Developing biomarker identification tools for neurodegenerative diseases

Neurodegenerative diseases have caused massive economic burden on the healthcare system as well as reduced patient and caregiver’s quality of life. Identifying biomarkers for early clinical diagnosis, tracking of disease progression, and evaluation of treatment therapies is critical. However, developing such tools remains a significant challenge.

On differential Glacial Isostatic Adjustment across the Grand Banks and the impact on hydrocarbon migration

Glacial Isostatic Adjustment (GIA), also known as Postglacial Rebound, describes how the Earth responds to different loading/unloading processes, through deformation and vertical motion. One important loading/unloading process includes the Wisconsinan Glaciation Episode and the last glacial maximum, approximately 21ka BP. The unloading processes since led to vertical motion centered around James Bay/Hudson Bay, Canada, with uplift rates up to 12 mm per year. The spatial distribution of vertical motion differs which leads to differential vertical motion of the Earth surface.

Design, Analysis and Optimization of an Aircraft Seat

The certification of aircraft seats is a very costly process, and such the design of these seats is a detailed and time-consuming task. All new aircraft seat designs must go through rigorous physical testing to be certified as airworthy as per the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs). Because of this, many seats are overdesigned to avoid failing certification tests. This is detrimental to the lightweight design of components, which is increasingly important in the aerospace industry.

Turning off the “switch”: Preserving the analgesic actions of the endogenous opioid pathway in IBD

Abdominal pain is a debilitating symptom for many patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). An endogenous opioid system emerges in the intestinal tissues during chronic inflammation that acts to dampen such pain and could prevent the need for strong opiate drugs like morphine that can cause serious side effects. However, we have discovered that psychological stress, common in patients with IBD, can block the beneficial analgesic actions of these endogenous opioids and paradoxically can cause them to actually stimulate rather than relieve pain.

Exfoliation of graphite within polypropylene compounds by melt compounding

In this project we will employ melt compounding to obtain finely delaminated graphite/polypropylene composites, suitable for automotive applications. The targeted applications involve composites having electrostatic dissipative properties and high flexural modulus. High purity graphite, prepared by a proprietary method developed by the sponsoring organization, Grafoid, will be melt compounded with polypropylene and polypropylene-based thermoplastic olefin blends.

Investigation of Thermal Bowing in UHPC Precast Double Wythe Wall Panels

Precast/prestressed concrete sandwich panels (PCSP) are used widely as architectural or structural units. They consist of two concrete wythes, rigid insulation foam in between, and shear connectors. Although they exhibit excellent attributes and perform well in the field, some factors can deter the full utilization of PCSPs and cause safety concern. One of those factors is the thermal bowing, a deflection of the panel caused by difference in temperature between the outer and inner wythes.

Precise-ITC Soft Decision forward error correction (FEC) for High-speed Optical Communications

Increased market demand for data and cloud computing is driving business for Precise-ITC corporation. As data bandwidth grows our customers are using advanced modulation techniques for fiber optic efficiency. Recovering the data from a modulated signal after signal impairment requires advance digital signal processing (DSP) algorithms that are able to adapt and cancel impairments in the network. Furthermore, forward error correction (FEC) could be used to improve error correction, enhance system reliability, and extend optical transmission distance.

Expanded graphite/thermoplastic composites

This research will develop an easy to implement compounding process to produce thermoplastic composites containing delaminated graphene platelets, starting from a proprietary exfoliated graphite product (MesographTM). MesoGraf is a highly-exfoliated product that contains near defect-free, few-layered and multi-layered graphene. Graphene nanoplatelets have high mechanical and conductive properties and can thus impart high strength, electrical and thermal conductivity when combined with suitable polymer matrices.

Three-dimensional simulation of Mississippi Lake for water quality management

Water quality concerns, such as algae blooms, are common in many aquatic systems across the country. Increasing development along waterfront properties and climate change are leading stressors causing poor water quality. In this project, an intern will apply a three-dimensional computer model to help understand how these stressors are contributing to poor water in Mississippi Lake, through a partnership between Queen’s University, the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority and the Mississippi Lake Association.

Development of a theoretical and a practical model for assessing the socio-economic feasibility of small-growing businesses

The objective of the research is to provide international development agencies and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) with decision making and evaluation tools that are practical and, at the same time, are based on sound academic foundations. These tools are specific to a sector, such as nutrition, and a country, such as Guatemala. The resulting documents will assist analysts in the design of international development projects as well as in their assessment, monitoring, and evaluation.