Anonymous Age Verification Using Electrocardiogram (ECG) Obtained from Smart Wearables

Age-verification mandatory procedure for delivering certain services and products. Traditionally, identification documents have been a common mechanism of age-verification. However, this current strategy is subject to certain risks regarding privacy protection and online forgery. This demonstrates the value in anonymous age verification schemes using biometrics. Considering its age-dependent attributes, Electrocardiogram (ECG) is a potential solution. Preliminary experiments have been conducted regarding age estimation- classification from ECG obtained in clinical settings.

Effect of protein source during ketogenic weight loss intervention on lipid metabolism and inflammation

Safe and healthy weight loss is becoming increasingly important as the obesity burden in Canada continues to grow, with 63.1% of adult Canadians classified as overweight or obese in 2018 according to Statistics Canada. Ketogenic diets are diets that are low in sugar and are very popular for weight loss. However, these diets may be associated with adverse long-term cardiovascular health outcomes depending on the source of protein supplementation (animal versus plant-based). We do not know why this is the case.

Machine Learning Models Explanation Techniques and their Applications in Business

In practical machine learning problems, it is important to understand impact of features on models’ predictions. Such an understanding helps not only better explain the black-box machine learning models but also enables their effective applications in business environment. The general model explanation approaches make an untenable assumption that the model’s features are uncorrelated, which can lead to incorrect or unintelligible explanations.

Preliminary study to measure the physiological mechanism of the BPRelief band at lowering high blood pressure in humans.

Hypertension is a cardiovascular condition that leads to 8.5 million deaths per year around the world and is linked to a higher risk of stroke and kidney failure. Hypertension is defined by a higher-than-normal force the blood pushes on blood vessel walls in between each heart pump. Acupuncture has been around for thousands of years to control for high blood pressure. WAT Medical Enterprise Inc. is a Canadian company that developed a wrist band (BPRelief) that stimulates acupuncture points to decrease high blood pressure.

Exploring the commercial application of genetically engineered microalgae strains for the production of high valued metabolites for aquaculture fish feed

With the demand for high quality farmed fish on the rise, we are also expected to deliver on greater supplies of fish feed. Currently, fish feed is manufactured by capturing small foraging fish in the ocean, which are converted into pellets. This practice hinders marine life by disrupting the natural food chain of larger fish. The proposed research aims to use microalgae as an alternative to forage fish. We aim to accomplish this by using genetic engineering tools to upregulate the production of nutrients that are necessary for fish growth and quality.

Scalable Data Science Systems for Federated Financial Applications Based on Knowledge Graph Technologies

This grant application introduces scalable data science systems for federated financial applications. Our systems are based on knowledge graph, graph machine-learning (GML), and natural language processing (NLP) technologies to automate several aspects of data science projects on federated financial datasets. We focus mainly on two main systems related to data science: A) automatic data annotation and augmentation for financial datasets, B) a GML-Enabled Knowledge Graph Engine for
financial decentralized knowledge graphs.

Real time adaptive robot control and data management in an artificial intelligence driven powder coating process

Today, the manufacturing industry is facing a very rapid revolution. The end users of products can order at any time, in any quantity and always with very short delivery times. The shopping digitalization dramatically changes the consumption landscape in a global competition environment. Consequently, the industry is forced to adapt the way they are producing.

Développement d’algorithmes et de solutions d'apprentissage machine pour l’optimisation de la réanimation cardio-respiratoire

Au Canada, en 2019, 35 000 patients ont subi un arrêt cardiaque.1 Pour la même année, Urgence Santé a dénombré 1900 arrêts cardiaques dans la grande région de Montréal (Montréal-Laval). Malgré les avancées technologiques récentes, le taux de survie est de 10% et seulement 8% des patients auront un état neurologique leur permettant de retourner à la maison.

Notre objectif est de développer, en collaboration avec nos partenaires publics et privés, un dispositif de gestion par intelligence artificielle de la réanimation cardio-respiratoire.

Development and tribological characterization of next generation ceramic materials for extreme environments

There are a lot of different challenges surrounding the aerospace industry and especially when it comes to the proper selection of materials in the design of long-lasting gas turbine engines. Various different materials options are currently available for the manufacturing of engines such as conventional metal, alloys and composite but their applications are limited in harsh environments due to their mechanical and tribological properties such as friction and wear.

IATA Aviation Safety Culture survey (I-ASC) – analysis of the qualitative data

IATA Aviation Safety Culture survey (I-ASC) is an employee survey aimed at providing the airlines with the means to meet the Safety Management Systems (SMS) requirement to measure and continuously improve their safety culture. The intent of the survey is to gain insights on organizational safety culture, identify areas of improvement and areas of excellence. I-ASC results contains both quantitative and qualitative data.