Direct analysis of food by electrothermal vaporisation coupled to inductively coupled plama optical emission spectrometry

With the help of a graduate student, develop methods based on electrothermal vaporisation (ETV) coupled to ICP-OES for the direct multi-element analysis of food, with a focus on food items, such as rice-based or soy-based products that may contain significant levels of toxic elements. If there is time, develop a method allowing the direct speciation analysis of elements, whose chemical form determines toxicity, in the solid so as to determine the portion that is actually toxic.

Spatial and Temporal Linear Induction Motor Harmonics

Linear Induction Motors (LIMs) are used in a significant portion of existing rail transport systems, and Bombardier Transport Canada Inc. is a global leader in the industry. LIMs will be ever more important in the future with the expansion of Maglevs globally. In this project, the intern will explore the mathematical models used in designing LIMs. The main objective will be improving the mathematical treatment in order to increase the efficiency of LIMs and eliminate or minimize undesirable effects such as overheating.

Stochastic inversion of geophysical and petrophysical data to develop an integrated 5-8 Block Model

This project aims at exploiting existing geophysical and petrophysical data to develop an integrated geological model of the 5-8 block of the Raglan mine in Northern Quebec. In contrast to previously conducted analysis of individual datasets, a weighted stochastic inversion of combined datasets will be conducted. Determining the synergies between the diverse rock parameters will lead to improved knowledge about the geometry and material properties of the 5-8 block. Ultimately, this will result in enhanced metal recovery and economic benefits to the Raglan mine and the greater community.

Machine Vision Based System for the Recognition and Counting of Indian Coins

Counting coins, with speed and accuracy, has been a challenging issue for banks and stores. People used to count coins manually before the arrival of coin counting machines. The process of counting coins manually is a very time consuming and tedious job. Moreover, mistakes are likely to occur due to various reasons such as fatigue, eye tiredness and too many coins of nearly same shape and size cause confusion in sorting and counting. Coin sorters are common in North America and can be found in most commercial banks and even some grocery stores.

Production of ODS steels

The University of Science and Technology Beijing (USTB) has a world-class advanced powder metallurgy lab. I will be taking small particles of steel (iron) and using a heated hydraulic press combine the fine powder into a hard sheet. I'll be adding into the mix a small amount (much like adding chocolate chips to a muffin mix) of special namometer sized oxide particles (think like ceramic beads) that will improve the steels mechanical properties (strength, temperature resistance, etc.). This is called oxide dispersion-strengthened (ODS).

Eye Tracking as a functional biomarker in Neurological and Mental Health Disease

There is an urgent need for the development of new tools that can provide a relatively highthroughput, objective assessment of brain function in individuals with neurodevelopmental, neurodegenerative or psychiatric disorders. The overarching objective of this research proposal is to use eye movement tasks to identify biomarkers that can be used in the assessment of brain function in these disorders. We will utilize the EyeLink 1000 manufactured by SR Research Inc.

Spatial Optimization Modelling for China’s County-level Land Use Planning

Considering the research gap that there lack quantitative models and advanced techniques to solve the land spatial allocation problem in China’s county-level, my PhD project aims at developing spatial optimization models to assist land spatial allocation that reconciles the market value, social value and ecological value of land, land utilization zoning and boundary setting in constructive expansion regulation zoning for China’s county-level land use planning.

Mexico-Cuba Bilateral Relations After El Bache: The Role of International Visual Art Exhibitions.

During my 12-week stay in Mexico City I aim to obtain and analyze archival material pertinent to the exhibition Cuba: Imagen y Posibilidad, a large Cuban photographic exhibition viewed by three million visitors to Mexico City's Galerias Abiertas de las Rejas de Chapultepec during 2009. This exhibition is central to my doctoral research, as it outlines the complexities of Cuba-Mexico bilateral relations as established through the' employment of international visual art exhibitions.

Evaluation of Tristetraprolin in a Lipopolysaccharide-induced mouse model of fetal loss

Maternal complications such as miscarriage or fetal loss are important reproductive issues that can affect up to 30% of pregnant women worldwide. While these complications are worldwide health problems, their mechanisms are not yet clear. Using a well-established mouse model of fetal loss, our goal is to detect localization patterns of important genes that may play a role in fetal loss. We also aim to detect and measure expression levels of these genes in the same samples as well.

Improved method of donor kidney storage at subzero temperatures

Currently, storage of donor kidneys at low temperatures is limited to 24 hours. If the storage time of donor kidneys could be extended, this would allow more opportunity to identify and prepare suitable recipients for this life-saving procedure. Our improved method of kidney storage at subzero temperatures will also allow patients at more remote locations to benefit. Our novel kidney storage solution is expected to reduce damage to donor organs and thus decrease post-transplantation damage.