Role of gut microbiome in neurodevelopmental and psychiatric disorders

The healthy human gut contains a network of millions of bacteria that help to digest food, fight infection and promote human health. Stress, changes in diet, antibiotic use, and other environmental conditions can disrupt the bacterial network, and contribute to a wide range of illnesses including irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety depressive behaviors, autism, mood disorders, obesity and cancer.

New economic strategies for the design, analysis, and evaluation of international projects and development of teaching materials

The objective of the research is to provide international development agencies and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) with decision making and evaluation tools that are practical and, at the same time, are based on sound academic foundations. These tools are specific to a sector, such as nutrition, and a country, such as Guatemala. The resulting documents will assist analysts in design of international development projects as well as their assessment, monitoring, and evaluation.

Artistic Voices: An Oral History Community Heritage Project at the Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning, Kingston ON

Using oral history interviews, this collaborative project will document and explore the social history of the efforts made by the Kingston arts community to preserve the historic Morton Brewery and Distillery and to create the Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning, a vibrant community arts hub. Supplemented by archival research, I will interview the artists, cultural organizations, and community members to document this community history and privilege the voices of those who worked so hard to create this space.

Artificial Neural Net for He nano-bubble identification in structural materials for nuclear power applications

Nuclear power plants provide stable, carbon-free electricity to Canadians. In order to ensure their safe operations, materials in the reactors must be characterized on a regular basis. This project aims at developing an Artificial Intelligence—an artificial neural network—with the aim of automating the indentification of helium bubbles in Ni-based alloys currently in use in Canadian Nuclear power plants. These bubbles have a diameter of the order of nanometers, and can be observed using transmission electron microscopes. Currently, the analysis of the micrographs is done manually.

Intelligent Vision Based Navigation Systems

Utilizing geomatics sensors such as laser scanners, GNSS, Inertial Navigation Systems (INS), and photogrammetry cameras to provide mobile mapping solutions has been studied and utilized extensively in the past three decades. The data fusion between high-end mobile mapping systems such as laser scanning and imagery-based systems, and low-cost camera systems are still a fertile field in digital transformation. The anticipated outcome of this project is a software development kit (SDK) that enables data fusion between high-end mobile mapping systems and low-cost camera systems.

Development of a portfolio of graphite and graphene based processes and products

The interns involved in this MITACS cluster will work in close collaboration with the industrial partner, Grafoid, a Canadian company based in Kingston, Ontario, to develop a portfolio of graphene-based products, including autonomous sensors, energy storage, fuel cells and electrically conductive devices. The ultimate objective is to develop proof of concept products including automotive parts, cathode materials in Li-ion cells, antimicrobial surfaces, super-capacitors and wearable sensors.

Having a pulse for the group: An app-based approach to collecting multiple time-point longitudinal data

The goal of the project is to evaluate and refine an app-based questionnaire that provides a multi-faceted assessment of the social dynamics and culture of teams and organizations. This partnership and multi-phase project with VictoryLab involves (a) systematically examining and refining their questionnaire items to ensure their app-based assessment tool provides valid and reliable insights into the group dynamics of organizations and teams, and (b) conducting interviews with end-users of the app to understand ways to optimize the information shared with them through the app.

A nanostructured surface for ultrasensitive detection of illicit drugs in oral fluids

Drug-impaired driving is a growing threat to the safety of road users in North America and Europe. In Ontario, over 10% of the total road fatalities involved drugs and 36% of fatally injured drivers had drugs in their system while driving. Point-of-care testing (POCT) devices, akin to the Approved Screening Device (ASD) test for alcohol, are time- and cost-efficient tools for providing enforceable means of determining impairment by drugs in drivers at the roadside.

Development Of Dry Electrodes Using PDMS and Ag nanowire

Flexible wearable sensors have found increasing application in many situations, especially in biomedical engineering and health care. Recent research has presented methods for fabricating flexible, stretchable, and conductive sensors using silver nanowires embedded in a flexible silicon elastomer (typically polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS)) as dry electrodes for ECG (electrocardiograph).
In this project, we will investigate how the fabrication parameters affect the properties and desired sensing performance of formed PDMS and nanowire electrodes, as wearable sensors.

To analyze and identify White Box techniques that can be used to protect cryptographic operations of various ciphers, starting with SM4 Symmetric Block Cipher

White-box cryptography seeks to maintain the secrecy of cryptographic keys used by software, despite an attacker having full control over the software. This project extends the work by Dr. Lin on the Chinese cipher SM4, as well as its application to a further cipher.
The goal of this project is: 1) To implement a complete white-box design of SM4 based on the concepts, and to implement tests, as identified by Dr. Lin; and then to determine the level of security that has been achieved.