Examination of Foundations and Disbursement Quota in Canada

The purpose of this project is to provide a study of charitable spending by members of Philanthropic Foundations Canada, document the historical impacts brought about by changes to Canada’s disbursement quota (DQ) policy, and recommend changes to the T3010 form. The intern will lead knowledge generation in the form of member engagement, issue briefs, and attending conferences.

Using AI to Help First Responders Assess Skin Burns

Burns are a common type of skin injury that cause numerous deaths around the world every year. Timely assessment of burns plays an important role in a successful treatment. Traditionally, burns are assessed through visual and tactile observation by clinicians. This method of assessment is highly inconsistent as it depends on the availability of a clinician and the clinician’s level of experience. Deep convolutional neural networks (CNNs) have the potential to offer an alternative for burn evaluation that is accurate, fast, inexpensive, and can be performed easily by the first-responders.

Development of test strips for early identification of buddy maple syrup

Near the end of every maple syrup harvest season, the syrup can acquire an unpalatable off-flavour called ?buddy?. Buddy flavor cannot be detected in the maple sap prior to processing into syrup, often resulting in loss of income, and unnecessary cost in materials to produce the syrup. This proposal seeks to develop a low-cost field test to be used by maple syrup producers for the detection of compounds that are linked to the development of the buddy flavor. This will be accomplished by developing special receptors, known as aptamers, for these compounds.

Degradation of compostable plastics with the FoodCycler: an on-site food waste recycler

This research will develop protocols and identify enzymes to break down compostable plastics using the FoodCycler system. The FoodCycler is a household device that accelerates the breakdown of organic waste, leaving behind a sterile soil-amendment-like by-product, and is a practical solution for rural, northern, and remote areas without municipal compost systems. Use of compostable plastics such as bioplastics could reduce the accumulation of fossil-fuel-based single-use plastics in our environment.

Process Design for Cogeneration of Carbon Black and Hydrogen by Methane Pyrolysis

Carbon black (CB), a valuable commodity for rubber and plastic industries, is currently produced using the traditional processes with low conversion efficiency and high carbon dioxide emission. Plasma reactors, on the other hand, produce CB and hydrogen from decomposition of methane with no direct emissions and can achieve 100% conversion efficiency. Commercializing this process requires accurate control over CB morphology and process yield, which depends on the particle dynamics and the chemical reactions during the decomposition of methane.

Simulating the Compounding Effect of Freeze-Thaw Cycles on the Durability and Seismic Performance of Masonry Buildings

The frost deterioration caused by freeze-thaw cycles (FTC) is of great concern in masonry buildings due to its detrimental effect on durability and long-term seismic performance. Recent findings reveal a substantial reduction in mechanical properties of masonry (e.g., compressive strength) when exposed toFTC. This material damage weakens the seismic capacity of masonry walls, increasing the vulnerability of existing masonry buildings and cultural heritage.

Sizing Remotely Piloted Transitional Aircraft for Vertical Takeoff and Landing

This research project aims to use a combination of historical data and physics principles to determine a ratio of batteries to gasoline to power a vertical takeoff and landing aircraft. The physics method that will be used is called momentum theory. Momentum theory is a simplistic model of helicopter flight that determines how much power a rotor will need to hover. MATLAB specifically will be used as a means of running calculations so that flight parameters, such as maximum takeoff weight, can be changed and new values found.

Experimentally Tuned Airframe Hybrid Stick Model Employing Digital Image Correlation for Ground Vibration Testing

This research presents a new experimentally tuned reduced-order modeling methodology employing a hybrid stick model representation. Digital image correlation (DIC) is used to synthesize mode shapes within a frequency range of interest during Ground Vibration Testing (GVT). Experimental mode shapesare augmented into the Guyan Reduced Order Model (ROM) to develop a corresponding Craig-Bampton ROM.

Understanding the Value of Responsible Gambling Programming in Canada: Rapid Evidence Assessment and Players Survey

Although for most people gambling is just a fun pastime, some may suffer negative consequences of gambling and even develop and addiction. To minimize the risk of such harms occurring, the gambling industry has developed and put in place responsible gambling tools and programs that aim to help people gamble within their means. However, there is little systematic evidence on how such tools impact players’ satisfaction with gambling, their well-being, and their loyalty to the casinos/websites where they gamble.

Understanding the Value of Responsible Gambling Programming in Canada: An Industry Perspective

While most people gamble for fun, some people suffer harms from their gambling. To prevent people from experiencing gambling-related harm, the gambling industry has put in place responsible gambling programs and tools to help people gamble within their means. However, even with the different responsible gambling tools and information available to players, the use of these resources is low. In the current project, I will be working with the gambling industry to understand how responsible gambling programming can be more effective and appealing to players.