Providing clean water to Atlantic Canada’s First Nations communities

In Canada, many First Nations communities do not have access to clean drinking water. Currently, 28 long-term drinking water advisories are in effect in communities across the country.

CFD modelling of the thermal behavior of aero engine components subjected to fire

In the proposed project, a series of computer-aided simulations will be conducted to determine the thermal behaviour of engine components in the presence of a fire inside the engine. The goal is to predict the heat transfer rate into the components, and the behaviour of the oil found inside those components.

Novel plant-based formulations for bladder health

Bacterial cystitis (BC) is a common painful inflammatory disease of the urinary bladder due to an infection. Even with antibiotic treatment, BC continues to have significant negative impacts of patients’ quality of life due to pain
and risk of recurrence. Altheda Wellness Innovation Inc.

Calibration Transfer for Improved Nutrient Concentration Estimation in Potato Plants from Visible and Near Infrared Reflectance Spectra Acquired with Distinct Spectrometers

The research project aims to improve Picketa Systems’ real-time potato plant analysis technology. The project explores machine learning and calibration transfer methods to make the technology more accurate and reliable in any environment. Picketa Systems will be able to provide their customers with better information, which they can then use to optimize fertilizer applications in their potato crops as a result of the project.

Automatic Brain Tumor Segmentation of Ultrasound Images with Generalized Probabilistic U-Net

The proposed research project aims to develop an advanced computer-based method for automatically identifying and segmenting brain tumors in ultrasound images using deep learning techniques. By training a specialized algorithm called the Generalized Probabilistic U-Net, the intern(s) will create a powerful tool that can accurately detect and locate tumors in ultrasound scans.

Cultivation of high-quality Jamaican thyme (Plectranthus amboinicus) by a combination of specific LED spectrum and Climate-smart growing medium under greenhouse conditions

This business idea has been developed based on a focus on using environmentally friendly growing medium (sawdust and Pro-mix BX™ potting medium) and precise LED spectrum on enhanced plant production and bifunctional properties of Jamaican thyme (Plectranthus amboinicus) microgreens and functional plants.

Music prescribed intervention app for mental health

The increase in mental health conditions in Canada is overwhelming, causing significant burden to millions of Canadians and high costs to our health care system. Conventional sedation drugs act as a temporary cover up while posing dangerous health risks or unpleasant side effects. In this project I propose the design and building of an android based mobile application that prescribes customized music to improve mental health (anxiety, mood, depression) of people.

Development of a smart wearable device using sensor fusion for human motion tracking

In this project, we're developing a smart wearable device that works together with an app to assist users in improving their sports performance and maintaining their health. Ideal for enthusiasts of sports like golf, tennis, or badminton, this innovation is designed to overcome challenges in skill improvement. The device tracks user activity during play, sending this data to the app. The app then provides personalized advice based on the user's performance, fostering growth and proficiency.

PlastiCore - the essential element for producing cost-effective and lightweight 3D hybrid composite Systems with superior Mechanical Properties

Our proposed research project aims to develop and optimize innovative 3D-Hybrid Composites (3DHC) and 3D-Fiber Metal Laminates (3D-FML) using a new development called PlastiCore. These materials offer exceptional mechanical properties, such as specific stiffness, strength, fatigue and impact response, and damage tolerance. PlastiCore simplifies the fabrication process and enhances material consolidation, providing a cost-effective solution for lightweight structures.

GreenTechMigrate - A Sustainable, Cost-effective, and Secure Cloud Migration Solution

The proposed research project aims to explore the benefits and challenges of migrating on-premises data centers to cloud-based solutions. The intern will investigate the environmental sustainability, cost-effectiveness, and trustworthiness of cloud computing in comparison to traditional data centers. By analyzing real-world case studies and conducting experiments, the project seeks to provide insights into the potential savings in energy consumption, operational costs, and improved data security that can be achieved through cloud migration.