Industrial Health and Safety Data Management and Training Mobile Platform

Accidents can be predicted and avoided with the use of health and safety data management software. (Guzman 2013) While a variety of IT health and safety management solutions have been developed for Fortune 500 companies, few of these solutions meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. One that does is Business2Mobile’s (B2M) Web API Data Management platform, which can help small and medium size companies to keep track of health and safety data. This research will help to measure market size and competitors, and will identify gaps within the marketplace.

Sanitation: Enabling sustainable community change in riverine communities of the Niger Delta, Nigeria

The Niger Delta in southern Nigeria has a population of over 30 million people, over half of whom live under the poverty level. Their health is significantly impacted by poor sanitation, which affects their ability to work, attend school, and improve their quality of life. Villages are sprinkled throughout a region of rivers, and creeks, islands, and mangrove forest, off the power grid, and only accessible by water. Generally latrines empty directly into the water, close to where villagers bath and wash clothes. There is no apprehension of the health implications.

Recipient Perspectives on Private Aid in Tanzania

My research examines the role of private funding as it increasingly shapes international aid. Despite trillions of dollars spent worldwide on government funded official aid, poverty is anything but a thing of the past. From a recipient perspective, is private aid any better? More Canadians are setting up private family foundations, and globally more private funding is flowing to poorer countries annually. Little is known about the work of private development aid in general and even less is known about the recipient’s experience.

Evaluating the short-term structural and composition responses to riparian restoration treatments.


The purpose of this study is to investigate the short-term responses of understory vegetation to riparian thinning treatments and to evaluate the effectiveness of the treatments in accelerating the development of old growth habitat. The outcome of this study has important implications for restoration ecologists and forest managers at Clayoquot Forest Management Ltd. This research can help provide the scientific guidance needed to effectively direct future restoration and silviculture initiatives.

Developing best practices for the utilization of Social Media tools by Social Enterprises and Non-Profits

The purpose of this research is to examine the use of social media tools such as blogs, social networks, forums and the organizations own website to understand how to best harness their power and influence to assist social enterprises and non-profits in achieving goals such as increasing membership/participation, brand awareness and creating a positive image. Best use will be determined according to factors such as site views and conversion rates in light of ease of implementation and cost considerations.