Hybridity Media’s Circles Software Development and Research

Hybridity Media’s Circles, is a user-friendly software application. With motion senor technology and light projections, it causes the audience to become the art by painting a visual portrait on a screen using their dynamic body movements.

Hybridity’s design of the Aga Khan Museum opening, using our signature interactive art installation techniques, is an opportunity to fuse a thousand years of early history with the future of electronic artistry.

3D Stereoscopic Calibration: Achieving Acceptable Levels of Camera Alignment in Studio and in the Field.

This research project is part of an endeavor exploring how to design, research and prototype technological advances related to S3D calibration processes and tools, including for DIY mobile S3D rigs. This project will benefit the company Rampage Entertainment as well as the Canadian filmmaking and new media production community by enabling the creation of better tools for S3D film-making to improve efficiencies, competitiveness and creativity. The research brings access to world class professionals at Kerner USA.

The Space Between

This project explores the space between the users and Kodak’s products. It focuses on the application of user‐centered design research methodologies and techniques to define opportunities surrounding Kodak products’ usability, workflow and user experience. Specific and extensive research will be done on Kodak products. These products can be installed in a variety of combinations, and used by customers, who expect a high level of integration and efficiency across the multiple Kodak products installed in their plant.