Minimization of Switching Power Converter Ripples in RF Power Amplifier Circuits

As the power processing density in new technologies such as 5G and 6G increases, reduction of ripples caused by switching power converter operation becomes a gradually more difficult design problem to solve. Analysis of these ripples and exploring various methods for the ripple reduction in the RF power amplifier circuits are the main topics for this project.

Comprehensive Spray Characterization of Commercial and New Vaping Devices

Aerosol sprays from commercial and newly developed vaping devices will be characterized (size and concentration distributions) using a traditional low flow cascade impactor, in addition to PSD (Particle Size Distribution) analyser and PDA (Phase Doppler Anemometry). Localized regional aerosol deposition in the mouth as well as numerical simulations of aerosol dispersion will also be performed by the intern. The “know-how” and research data to be obtained in this project will be used by the company in the continuous improvement and development of new vaping devices.

Wearable Ultrasound Technology for Cardiovascular Health Monitoring

The proposed research concerns the construction of a computer simulation environment for the artery phantom with cardiac cycles and ultrasound signals obtained using our novel wearable ultrasound sensor (WUS) technology when monitoring the cardiovascular health. It is difficult to assess health indicators of the artery of a living subject experimentally for comparison with those estimated using our WUS and associated software.

The Geography of Capacity--An Analysis of Individual, Organizational and Community Needs and Resources in Three Communities in Canada - Year two

This research presents a conceptual model of the geography of capacity and explores, through a small-scale study, the experiences of capacity across the nonprofit sector at the individual, organizational and community level in three different locales in Canada.

AI-Enabled Satellite Communication Networks

Due to the fast mobility of LEO satellites, ground users need to switch between LEO satellites frequently to keep the connection with the satellite network. The process of switching between satellites is called the handover process. Every handover process is associated with signalling overhead, processing delays, and data packet losses. The optimization of the handover process is crucial for an efficient and resilient satellite network. In this regard, intelligent resource allocation can reduce the handover rate while maximizing the network utility and ensuring the satisfaction of users.

Oblivious IDS using Homomorphic Encryption

Intrusion Detection System (IDS) is used to protect internal networks of companies and organizations against malicious activities and policy violations. These systems are typically under the full control of the local system administrator. In this project, we propose to use Homomorphic Encryption techniques to design and implement an Intrusion Detection System that can run as a service on the cloud. In this model, the cloud system administrator who runs and operates the IDS does so while being completely oblivious to the underlying policies and matching rules.

How are rapid environmental changes influencing Canadian-origin Yukon River Chinook declines?

Yukon River Chinook salmon have experienced devastating declines in recent years, leading to significant impacts on Yukon First Nation citizens. To address this growing conservation issue, we have collaborated with Yukon First Nations to understand their desires for improving salmon conservation capacity, and how we can support them in this endeavour. Together, we have identified some key avenues for research: first, what is responsible for salmon declines – climate change, fishing pressure, habitat loss, too many hatchery fish, or a combination?

Determining the antidepressant effect of 2-bromo-LSD (TD-0148A)

We would like to determine whether a modified version of LSD (TD-0148A), which does not induce hallucinations, has antidepressant effects that can be applied to patients with depressive disorders. We will investigate whether TD-0148A can change the physical structure of neurons, as other antidepressants do. Furthermore, we will use an animal model to determine whether TD-0148A can reverse the negative effects of chronic stress, whish is a leading cause of depression in people.

Joint Research on the Architecture of the Future Internet of Vehicles and Internet of Things

This project mainly introduces the ideas of blockchain and artificial intelligence algorithms into the future 6G Internet of Vehicles and Internet of Things environment. Try new breakthroughs against the current bottlenecks in the Internet of Vehicles and Internet of Things, and strive to improve the performance of the network communication environment.

People, Places, Policies and Prospects: Affordable Rental Housing for Those in Greatest Need

This research project examines affordable housing options and experiences of those in greatest need. The regional Ottawa team is part of a national collaboration of researchers, practitioners, and community partners forming the “housing for those in greatest need” node of the CMHC-SSHRC Collaborative Housing Research Network of the National Housing Strategy. The national project examines various sub-populations of marginalized groups of people in different regions in Canada.