Assessment and selection of competent oocytes for embryo development Year Two

The incidence of female infertility is on the rise in Canada, afflicting up to 17% of woman between the ages of 18 to 34 and with a considerably higher rate of occurrence in woman over 34. Many infertile women are now turning to assisted reproductive technologies (ART) to facilitate conception and child bearing. Female oocyte/egg competence is an important requirement for successful ART outcomes. A competent oocyte is characterized by its ability to mature, become fertilized, and develop into a viable embryo.

Attenuating the post-operative insulin resistance and promoting protein anabolism in patients undergoing colorectal cancer resection

Post-operative insulin resistance, hyperglycemia and loss of body protein are the features of post operative stress- induced catabolic response which is associated with increased morbidity, mortality and adverse outcomes post operatively. There has been a great deal of research on different approaches to optimize the post-operative insulin sensitivity such as hormonal and nutritional modifications and interventions, developing minimally invasive surgical techniques and epidural anesthesia. However, the correlation between insulin resistance and body protein loss is not well understood.

Development of an industrial process for colour removal of plasticizers

The projects consist to apply commercially known colour removal technology to a used plasticizers blend produce in Tarkett vinyl sheet flooring plant. Using a continuous packed bed column, the intern will screen the performance and efficiency of several colour and metals removal resins. Following the colour removal experiments, the effect of adding the treated material in Tarkett formulation will be evaluated through different quality control tests developed by the company. In the instance that economically relevant results are obtained, a unit design will have to be carried out.

Redesign of Dental Preventive Formulations- Part I. Identification of Potential Remineralization Enhancers

Every day, people put their teeth at risk by eating foods that contain a lot of sugar. A lack of brushing teeth causes the build-up of bacteria. The bacteria use the sugars present in these foods to cause the weakening of teeth and if left untreated, can lead to holes and cavities in teeth. The concept of “re-mineralization” is the idea of using minerals such as calcium to make teeth stronger and have them heal faster.

Boosting innovation in the ICT industry

To meet its clients’ needs and an increasing demand for high-performance Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) solutions, Nuance established a long-term research project that focuses on refining these products for mobile applications.

NX CAD/CAM Simulation, Optimization and Automation Software Development for Tooling Development Industry

The design and manufacturing of dies and molds represent a significant link in the entire production chain. It is on the critical path of development of many products, such as automobile and consumer electronics. The tooling development industries always meet three challenges: the demand for research and development speed, the high requirement for labor skill, and the quality of product.

An assessment of agricultural stream designs used in maintenance operations in Quebec

In agricultural watersheds, many meandering rivers were straightened and several rectilinear ditches were added to the drainage network in order to evacuate water as quickly as possible in the spring to improve farm productivity. The design of these modified channels was not based on natural river dynamic concepts, which include both discharge capacity and sediment transport, and thus need to be maintained frequently as they tend to adjust by eroding their banks and returning to a sinuous pattern.

Big Data Research for Open Source Applications

Big data is a collection of data sets so large and complex that it becomes difficult to process using onhand database management tools or traditional data processing applications. The challenges include capture, curation, storage, search, sharing, transfer, analysis, and visualization. In this internship, we analyze a real-world big data set(s) to make sensible inferences by taking into account a selected range of criteria. A number of methods and algorithms are investigated, evaluated and evolved to advance the development of specialized tools and processes.

Development of Bionanofluid for Commercial Production

The purpose of this 4‐month internship is to scale‐up the bionanofluid production at McGill University and then transfer this process to Leap Medical Labs for commercialization. At McGill, this will involve the design and implementation of 2 new reactors, as well as testing, optimization and validation of the various process parameters. Once the scale‐up is complete, the newly developed manufacturing processes will be transferred to Leap Medical Labs’ production facility.

Distributed and Partitioned Join Index

The overall goal of this internship is to improve the query capacity of the Informatica Data Vault data management system. In particular, better support for join operations, that combine the information of various tables of data warehousing appliactions, will be provided. For that, a specialized join index will be designed, developed and evaluated on standard data warehousing queries. The goal is to partition and distribute the index in order to be efficient in terms of storage requirement, query performance and manageability.