Investigating biological impacts of Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement using controlled mesocosm experiments

Ocean alkalinity enhancement (OAE) is rapidly emerging as a potential technique to mitigate against the worst impacts of climate change. However, little is known regarding the potential biological and ecological impacts of introducing alkaline base into the coastal ocean to capture CO2, reversing ocean acidification in the process. Specifically, it remains unclear whether the phytoplankton community are impacted by chemical changes induced by OAE. Recently, the National Research Council (NRC) in collaboration with Dalhousie University (Dr.

Paper mill biosolids reuse through integration into hydroseed mixtures

Sludge, a waste component of the paper making process, while typically placed in landfills, has the potential for a value-added end use in the capacity as a component in the hydroseeding process replacing the typical cellulosic shredded additive utilized to bind the hydroseed mixture and reduce movement once spread.The case study industry, Port Hawkesbury Paper LP (PHP), produces over 7 tons/ hr of sludge at a wetness value of approximately 70% which currently augments Nova Scotia Power Point Tupper’s biomass burner with excess being landfilled.

Development and commercialization of long-lifetime lithium-ion batteries for light electric vehicles

The goal of this project is to develop safe, long-lifetime batteries for light electric vehicles such as E-bikes. The commercialization of such long-lifetime batteries would benefit Zen Electric Bikes to bring a disruptive product to the market, reduce GHG emissions and reach revenue targets.

Engaging young people and fostering intergenerational collaboration: Assessing the impact of initiatives within the nature conservation sector - Year two

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has served as a global authority on sustainable development and environmental governance for over seventy years. Responding to broader trends within these areas, the IUCN has sought to foster engagement with young people as a strategic priority-to move beyond tokenistic involvement toward institution-wide intergenerational collaboration. The Canadian Committee for the IUCN (CC-IUCN) has been particularly dedicated to this work.

AI, IoT, and Cloud-Based Technologies to improve safety in the marine industry

With thousands of accidents annually, often resulting in hundreds of deaths and injuries, billions in economic losses, and devastating environmental pollution, the marine industry remains one of the most dangerous industries nationally and internationally. The work environment on ships is inherently risky and poses numerous challenges to the ship crew. Moreover, the nature of their work requires them to engage in different job tasks and responsibilities that are physically and mentally demanding in an environment full of risks.

The validity of sprint kayak key performance indicators and their relation to race performance

Sprint kayak is a water sport where athletes propel themselves forward using blades on either end of their paddle, with the goal of completing the distance in the shortest amount of time. Along with high volumes of on-water training, athletes often use weight training to increase their paddle force production. Strength and conditioning coaches use key performance indicators to track athlete progress in the gym. However, modern technology has increased the amount of key performance indicators available, making it difficult to know which are accurate and related to race performance.

Functional plant materials to boost growth performance, gastrointestinal health, antioxidation, and immunity in heat-stressed and necrotic enteritis challenged broiler chickens.

The annual heat-related losses incurred in the broiler sector alone were estimated at $51.8 million. Given current climate change realities and increasing poultry demand, it is safe to assume that these estimates would further increase. Similarly, subclinical necrotic enteritis (NE) reduced growth and productivity at an estimated cost of $6 billion annually in 2015. Prophylactic antibiotic administration is the primary means of prevention of NE.

Encrypted IoT Network Traffic Analysis for Cybersecurity

Use of clear-text for network communication is quickly becoming obsolete. End-to-end encryption of mobileapplications and proliferation of TLS based encrypted traffic are fueling the growth of encrypted traffic on theInternet. Many applications tunnel traffic over HTTPS. Today, over 80% of Internet traffic is encrypted. With therecent advancement of TLS handshake, traditional mechanisms such as Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and TLSfingerprinting are unable to inspect traffic in the traditional manner.

Improving early feed intake of newly hatched broiler chicks raised without antibiotics using light during incubation

Traditionally commercial poultry is incubated and hatched in the dark. There are indications that significant benefits could be realized from providing light to developing chicken embryos during incubation. These indications include chicks that eat and drink more upon arrival at the farm. This early feeding behavior should improve the health and survival of baby chicks and could be a valuable management practice especially now that the Canadian industry is transitioning away from the use of antibiotics to boost the health of chicks early in life.

Investigate of implications of atmospheric corrosion on various flanged configurations for pipelines and process equipment

Atmospheric corrosion, commonly known as weathering is among the leading causes of infrastructure degradation. The extent of atmospheric corrosion becomes more concerning when it triggers localized and non-linear metal loss rates. One such scenario is the localized corrosion at the flanged connections in piping, pipeline, and equipment for hydrocarbon industry and even utility sectors. As reported by transportation board Canada, flanges degradation is among the leading causes of leaks/ spills from pipeline.