Security Mechanisms for Mobile Cloud Computing

Cloud computing, with its low cost and scalability, is becoming more and more popular today. By outsourcing computation requirements to cloud, consumers as well as business entities can reduce their IT costs significantly while enjoying more and better services. Mobile devices are among the earliest to adopt this new computing paradigm due to their limited computing capability and power supply. However, the multi-tendency nature of cloud computing also introduces new security challenges such as leak of information. This project is targeted at these security challenges.

Improving the capability, precision, and durability of the Ignition Quality Tester (IQT) in the renewable diesels Cetane number range

This proposal aims to improve the capability, precision, and durability of the Ignition Quality Tester (IQT™). This project includes an experimental investigation of the following areas; Testing of new primary reference fuels, PRFs, and Check fuels, CFs to expand the range of ASTM D6890-11a standard from (33 to 65 DCN) to (15‐100 DCN); Investigate experimentally the impact of the oxygen concentration in the charge air on the response of a fuel sample in the IQT™ system.

Visualization of the cool-flame and hot flame combustion process within the IQT™

There is an interest in the optical determination of the combustion process within the IQT™. This would be performed using optical probes integrated within the IQT™. From these probes, the location of the cool-flame and hot combustion process will be identified for different fuels within the IQT. Along with the location of combustion, the ignition delay will also be measured using the chemiluminescence of the combustion products and will be compared to the actual IQT™ method of ignition delay determination using pressure transducers in the combustion chamber.

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) game in mineral exploration – how is it played?

Using the same Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) voluntary codes (“rules”), different junior mineral exploration companies obtain different CSR outcomes, i.e. the rules do not make the game. The overall study aims to find out how the game is played ‘on the ground.’ This internship covers part of the exploratory phase of the project that aims to understand the context and to help decide on aspects that should receive priority attention in the more detailed main study. It will also help identify participants in the more detailed study that will follow.