Structural Geology and Controls on Gold Mineralization, MaginoDeposit, Wawa Subprovince, Northern Ontario

The intern will determine which factors determine the distribtuion of gold at the Magino gold project, near Wawa Ontario. This will be accomplished by geologic mapping and examination of drill core at the Magino site during two summer field seasons. Samples and data collected in the filed will be returned to Laureitan University and examined using petrographic microscope and scanning electron microprobes as well as preparation of a geologic map and cross section focused on the structural geologic framework of the deposit.

Neurorehabilitation of the hand post-stroke or brain injury

Stroke is the number one cause of adult disability in the world. Due to the neurological damage from stroke, a vast majority of individuals suffer from hand function disability (~70%). To improve hand function and overcome challenges from this disability, IRegained has developed the MyHandTM system, a connected mechatronic device with programmed proprietary hand function training protocols developed through deep research in neuroplasticity for targeted hand function therapy.

AI-Based Fault Detection Development for Tele-robotically Controlled Mining Equipment

Recent years have seen many advances in the application of artificial intelligence tools in almost every industry, and the mining industry is no different. HLS Hard-Line Solutions Inc. is a leading developer and manufacturer of systems that allow mining equipment (such as trucks) to be controlled by operators, safely and comfortably from great distances, including several kilometers underground. In order to accomplish this type of control, the company must instrument the target piece of machinery with a range of sensors, cameras and control interfaces.

AI-Based Fault Detection system for Mine Dewatering Systems

The removal and movement of water is an essential activity for the safe and productive operation of mines. In the mining industry pumps are often required to operate several km underground. If a pump were to fail in such a location, the results can be costly and potentially unsafe. It can be exceedingly difficult to apply conventional on-line condition monitoring systems to warn personnel of an imminent pump failure.

Mitigating the social consequences of COVID-19 in a retirement residence

Part of the foundation of retirement residences is that older adults can benefit from living close to each other and the services they desire. Under social distancing rules, this assumption is challenged. Finlandia Village, like many other organisations needs to study this situation to work out how to adapt marketing, strategy, and new developments. In this project we will have two interns working at Finlandia Village. They will talk with residents about how their connections with friends and family have been affected by COVID-19 and social distancing measures.

Understanding and reducing the impacts of COVID-19 on personal support workers in an Ontario long-term care home

The impact of COVID-19 on long-term care, a sector previously struggling with critical challenges of recruitment and retention, has been devastating. The core working group, personal support workers, has been particularly impacted. Studies with other providers such as nurses have demonstrated stress and burnout during past pandemics as well as the negative influences on staff turnover. However, how personal support workers have experienced this pandemic and how this will impact existing human resource challenges is unknown.

COVID-19 and Bridging the Social and Physical Gap: Dynamic Digital Resources to Meet the Mental Health Support Needs of Children, Youth, and Families

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged us with social isolation, financial uncertainty, and daily life disruptions. Parents and children may be uniquely impacted as parents attempt to navigate the stressors of working from home, caring for children, and, potentially, caring for their elderly parents and other family members. Children and youth, in turn, are influenced by parental anxieties that may exacerbate the child’s/youth’s own mental health concerns.

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The Role of Natural Background Radiation on Neurological Development and Processes

All species on the planet are affected by their environment: temperature, atmospheric pressure, daylight hours, and so on. These conditions affect how a species react to stress, grow, reproduce, and survive. Natural background radiation (NBR) is ever-present and has been prior to the evolution of all species. In order to study the effect of NBR on important biological processes, such as brain growth and development, we must remove it from the environment to see if it induces any changes. In order to remove NBR, a deep underground laboratory, shielded from NBR exposure must be used.

Usability evaluation of a runway testing device interface

Various forms of usability testing can be used to optimize interface design and maximize human-computer interaction principles . A well-integrated, intuitive interface has the capacity to improve human efficiency, mitigate errors or lapses and improve situational awareness. Usability methodologies such as heuristic evaluations and cognitive walkthroughs can be performed at any point in the design process to identify areas for improvement. Additionally, in-field usability testing with users of the technology can further pinpoint inadequacies in software or hardware design.