Using tacit knowledge in peer communications and research literature to identify emerging respiratory therapy practice topics and trends

Each day several email messages containing respiratory care topics, issues, and latest treatments are exchanged within the Respiratory Therapy community. Effective exploration and visualization of informal knowledge in these email threads and combining them with the scientific articles published in the Canadian Journal of Respiratory Therapy (CJRT) has the potential to inform future respiratory care practice.

Development of the supporting peripherals for bioelectrode system operation in oxygenated environments

In this project, a pre-conditioning system to remove the oxygen prior to reaching a bioelectrode system sensor will be developed and tested. Bioelectrode system sensors require anoxic conditions for operation, and a low complexity solution would extend use cases of the technology. Bioelectrode system sensors measures the microbial activity of bacteria and the data can be used to optimize treatment efficiency, detect deleterious substances, and quantify Biological Oxygen Demand.

Deep Learning to assist requirement translation

Cutting edge techniques in artificial intelligence will be applied to extract semantic information from natural language and work towards building a system that can help engineers write clearer and less ambiguous requirements for complex systems. Models will be developed that are similar to current techniques used by popular translation tools, and will be adapted for paraphrasing and ambiguity reduction.

Assessing the effectiveness of plain packaging in reducing smoking rates: A mixed method approach

Plain packaging refers to standardizing cigarette pack font/color, and removing logos. This form of packaging lowers intention to smoke. However, there is a dearth of research on the direct effects of plain packaging on actual smoking behaviour and the mediation of those effects through increased attention to graphic warnings. The proposed project addresses these two gaps. First, smokers will wear eye-tracking glasses in a lab to determine if plain (vs. branded) packaging increases attention to warnings.

Development of a Real Time Bioelectric BOD Sensor for Wastewater Effluent Compliance Monitoring

The necessity of cost-efficient and reliable wastewater treatment processes has increased in order to meet more stringent levels of environmental regulations, increased system reliability requirements and tightening operational budgets. To aid in meeting these operational goals, a strong market for low-cost, high-fidelity sensor technology that can relay real-time information to system operators on all aspects of wastewater treatment system performance has developed.

Characterization of cell signaling in response to ultraviolet radiation after treatment with an oral skin-care supplement

Bend Beauty is a Halifax based company involved in the research, development, and marketing of oral natural health products for use in skin-care and anti-aging. Bend?s core product, Anti-Aging Formula, is a mixture of the active ingredients fish oil, borage oil, lutein, zeaxanthin, and vitamin D3. An eight-week human clinical study demonstrated this product increases skin?s resistance to sunburn. However, the mechanisms that are responsible for this photo-protective effect at the cellular level remain unknown.

Mechanisms of the relationship between ageing and dementia.

As our population ages, the burden of dementia is growing. Alzheimer's disease (AD) is the most common cause of dementia; currently we do not have any disease-modifying treatments for AD. There is motivation to better understand the mechanisms of AD development and expression to control the burden of disease.

Frailty is related to neuropathological features of AD (i.e. plaques and tangles) and clinical dementia. Frailty and AD-type dementia share many risk factors and clinical features.

Natural beauty start-up goes more than skin deep

Research is essential in the natural products space, where consumers need evidence that products are effective and safe.

But for a small company, doing research isn’t simple. Projects and lab equipment are costly. It’s difficult to find and attract specialized talent. Making connections and fostering relationships between industry and academia is invaluable for a small company like Bend, which wants to maintain leading-edge work.

Mitacs postdoc boosts Bend’s capacity from within

Development of a simulation model for prediction of performance of a novel positive airway pressure (PAP) machine for treatment of sleep apnea

The gold standard of treatment for patients with sleep apnea are Positive-airway-pressure (PAP) machines. PAPs provide a one-size-fits-all solution of providing the same therapy in terms of airflow to every patient and every breath. This causes frustration and discomfort for patients, therefore patients don’t purchase PAPs or purchase and don’t use them; leading to 4 times higher chances of stroke and 3 times higher chances of heart attacks as well as huge costs on the healthcare system.

First Nation Environmental Review and Analysis

The Government of Canada is in the process of reviewing legislation and procedures related to environmental processes, e.g. the Canadian Environmental Assessment process (CEAA) and the National Energy Board process (NEB). Indigenous groups across Canada have participated in engagement sessions, and made formal written submissions which have been made publically available.