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No additional funding contribution is required from the academic supervisor or university.
Fellowships will be awarded competitively.

Alloy and process optimization for improved mechanical properties in age-hardenable and work-hardenable Al sheet manufactured via a new production process termed thin strip casting, TSC

Conventionally, structural Al sheets are produced via casting thick ingots using Direct Chill (DC) technique, followed by an energy-intensive reduction procedure to the final thickness. A new production process developed by CASTechnology, termed Thin Strip Casting (TSC) technique, can directly output thin sheets, thus reducing the cost as well as the carbon foot print associated with the sheet production. The fundamental differences in the TSC vs.

Optimizations of AC/DC Converters for Powering 5G Network

The telecommunication industry is rapidly evolving towards providing faster services to accommodate the global surge in network demand. The next-generation (5G) network aims to increase the current network speed by more than twentyfold. This transition brings enormous benefits for the economy and society. A main challenge faced by network providers, however, is that the existing infrastructure cannot fulfill the new requirements of the 5G network. For example, the future 5G small cells need to be more powerful than the conventional 4G network architecture.

Biogeocemenation of a Coal Mine Tailings Pond

A decommissioned mine facility in Canada is looking for a new and innovative way to handle mine waste and reclaim the mine site. The potential solution to this problem is the use of microorganisms which are capable of producing calcite, or cement, as part of their natural biological process. These microorganisms will be combined with the mine tailings in test cells in the lab to produce a cement, which will then be tested for milestones like strength and moisture content. BGC Engineering Inc.

Biodegradable fishing nets, prepared through a pH responsive moiety by reactive extrusion

Intern will significantly benefit in terms of knowledge generation and implementation from this research project by learning novel process to shape and modify biopolymer. After successful completion, the intern will learn process to scale up the product to real life application such as fishing line and nets. Plantee Bioplastics will be able to bring the modified product to market and capitalize on research done by the intern. This project has capacity to change the negative public perspective on plastics by bringing in market an improved fishing line and n

Development of a comprehensive feminist performance evaluation framework for international Sexual-and-Reproductive-Health-and-Rights (SRHR) development programs: The case of Inter Pares

The main objective of this short-term Mitacs project is to gather evidence through research to support Inter Pares’ development of Performance Evaluation Framework for their upcoming SRHR program, which aims to improve the sexual and reproductive health and rights of women and adolescent girls in the global south. To learn from the program implementation and to show accountability to stakeholders Inter Pares requires to develop a PEF prior to the launch of the program.

Connections Design in New Double Wythe Insulated Wall Panel Containing Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC)

Ultra-high-performance concrete (UHPC) double wythe panels are commonly used in building envelopes, however, the connections between panels have not been investigated properly. Several design connections will be designed and tested in association with the industrial partner to determine the feasibility of the designs. The project will investigate the structural behaviour and strength of different connections through experimental means.

Expanding the Applicability of Inductively Coupled Plasma Tandem Mass Spectrometry in Clinical and Semiconductor Industries

This internship aims at advancing the use of inductively coupled plasma (ICP) tandem mass spectrometry (MS/MS) for the analysis of clinical samples (including whole blood) and of materials used by the semiconductor industry during their manufacturing process. The complexity of biological samples indeed limits the broad use of conventional inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICPMS) for their analysis. For instance, the measurement of a very small concentration of manganese in whole blood is highly skewed due to the presence of a huge concentration of iron.

Enhancing Hyperspectral Image Quality for Chicken Eggs Using Unmixing Approach

The current non-destructive and fast method of hyperspectral imaging technology for the chicken egg-related problems in agri-food processing suffers from the quality of acquired hyperspectral images. Therefore, the results of all existing attempts to deal with those egg-related problems (e.g., freshness, grading eggs, fertility detection and distinguishing abnormal eggs) can be improved since they are highly related to the quality of hyperspectral images taken over eggs.

Cultural memory and diversity in Canadian film festival programming

“Cultural memory and diversity in Canadian film festival programming” will work with the Kingston Canadian Film Festival and the Vulnerable Media Lab at Queen’s University to research best practices related to film and video preservation, media digitization, and public programming. Specifically, interns will investigate the role of historic films made by diverse Canadians – including women, Indigenous and Métis, Inuit, and LGBT2Q+ people – within national film festivals, considering the social roles that these films and their screening cultures play.