Career Stage, Age, and Gender on Employees’ Ethical Challenges: a Canadian Perspective

Corporate employees face a range of ethical pressures and challenges; in some cases, employees fail at these challenges, and the result is often bad for employees, for employers, and for the Canadian public. Ethics education in post-secondary settings and corporate ethics training may help, but needs to be designed in a way that takes account of the specific kinds of challenges and pressures employees actually face. First-hand testimony suggests young people (in their 20s) face special challenges and special risks because of their junior status in the workplace.

Effects of choir participation and musical training on auditory processing in hearing aided older adults.

Hearing loss, which most adults will experience to some degree as they age, has been associated with decreased emotional wellbeing and reduced quality of life in aging adults. Although hearing aids can target aspects of peripheral hearing loss, persistent perceptual deficits are widely reported. One prevalent example is the loss of the ability to perceive speech in a noisy environment, which severely impacts quality of life and goes relatively unremediated by hearing aids.

The Greater Toronto Area Watershed Readiness Pilot Project: Gaging how climate and land use change might impact aquatic ecosystems in urban environments.

Cities are often located near sources of water such as lakes, rivers, and oceans. Due to their location, the effects of climate change and urbanization will introduce unique challenges to aquatic habitats located within cities. These challenges could range from flooding, extreme wind, ice storm damage, extreme heat events, and drought as well as long term climate changes.

Data mining and personalized recommendation for an online luxury fashion retailer

The September is an online luxury retailer. In this research project, we are going to design and implement a personalized recommender system to enhance customers’ online shopping experiences. The past transaction data and browsing history as well as the demographic information of customers will be analyzed to identify the purchasing patterns, shopping trends and user behaviors. Based on these mined patterns and generated user profiles, recommendations will be made to individual customers using state-of-the-art recommendation algorithms.

Understanding the mediators of employee wellness in an activity-based workspace

Adoption of an activity-based workspace is rapidly increasing. Employees in activity-based workspaces do not have a set workstation. Instead, employees can choose from a variety of workstations (e.g. desks, lounge space, quiet offices) according to their needs. Despite increasing adoption, we know little about the impact of activity-based workplaces on employee wellness, satisfaction, and productivity.

Media/Communication Repertoires of Canadian Small Businesses Owners

This research aims to identify different kinds of Canadian small firms on the basis of their owner/managers’ communication behaviour and media preferences. This is in contrast to past practices which identified similarities and differences among SMEs on the basis of sociodemographic variables. Communication behaviour and media choices of SME owner/managers is a key characteristic in shaping purchasing behaviour and communication preferences. The research considers the communication behaviours, beliefs, and attitudes of SME owner/managers in terms of patterned repertoires.

Power transformers reliability modeling with data obtained in structure monitoring using fiber optics sensing

The intern will work on building power transformers’ aging models based on reliability theories and actual field test data collected using optic fiber based health monitoring technologies. This is part of a novel solution to handle the accident prevention and maintenance for major power and grid equipment. The novelty lies in that the model verification and execution will be realized with physical parameters directly obtained from transformers in real-time. The data used will be those collected on in-service transformers.

Research into the Design and Development of Inclusive Digital Media Technologies

This project, a collaboration between Ryerson University and Pear Square, will be researching what would enable businesses and organizations to provide resources efficiently to students with disabilities. The outstanding issue is mainly a lack of standardized work flow methodologies that promote accessible development from the beginning stages of any project for large institutions. The research proposed for this project will be to formulate, test, and acquire feedback on experimental workflows that accommodate a variety of accessible digital media systems.

Drive Continuous Innovation Growth in Canada

Many reports have indicated that with the current state of Canada’s science and technology, Canada is not globally competitive in business innovation, and the current state of growth is not sustainable. How to drive continuous innovation growth in Canada?
This proposal centers on three areas: (1) continuous innovation growth in large incumbents, (2) viable business growth from start-ups, and (3) inter-government collaboration on technology and innovation. Our research of the studies on technology and innovation in Canada has identified them as key weaknesses that need to be addressed.

Canadian Clubhouse Outcomes Study: Assessing the Impact of Psychosocial Recovery from Mental Illness

Psychosocial rehabilitation is service that supports recovery from mental illness by providing opportunities for skill development, self-determination, and social interaction. One type of psychosocial rehabilitation is the Clubhouse model. Clubhouses provide individuals living with mental illness opportunities to successfully live and work in their communities through a variety of programs and services.