Robust Design of Preventive Healthcare Facility Networks

Preventive healthcare services aim at reducing the likelihood and severity of life-threatening illnesses through early detection and prevention. In order for such services to be effective, the preventive healthcare facilities should be easily accessible. Factors that impact the accessibility include the number, type, and location of the facilities as well as the assignment of the clients to these facilities.

Chemogenomics of antifungal drugs

Candida albicans is an important pathogen that is a significant cause of serious hospital acquired infections. Our lab has a collection of approximately 1000 C. albicans strains that have been genetically engineered to each lack a single gene. The project will be to test the effect of drugs that are used to treat fungal infections on each of the mutant strains – to determine if the mutation causes the pathogen to become more sensitive or more resistant to the drug. Mutations that cause the C.

Computational study into the stabilizing interactions in internal loops of oligonucleotides

Our focus in this computational proposal is on weak bonding interactions (WBIs) in the organization of molecular assemblies, here in particular oligonucleotides. With regards to WBIs, the hydrogen bond is certainly the most recognized, but C-H...O, C-H...pi, pi...pi and others must not be ignored if organization and stability are to be understood. WBIs are thus of fundamental importance in diverse phenomena, such as the effect of ligand-binding in ribonucleic acids on gene expression (riboswitches, mostly through pi...pi interactions).

Improve safety and productivity of construction projects using serious-game simulation

The project aims to improve construction productivity and safety by using game technology to simulate the construction processes involving earth-moving and lifting equipment (e.g. excavators and cranes). Data from the site are integrated in the simulation in real time.

Intelligent Matching Algorithm Design and Implementation for Internet Big Data

In today’s Big Data era, scientists and businesses owners strive to find accurate real time insights from a large size of various types of data moving at high speed, which has an effect on the human lifestyle and the enterprises productiveness. Advances in Internet and web technologies allow organizations to gather petabytes of structured or unstructured data from various types of sources on a daily bases, which enables them to derive tremendous insights about their customers, products and services.

Acute and Chronic Effects of Obesity

Society has a preoccupation with fat. This preoccupation is far-reaching and extends from our concern with body fat to food and agriculture. For example in agriculture, there is a focus is on the amount and type of fat in
dairy products and livestock. As a population or individual, we do not want to be too fat or too skinny. We are also fixated on how much fat we have and where we store it, whether it is around our stomachs or around our hips and thighs. We know that not all fat is equal and that it behaves differently based on where it is stored.

Fuel efficient air-traffic management (New)

Airline industry has been growing continuously during recent years while airport capacities have been stagnating. Despite the negative impact of September 11 attacks and ongoing global financial turmoil, demand for airline services has been steadily increasing. In most of the major markets including Europe, North America and large part of Asia, since early 90s, both total seat capacity and number of airline companies have increased significantly resulting fierce competition in industry. Emerging market conditions brought many challenges along with its benefits.

2015 Mitacs Industry Award for Exceptional Leadership: TandemLaunch

Montreal-based start-up incubator TandemLaunch is the recipient of the Mitacs Industry Award for Exceptional Leadership for its contributions in creating opportunities for Canada’s next generation of entrepreneurs.

Leveraging Historical Development Data to Prioritize Software Testing Efforts

Ericsson Ottawa develops cellular base stations that are components of cellular networks marketed by Ericsson. The base stations serve as the interfaces between mobile devices (cell phones) to wired networks and the internet. These network products require high reliability and availability, which results in the need to perform extensive testing on expensive hardware, replicating complex customer network environments. Some tests are expensive, needing to be run for days, while others take seconds.

A Framework for Scheduling and Mapping of Image Signal Processing Pipeline on Heterogeneous Architectures Applied to Video Enhancement Algorithms

Video contents and applications become integrated in everyday life and demands for high-quality videos, such as 4K, are increasing. Even modern optical equipment introduces inevitable noises that may heavily mask video content. Environment conditions such as low light, results in more video quality degradation. Therefore, a video-enhancement technique is required to reconstruct the original non-noisy video, but such algorithms require extensive processing resources to reach a reasonable (real-time) performance and power consumption.