Identification and characterization of new antimicrobial chemical series

Antibiotic resistance represents a major health problem for society. With the expanded use of antibiotics, microorganisms have developed various mechanisms of resistance to overcome the effects of once highly effective agents. There is therefore an urgent need to identify new therapies to counteract resistant strains. The intern will design and identify new drugs that are capable of treating patients infected with bacterial strains showing resistance to current drugs used in the clinic.

Automating Configuration and Performance Management of Data Centers

Data centers (DCs) in network softwarization and 5G eras are significantly different from those operated nowadays by public cloud providers. They are massively distributed, closer to end-users, heterogeneous (e.g., multi-access edge, central office as a data center, etc.) and rely on much more complex technologies (e.g., Network Functions Virtualization [NFV] and Software-Defined Networking [SDN]). This makes their Operation and Management (O&M) much more challenging. Much more intelligence is required for automating the various tasks.

Identification of potential areas and associated benefits of MUT on the territory of the city of Montreal

The City of Montreal desires to evaluate the potential for the implementation of Multi-purpose Utility Tunnel (MUT) within its territory and to assess the overall benefits it could derive from it. This exercise would be initiated by a review of the state of the art to identify the criteria of choice and the associated benefits of developing MUT that have been used in the places around the world where MUT have been built. In a second step, we will work with the city to analyze the opportunity of building MUT by involving all the partners associated to the project.

Multi-level modeling methodologies for aircraft thermal architecture optimization - Year two

The proposed project will contribute to Bombardier’s research initiative “Virtual Aircraft” with the overall objective to improve modelling and simulation throughout the development process to enable innovation and reduce development risk to extensive design space exploration.
The objective of the project is to develop models of thermal aspects, traditionally investigated later in the design, when the aircraft architecture is already defined, to enable the development of an aircraft thermal architecture analysis and optimization.

Flight, energy, and traffic management systems for electric and hybrid aircraft

Leading aircraft manufacturers have gradually turned their attention to the development of all-electric prototype airplanes, some of which have been flown recently. Such is the case of the Airbus E-fan aircraft that in 2015 has crossed the English Channel, completing the 74 kilometer flight from Lydd, England to Calais, France, in about 37 minutes. With battery performance constantly improving, its advantage over kerosene fuel becomes more and more evident, especially in terms of being CO2 emission free.

Order picking optimization at a pickup-van storage manufacturing warehouse

Ranger Design is a manufacturer of van storage units and accessories. Since order picking activities are considered to be an integral part of its warehouse operations and perceived to be conducive to significant improvements, re-engineering and optimization of the order picking process are in order. As such, the company is looking for an opportunity to reduce the travel time involved in order picking by re-engineering and optimizing the order picking process.

Coalescing around gender inequity frames on Twitter: The use of online campaign to #ElectMoreWomen in the Toronto 2018 Municipal elections

Using an advanced social media analysis tool developed by experts at Nexalogy, we will look at a Twitter campaign that focuses on gender-identity and inequality in an effort to challenge and change unequal representation of marginalized people (in this case, gender) in elected office and spaces of traditional political power.

Patient Privacy Preservation through Federation or Encryption? A Comparative review and prototypes

The recent advances in machine learning based on deep neural networks, coupled with the availability of phenomenal storage capacity, are transforming the industrial landscape. However, these novel machine learning approaches are known to be data hungry, as they need to tune a huge number of parameters in order to perform well. As more and more AI based applications are being deployed to learn from personal data, privacy concerns are rising, and more specifically on sensible domains like medicine, finance or mobile related data.

Safety and Security for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

Currently, the automotive industry is going through a very significant transformation---one that is blending cars with modern IT, involving technologies such as: multiple CPUs for in-car computing, ad-hoc networking and Internet connectivity, computer vision and sensing technologies, entertainment and artificial intelligence for automated driving and real-world congestion control. Connected and intelligence vehicles are also raising cyber-security concerns.

Feasibility of a pressure retarded osmosis process for Quebec electricity generation - Year two

Osmotic power or salinity gradient energy is one type of the renewable energies which is produced by fresh and salt water. This new environmental friendly energy based on the advantages such as carbon dioxide free and generating power continuously in all weather conditions seems to be a good option in which to invest. Therefore, investigation and research on osmotic energy and the technologies that generate it will be highly beneficial to Quebec. This project looks to develop expertise related to osmotic power.