Applying deep learning to predict and mitigate adverse environmental conditions in fish aquaculture pens

Fish farms (Aquaculture) produce a large and growing share of seafood in Canada, 29% by value and 19% by production. Worldwide, aquaculture now surpasses wild fish catch. We need aquaculture to be safer for the environment, low cost and yield more fish to feed a growing population in the face of climate change. A key driver of fish health, fish growth, and fish feeding activity is a healthy environment, often measured by dissolved oxygen in water.

Evaluating effectiveness of consolidated software development productivity measures

Approximately 70% of software projects do not achieve their goals. The project team offers Conflux, a productivity tool for software project managers, to monitor their projects' productivity, health, and quality. Conflux helps the development team to be productive, motivated, and quality-oriented and provides early signs to project management to help them avoid project failure.

P2P Social Money Exchange Platform

Designing a P2P Money Exchange platform application that creates a social network based on mutual trust will help individuals trust each other and participate in deals for Peer-to-Peer money exchange. This idea focuses on eliminating the need to use escrow mechanisms and the complexities of handling extra electronic payment and money transfer transactions and mandatory authentication in existing platforms.

Development of Optimization Assessment Tool When Working in Human-Automation Teams

The recent trend making its way into many fields are human-automation teams in which the automation takes on the role of performing repetitive or dangerous tasks, while the human takes on an observational role ensuring that the automation is performing as expected. These types of teams have the potential to be highly effective because fewer humans are required to perform large amounts of safe and effective work. Research work looking at human-automation teams have identified many factors that contribute to the performance of these teams.

Sweating the Small Stuff: A Simple, Rapid, and Effective Sensor for the Biomonitoring of Fireground Carcinogens in the Sweat of Firefighters

In the line of duty, firefighters are exposed to a range of toxic chemicals, some of which are known to cause cancer. Despite the immediate dangers that accompany the occupation, cancer is the leading cause of line-of-duty deaths in firefighters. There is growing concern that long-term exposures to these chemicals at the fire scene, and during the cleaning of contaminated uniforms, gear, and stations, are contributing to these increased cancer rates. Several markers of exposure to known cancer-causing chemicals have been detected in the body fluids of firefighters.

Tuning of a Flow Control Valve of an Aerosol Holding Chamber

Aerosol holding chambers are essential inhaler attachments used by millions of patients suffering from the two most common respiratory illnesses around the world, asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). They give patients more control over their inhalers, and have a nearly 70 year history of improved symptom control by increasing the amount of medication that reaches the lungs. They also have a 70 year history of being bulky, cumbersome and for some patients a source of embarrassment.

Crustal architecture and rifting style of the offshore Nova Scotia Margin

We propose to investigate the crust and uppermost mantle structure of the offshore Nova Scotia margin with the aim of producing a comprehensive regional map of the rifting style along the margin to contribute to a better understanding of the margin geology and its significant variations from NE to SW. We will process the already acquired Line 3 from the Scotian Margin Transects (SMART) refraction seismic experiment with a geophysical inversion approach.

Halifax company developing next generation of prosthetics

A lack of innovation in prosthetics in recent decades means opportunity for Halifax start-up Awenza Health Inc. Founded two years ago, the company is working to disrupt the prosthetics market and provide better solutions for patients through new technologies. 

The need 

Many current products on the market, says CEO Sam Awara, cause high levels of discomfort and even pain in some situations. So Awenza is building a suite of products to solve these issues for those with limb differences. 

The relationship between seafarers’ food and potential disruptions to Canadian food supply chains: a mixed-method analysis

Recent disruptions in the global supply chain, such as COVID-19 and climate change related effects, demonstrated the vulnerability of global food supply chains where food shortages and empty shelves were at the forefront of news articles. While many disruptions in Canada’s food supply chain have been local in nature, some disruptions within the international marine transportation sector also have national implications.

Drug Safety and Effectiveness in Canadians During Viral Pandemics – Part 3

Factors that contribute to the generation of misinformation and distrust in Canadians around drug and vaccine safety and effectiveness include the impact of poor-quality or underpowered studies to influence the perception of therapeutic effectiveness, research priorities, and resource allocation; and the lack of understanding in the processes involved in drug and vaccine research, development, monitoring, and approval.