown (Canada) will explore newapplications of emerging digital technologies for the rehabilitation of our built heritage, especially in producingrecords relevant for the understanding of the historic fabric of residential buildings in Ottawa. Good decision inheritage conservation relay on accurate and precise information about the building’s fabric and structure.