Robust project scheduling policies for naval refit operations at Thales Group

In large-scale construction projects such as naval refits or aircraft overhauls, project execution is subject to considerable uncertainty and a baseline schedule quickly becomes unachievable.  For naval environments, high variability in work scope and duration occur at every stage.  Furthermore, tools and equipment can fail or not be on-site when needed.  Human resources are drawn from a pool of workers coming from a mix of fixed-capacity-unionized workers and contractors.  To limit the effect of unexpected but inevitable schedule disruptions, resource (equipment and workers) buffers are us

Improving reproductive performance and fur quality traits in Nova Scotia mink industry using genomics

Genomics is a field of science exploring the structure and function of DNA sequences. Genomic tools have provided new opportunities to accurately select animals for the traits of interest in livestock production. This project will explore the genome regions in American mink using the information from a large number of DNA sequences. The main idea of this exercise is to develop the appropriate tools for genomic selection in American mink.

Detection, Management and Prevention of Malicious Traffic and Cyber Attacks using BYOS

Cybersecurity has continued to dominate the strategic priorities of businesses, governments and industries worldwide. A recent report from the Kaspersky lab estimates the total number of online global malicious acitivities to have exceeded 700 million annually.

Baseline Carbon Stocks in Nova Scotia Forests: Role of the Forest Floor

The forWater Network, funded by the federal government as well as industry partners and provincial governments, is a national research network looking into the impacts of forest-management strategies on drinking-water source quality and treatability. forWater Network researchers at Dalhousie University (including Duinker, the supervisor in this application) are working with Halifax Water and Westfor Management Inc. to determine how the Pockwock forested watershed can be managed to improve water treatability. A key issue here is the movement of dissolved organic carbon (DOC).

Adversarial Examples and Uncertainty

While neural networks can classify images with very high accuracy, it was shown in 2013 (original paper by Szegedy et al) that it is also possible to make very small perturbation to an image so that the network misclassifies it (e.g. so that a panda is classified as an airplane). Many variations of this effect have subsequently been discovered and studied, but the mechanisms underlying this are still not well-understood. In this project, we plan to look at the system’s underlying uncertainties and certainties that might contribute to this effect.

Fueling Cars, Lighting Up Towns – On A Battery

Timing is everything. In cleantech innovation, it’s the difference between leading and falling behind. For Professor Martin Ordonez’s team at the UBC Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering who work in power electronics and conversion, one of the ways of being ahead is developing clean energy through research in renewable electric vehicles (EV) and power storage.

Exploring predictive analysis models to improve online sales performance

Faire Child Makewear Limited (“Faire Child”) is a Nova Scotia start-up company created to design and market a line of fashionable and sustainable children’s outerwear. Faire Child developed an opertalization plan in collaboration with an outside consultant in December 2017. Despite having executed the plan as designed, the activities that were undertaken did not result in sales, and the click-through rates, though impressive, are not converting to sales. In addition, FaireChild has just acquired all of the manufacturing equipment needed to begin manufacturing themselves.

Calgary-based spin-off turns green idea to gold

On the heels of news that global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are soaring to record-breaking levels not seen in 800,000 years, Calgary-based SeeO2 Energy is working to reverse the trend. With the launch of its invention that converts greenhouse-gas emissions into high-value fuels and chemicals before they are released into the environment, founders Drs. Paul Addo and Beatriz Molero Sanchez take pride in helping to improve their world.

Innovative app enables accessible buildings

Ishita Saraswat, a senior undergraduate student from Dayalbagh Educational Institute Dayalbagh, Agra in India and her Tunisian peer, Aymen Brahim from the University of Sfax’s National School of Electronics and Telecommunication (ENET’COM)are Mitacs Globalink Interns who have discovered that the best approach is to identify the problem and implement the solution at the same time via an online app.

Developing intelligent self-propelled boom sprayer for variable rate plant protection product application

This project will aim to convert a commercially available variable rate sprayer into and intelligent sprayer able to precisely spray the pests and weeds in the potato seeds only when needed. The detection of the pests and seeds will take place by cameras equipped with algorithms able to detect each target. The team members will establish communication between the cameras and the electronic components in the sprayer and modify other components to enable a real-time application.