Aquracy – enhanced vector magnetometer precision through quantum pulse sequences

Magnetometers have been used for decades for exploration in mining, navigation and defence and security.
However, high accuracy sensors often provide only the amplitude of magnetic fields, severely limiting the extent
of magnetic interpretations. A novel type of quantum magnetometers based on Nitrogen Vacancy centers in
diamond promise enhanced sensitivity and accuracy, while providing the vector magnetic field, which can be used
to tailor specialized algorithms to enhance the relevance of magnetic measurements.

The Use Of Wearable Vital Signs Sensor Technology For Early Physiological Detection And Tracking Of Viral Respiratory Tract Infections - Year two

BACKGROUND: Viral respiratory tract infection (VRTI) is the most common illness in humans, resulting in a total economic impact of $40 billion annually in the United States. Taking into consideration the current novel coronavirus pandemic - impacting billions of people around the world, compromising the global economy, and putting extreme pressure on healthcare systems - it is imperative to identify novel ways to both detect and prevent VRTIs such as COVID-19.

Post-traitement statistique des quantiles extrêmes de prévisions issues de modèles météorologiques d’ensemble

Le projet de recherche s’inscrit dans le contexte précis du besoin d’Hydro-Québec de mieux estimer la probabilité de
manifestation de vents de forces dites extrêmes et potentiellement dommageables pour le réseau d’infrastructures électriques.
Il aura pour objectif de développer des modèles statistiques permettant de corriger les biais dans les prévisions de vents afin
de mieux prévoir quels horizons temporels et quelles régions sont à risque de subir des pannes nécessitant l’intervention
d’équipes de réparations.

Scale of the Universal Access Needs Around Central Bank Digital Currency

Online banking and cashless payment options are seemingly everywhere but remain difficult or inaccessible to many Canadians. Much is already known for how to make these systems work better for a broader range of citizens, but this know-how is spread across many documents and reports, limiting its ability to guide the design of new systems. This research bringing together statistics and findings from the state of the art.

Facilitating Canadian NGOs’ participation in Knowledge Mobilization: A Key to Enhancing the Societal Contribution of Academic Research

Annually, governments worldwide invest a lot of money from public budgets on research projects to solve societal challenges. Still, there is a huge gap between research-produced knowledge in universities and policies and practices in society. One challenge to increasing societal impact is aligning research projects with the needs and challenges of local communities. This project investigates the potential role of NGOs in informing research projects about the local challenges by using an online web-based platform.

Quantum Algorithms for the Prediction of Two- and Three-Dimensional Biomolecular Structures

The arrival of larger quantum computers could be beneficial to numerous fields, including drug discovery. Three quantum algorithms, which could one day help discover new life-saving drugs, will be investigated in this research project. The first algorithm will reduce the computational load placed on quantum computers when estimating the electronic energy of molecules. As for the other two algorithms, they will be used to make protein folding and RNA folding predictions. Conducting this research project will benefit Anyon Systems Inc.

Fall and Head Impact Acceleration Monitoring of Short Track Speed Skaters - Year two

Short track speed skating is a fast-paced sport where athletes routinely reach speed above 50 km/h. It is one of the leading Canadian sports for medal count at the Olympic games. Unfortunately, given the fast-paced and pack-style skating, athletes often fall on the ice, which may lead to concussion. There is no clear data on the incidence of falls in short track speed skating, nor is there a clear understanding of the mechanism of head impact.

Therefore, this project will track the incidence of falls and measure head impacts that may lead to concussion using ‘smart’ mouth guards.

Évaluation techno-économique des systèmes de stockage de chaleur sensible aux sels fondus adaptés au chauffage industriel

Le stockage de l’énergie renouvelable variable et le remplacement du gaz fossile pour le chauffage des procédés industriels sont deux des plus grands défis techniques de la transition énergétique. Un système économique de
stockage de chaleur à haute température pourra répondre simultanément à ces deux besoins. Ce projet vise à reprendre la technologie de stockage aux sels fondus déjà employés dans les immenses centrales solaires à concentration, et de l’adapter aux besoins des usines canadiennes.

Modeling of flow in heat exchangers optimised for additive manufacturing

The proposed research aims to 3D print a series of heat exchangers in plastic and metal to optimize the pressure drop and heat transfer. An initial prototype will produce experimental data to validate a numerical model, which can then be used to rapidly evaluate future heat exchanger designs. Optimizing the pressure drop and heat transfer will lead to an increase in energy efficiency of the heat exchanger.

Montréal start-up takes the guess work out of pediatric care

Sofia Addab, Jean-Gabriel Lacombe, and Georgia Powell are master’s students in the Department of Experimental Surgery at McGill University in Montréal. During a shared internship shadowing medical staff in the emergency room at the Montreal Children’s Hospital, the trio quickly identified that the time-consuming practice of calculating correct doses of IV medication by hand was leading to potential mistakes and disrupting workflow at critical points during the intake of trauma cases in the hospital’s emergency room, posing serious safety risks to children.