In Vitro Fundamental Dispersion Studies of Allergens and COVID-19 Sized Particles

Red Maple Trials (Ottawa, ON) created a facility for the research of allergy, in which patients can be exposed (challenged) to airborne allergens and symptoms can be monitored in a controlled manner. The primary clientele of Red Maple Trials are pharmaceutical companies testing allergy medications.

Identifying Challenges Faced by Women Entrepreneurs When Starting and Growing Businesses in Cambodia

This research project will focus on identifying challenges that women entrepreneurs in Cambodia face when starting and/or growing businesses. The purpose of the research is to help organizations identify areas where they can improve their services offered to empower women to start and grow their businesses. This research will be done by collecting participant feedback through the Monkiri E-Learning Application. Participants will be separated into groups and a randomized selection will be interviewed.

Measurement and modelling of stream thermal regimes in the Ottawa River watershed

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Investigating Machine Learning Techniques in Performance Improvement for the Next Generation Wireless Networks

The new generation 5G wireless networks will have a huge impact on the society due to the high bandwidth and capacities they provide. The traffic volume is expected to grow significantly and new varieties of applications, e.g., Internet of Things and vehicular networking, are anticipated. As a result, effective management of the new networks will become much more complicated and challenging. Machine learning techniques have made unprecedented progress in recent years, as they are highly efficient for data-driven applications.

The use of a fast platform to design and develop anti-SARS-CoV-2 peptides for a therapeutic intervention of COVID-19

We are attempting to cure COVID-19! This is a very important initiative! Currently, no cure or vaccines are available to combat SARS-CoV-2. There is an immediate need to develop such therapies. The importance of developing a cure for COVID-19 cannot be overstated! Here, we propose an alternative approach to traditional drug development methods. Our approach provides a very fast and cost-effective method to develop anti-COVID-19 therapies. It is well established that the viral S protein that binds to the human ACE2 receptor.

In-Kind Student Edition: Skills and Services Impact Study

To date, there is a gap in the research determining how in-kind giving can be used to motivate student engagement. In tandem with Algonquin College, this project seeks to understand how in-kind giving can help students get involved in achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Through a mixed-methods approach involving interviews, focus groups, and surveys, the research will create a student handbook. This handbook will guide student engagement toward in-kind giving and illustrate how this engagement will deliver on the UN-SDGs.

Statistical perspectives on the use of pharmacovigilance data and electronic health records to verify predicted chemical hazards of drugs from in-vitro toxicological data

The liver is considered as one of the organs that are highly susceptible to drug-induced toxicity, leading to a diverse set of responses such as acute liver injuries, black-box warnings, and possible market withdrawal of medications in spite of having first appeared non-toxic and effective in animal and clinical studies. Over the last few decades, drug safety assessment have been limited to animal studies and human clinical trials.

Vehicle Dynamics Modelling and Simulation for Use in the Development of a Self-Healing Auto Cyber Security System (SHACS) Proof-of-Concept

Vehicles rely on small computers located in various places. The electronic signals sent between these computers must be dependable. However, currently these signals can easily be hacked which threatens the vehicle and the people in and around it. A project is underway, involving Akimbo Technologies Inc., Solana Networks Inc., and the Carleton University Applied Dynamics Laboratory to develop methods for protecting vehicles from this threat.

What makes for high performing teams in technology start-ups?

The project will focus on exploring latest academic and expert literature on high performance team management, develop and empirically validate practical insights for executive managers of new companies. The focus will be on: a) distinguishing factors of team success and successful team leadership in tech start-ups; b) the role of HR departments in designing high performing teams; c) key elements of organizational culture in highly performing teams; d) the role of managers in the long-term success of technology startups.

Design Development for Prefabricated Building Components using Hemp and Lime

The intern will work with a multi-disciplinary research team from architecture, civil engineering, mechanical
engineering, biology, business development and materials research in the design development phase of a project
to create a bio-mass panel prototype from cellulose (hemp biomass). As the most abundant organic polymer on
the planet, cellulose is currently emerging as a sustainable material alternative to plastics and other non-recyclable