Structural performance of Glass Fibre-Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) reinforced concrete tilt-up wall panels under out-of-plane loads

Glass Fibre-Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) materials have emerged as a promising material in civil engineering applications due to their superior characteristics such as light weight, high strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion. Thanks to these features, GFRP bars have been used in many civil infrastructure applications. However, there are still opportunities to benefit from this innovative material. Using tilt-up wall panel method in construction of houses, and commercial and industrial buildings is a popular alternative to cast-in-place, precast, or masonry construction methods.

Improve workplace wellbeing using AI and organizational behavior software platform

behaviours within a given organization. This will allow to remedy and/or remove the counterproductive, and to enhance and enable positive behaviours, civility and engagement. The platform that will be developed is unique and distinctly not social feedback nor 360-degree feedback. The cloud-based systems that will be developed should detect, measure, map, correct, and sustain the quality of interactions and culture among members of an organization or a work group.

COVID-19 Grocery Response NDG

Grocery Response NDG is a grocery ordering and delivery program for seniors 70+ who are confined to their homes during the pandemic. The project is a joint initiative of Concordia University (Ageing + Communication + Technologies – ACT) and New Hope Seniors Centre. The Québec response to the COVID-19 pandemic requires seniors 70 and over to self-isolate Seniors with limited or no social networks and no access to the Internet are especially at risk.

Formulation d’un cadre d’analyse des politiques culturelles de soutien COVID-19 pour la diffusion dans le secteur culturel au Québec et application sur les musées québécois

Depuis plusieurs semaines, la COVID-19 bouleverse plusieurs aspects de la société, tels que les liens sociaux ou économiques. Parmi les nombreux secteurs affectés, le domaine de la culture est particulièrement touché au Québec et partout dans le monde. Par exemple, les regroupements tels que les festivals, expositions ou spectacles sont maintenant annulés. Cela pose donc des conséquences économiques importantes pour le secteur.

Accelerated Time-Stepping for Computational Aerodynamics

The design of next-generation cleaner and quieter aircraft will rely on accurate simulations of turbulent flows. These simulations, referred to as Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), are critical in the design of both the external shape of an aircraft, as well as other components such as jet engines and propellers. The industry partner, ANSYS, develops one of the most widely-used CFD solvers - Fluent. The objective of this project will be to develop new time-stepping methods for Fluent specifically for unsteady flow solutions.

Joule M&V AI

Buildings have a high share of energy consumption in Canada. Real-time monitoring and analysis of energy use data can assist in improving the performance of the building and help reduce operating costs, lower utility bills, increase equipment life, improve occupants’ comfort, and increase retention and leasing rates; all while lowering carbon emissions.

Free-Piston Direct-Drive Thermal Engine for Waste Heat Applications

The research project proposed here takes a radically new approach to on-vehicle electric power generation, with the potential for developing a scalable, flexible, and conceptually very efficient method without the need for complex mechanical off-take. The new method is called the Free-Piston Direct-Drive Linear Generator, a type of Rankine Cycle expansion engine. Excess thermal energy is used to heat a fluid via a heat exchanger, and the energy in this high-pressure and high-temperature fluid is then converted into work via the free-piston expansion engine.

Support cases resolution retrieval

Coveo provides search and recommendation software for customer support systems in which customers can ask for help by entering a case description and, on the other side, support agents must find the solution. In this context, queries to Coveo are in the form of long texts describing a problem and potential solutions are knowledge articles or help documents.
Support cases resolution retrieval (SCRR), at its very core, requires a mapping of casual English text, possibly with grammatical mistakes, to well-formed formal English documents.

Plotly + PyFR: Real-Time Visualization for Extreme-Scale Aerodynamics

Efficient and accurate visualization technologies can bring greater insight to the field of computational fluid dynamics (CFD), with implications for the design of aircraft with lighter environmental impacts. This project will utilize the open-source PyFR solver co-developed at Concordia University, and the open-source Dash analytic application framework developed by Plotly. The academic partner and their research group will explore the utility of Dash as a tool for 2D and 3D real-time visualization of complex data produced by simulations run with PyFR.

Radar Signal Processing and Machine Learning Methods for Human Activityand Fall Event Detection

Monitoring human activity and fall events is the cornerstone of medical applications. The rising costs of healthcare
and the aging of the population are factors that influence researches in the medical industry, mainly for the
development of assisted living and smart home. Several technologies have been proposed in the literature for
monitoring people and health care. Recently, radar technology for human activity monitoring, fall event and
presence detection is essential need of a patient, and this technology has attracted a lot of attention.