Copper and nickel stable isotopes in overburden and transported cover as exploration tools for buried magmatic sulfide deposits - Year two

The rate of discovery of new, large mineral deposits has slowed, yet significant opportunity exists in many world-class belts where post-mineral cover obscures bedrock and can potentially hide world-class deposits beyond the reach of traditional geochemical tools. However, locating mineral deposits in areas of thick or transported overburden is challenging.

Development of new methods for screening bioilogics by means of Capillary Electrophoresis (CE) coupled with Mass-Spectrometer (MS) via novel Open Port Probe Sampling Interface (OPP) - Year two

The methods for screening complex biological samples found wide application in pharmaceutics, forensic science and medical science. The majority of these methods involve several analytical techniques coupled together in order to maximize the efficiency of the analysis. For example, the combination of Capillary Electrophoresis (CE) with Mass Spectrometry (MS) creates a new analytical platform (CE-MS) that utilizes the separation power of CE and superior detection abilities of MS.

Developing a Multivariate Geostatistical Simulation Approach based on Point Cloud Morphing

The demand for minerals, precious metals, and non-ferrous metals will increase in the next decades to satisfy the demand from the energy, automobile, technology, and construction sectors. To meet that demand, mining companies are mandated to extend the life of current projects while exploring for new deposits. This is faced with new challenges: lower-grade deposits, and more complex mineral/metal recovery performances.

HiSarah: A Voice Assistant for Seniors

Many voice and chat systems have emerged with the advancement of deep learning and big data processing technology like
Alexa. However, there is still a large gap in implementing human-like conversation systems and there is a stigma around
acceptance of the technology.

Optimal Energy Storage for 5G Network

The telecommunication industry is rapidly evolving towards providing faster services to accommodate the global surge in network demand. The next-generation (5G) network aims to increase the current network speed by more than twentyfold. This transition brings enormous benefits for the economy and society. A main challenge faced by network providers, however, is that the existing infrastructure cannot fulfill the new requirements of the 5G network. For example, the future 5G small cells need to be more powerful than the conventional 4G network architecture.

A Story-Based Positive Youth Development Program For Young Hockey Players

Despite the numerous benefits of participating in child and youth sport, they not guaranteed. Purposeful efforts must be made to ensure that sport offerings are age appropriate, promote engagement and enjoyment, and involve quality social relationships. This project represents a partnership with the objective of finalizing and delivering a story-based positive youth development (PYD) program—The 1616 Program—for young hockey players (10 years of age) in North America.

Connecting atom-scale bentonite clay models to macroscale mechanical and transport models for spent nuclear fuel storage - Year two

Bentonite is a naturally occurring clay containing montmorillonite, a smectic clay mineral that has a high cation exchange capacity and swells upon contact with water. The swelling capacity of bentonite limits movement of water which makes it an attractive candidate to be used as an engineered barrier system to protect used nuclear fuel containers that are stored in deep geological repositories. The Nuclear Waste Management Organization is responsible for Canada’s implementation of the plan for the long-term care of nuclear-spent fuel produced by Canadian nuclear reactors.

An end-to-end IoT framework for reliable remote and contactless measurement of biometric data

Veyetals online smartphone-based application that can be downloaded through the Apple Store or the Google Play Store. It uses Remote Photoplethysmography (rPPG) technique to extract Blood Volume Pulse (BVP) signal from a face video captured using smart phone camera, and then applies multiple computational algorithms to measure heart rate, heart rate variability, oxygen saturation, and stress level from the BVP signal.

Application of Heritage Conservation and Temporary Protection Plans in the Planning Act Process.

This project involves researching and developing templates for heritage conservation plans and temporary protection plans to manage impacts to cultural heritage resources, such as historic buildings and landscapes.

Classification Education Pilot

The Paralympics are one of the most recognizable promotions of sport for persons with disabilities and the second largest multi-sport event in the world. Classification, or the practice of grouping athletes together based on the impact their impairment has on the sport they participate in, is fundamental to the function of the both the Paralympics and parasport more generally. Parasport participants involved with classification (e.g., athletes, classifiers, and coaches) have often reported their experiences with classification negatively.