Developing a real-time bacteria detection platform using LAMP assisted bioluminescence assay

Water contamination poses a serious risk to health and economic development in Canada and around the world. The ability to inexpensively and quickly detect the pathogen contamination in water will mitigate the risks associated with water contamination. The LAMP-based biosensor described in this proposal will be able to provide these capabilities, and enable fast and accurate pathogen detection in water in all settings. Ecoli Sense Ltd, a pathogen sensor development company, is looking to develop this capability as part of its pathogen detection device lineup.

Sensory Disinhibition, Cognitive Flexibility and the Neural Correlates Underlying Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): A Simultaneous EEG-fMRI Study - Year two

Individuals with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) often struggle to relax, or simply be at ‘rest.’ In particular, recent research has revealed participants with PTSD show hyper-activity across the visual cortex while at rest. Referred to as sensory hyper-activity and disinhibition, altered resting-state patterns are thought to be underlying hypervigilance and re-living sensations clinically, as well as cognitive deficits, which may be produced when cognitive resources are overwhelmed by sensory hyper-activity.

Hollow Fiber Recovery for Sustainable Water Treatment: Optimization, Automation, and Advanced Materials

Membranes are becoming the dominant technology in treating drinking water and wastewater. Membranes can be made in various geometries, but hollow fibers are the preferred form factor; they can be packed more efficiently, reducing the plant size and they are often easier to clean than alternative geometries. Nevertheless, during use, membranes will become fouled, which limits how much water can pass through them as well as potentially impacting the quality of the treated water. As such, membranes need to be cleaned frequently.

Complex network based data analysis for shared mobility

This project aims to build a new analysis toolkit for shared bikes, escooters, and cars. The method is based on a mathematical theory called complex network. Like internet and human brains, transportation system possesses network structure. To study its topological properties, we can calculate some indices that encode the information of the network. There are theoretical and empirical studies proposing and examining various models based on spatial networks structure of transportation, and especially shared mobility.

Community-based monitoring framework development for the Foxe Basin Kivalliq North Sapujiyiit/Guardians of the Sea Society

The proposed research project will be to provide an understanding and overview of Inuit women’s concerns, feelings, and thoughts regarding how their day to day lives are changing due to climate change and increased development in Nunavut. The partner organization (Sapujiyiit Society) will have the role of guiding the HQP through formulation of the research question, project design and implementation, assistance with research objectives and incorporation of perspectives of Inuit women.

Structural setting and evolution of the Bathurst Mining Camp from lineament mapping and 3D geophysical inversion, NB, Canada

The demand for critical metals to support modern society and the transition to more sustainable future development is expanding, and thus, both sector growth and responsible exploration is imperative. Mineral exploration in Canada presents a vast opportunity to continue contributing towards the development of a substantiable future society, both domestically and internationally, as well as providing substantial economic benefits to Canada.

Automatic alignment of subtitle and audio track for TV broadcasting

Subtitles are typically generated postproduction and might be mis-aligned with the audio track. Alignment of subtitles to audio is a task which aims to produce accurate timings of the words within a subtitle track given a corresponding audio track. The alignment task is of significant relevance to Bell media. Semi–automated solutions exist, and they involve different degrees of human involvement in post-edit. Automatic subtitle alignment will reduce production time and human labor costs. This research project will look at automating the subtitle alignment.

Hyivy device as non-hormonal therapeutic for endometriosis

Hyivy Health and McMaster University are collaborating on a research study around the effects of the Hyivy Therapy Device as a non-hormonal therapeutic for people with endometriosis. The goal is to track the effects on chronic pelvic pain while exploring the impact on quality of life, usability, and sexual function. Results of this study will provide a new strategy for people suffering with endometriosis to manage their pain.

Towards Improving Stainless Steel Cathode Performance during Copper Electrodeposition

Stainless steel permanent cathodes are widely used in the electrodeposition of copper during its production. Copper is mechanically-stripped from the permanent cathode on a regular basis, after which the cathode is typically visually inspected, water-washed and returned to the production cell. However, offline refurbishment is required to ensure a high quality product (chemical purity, surface roughness and morphology), and efficient mechanical stripping and tank house operation.

Appraising Medical School Admissions Tools for Implicit Bias

This research considers the diversity profile of applicants to medical schools across Canada and with specific respect to the Undergraduate MD Program at McMaster University and contemplates the degree of potential implicit bias inherent to medical school admissions systems. In particular, this work will seek to understand the degree of statistical association between applicant social identity characteristics and performance on merit-based admissions tools operationalized by medical school admissions committees.