Synthesis and modeling of stimuli-responsive polymers for fracturing fluids use - Year two

Currently, the global warming alerts, oil prices fluctuations and clean energy have paved the way of investing in the producing wells by enhancing the recovery of hydrocarbons compared to exploration wells. Applying hydraulic fracturing from injected fluids is most common method used. These fluids create cracks in the bedrock and push the hydrocarbons to the surface. The well usually have harsh conditions of high temperatures up to 200 °C and a variant pH between 3-11 which cause challenges to the injected fluids.

Price Bidding Optimization using the Advances of adversarial machine learning (AML)

Curate Mobile operates a demand site platform (DSP), which is an advertising platform responsible for bidding in real time ad placements from various publishers. This process is a blind auction, happening over 50,000 times a second, and during this bidding process we have less then 100ms to determine which of our clients should bid for this ad placement, how much it might be worth to them, and what price we believe we can win this auction for.

Determining the Current Status of Startup Incubation in Canada

This study will, through a survey of the Incubator members of the National Angel Capital Organization (NACO) establish a baseline for Incubator activity in Canada and examine the impct that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on both incubators and their member startups and assess to what degree changes caused by the pandemic may have long-lasting effects. The study will include examination of applications, intake, services provided, links to external investment sources and exits.

Optimization of a Vertically Mounted Dual Wind Turbine

Energy collected from renewable resources that are naturally replenished on a human timescale is called renewable energy. One of the most reliable sources of renewable energy is the wind energy. Using wind to produce energy has less environmental impacts than other energy sources. In other words, wind turbines do not produce emission that can pollute the air and water. Also, they do not need water for cooling and are more sustainable than other renewable energy forms such as solar energy.

Prediction of preterm birth in twin pregnancies using machine learning

Preterm birth (PTB) is the leading cause of death in twin pregnancies. A variety of parameters, such as cervical length, maternal medical history, demographics, and obstetric characteristics all have been shown to affect the risk of PTB. However, the relationship is not obvious. Early prediction of PTB in these pregnancies can assist physicians in identifying those patients who may benefit from preventive interventions and closer monitoring. This project aims to use machine learning to create an algorithm that predicts which twin pregnancy is at a risk of PTB.

Developing the design system for a new generation of Green Fan Abradable Materials

The abradable rub strip (ARS) material’s main function is to minimize the clearance between blade tips and the fan case, thereby increasing the overall engine efficiency. Under tensile and compressive loading, the abradable material behaves different, and has a significant post-failure compaction under compressive loading. Therefore, its characterization is complex and requires a wide range of testing. The intern will help develop the test plan for standard and non-standard mechanical tests per standards.

Identifying local factors and sources affecting stream chloride concentrations in the Toronto Region

The proposed research will identify the dominant drivers of rising chloride concentrations in streams within the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) jurisdiction. The TRCA monitors stream water quality at 47 stations and data suggest that chloride concentrations are increasing. Previous research has identified urban growth and the subsequent application of road salt in wintertime as a dominant driver of these trends.

Cancer treatment using drug-loaded thermosensitive liposomes with non-invasive ultrasound thermal therapy and temperature monitoring and control in an in vivo animal model

Chemotherapy is the most commonly used method for treating different cancer types that involves the delivery of chemotherapeutic drugs, leading to the death of cancer cells. However, the non-uniform distribution of chemotherapeutic drugs within the tumor and systemic toxicity has multiple side effects, and the delivery problem remains unsolved. Drug delivery carriers such as liposomes are used to deliver the drug to the targeted regions. To this end, a controlled and reliable release of the loaded chemotherapeutic drugs from a liposome core has remained a problem to overcome.

Development of a tele-health rehabilitation system to provide automatic assessment of patients’ performance, improve patients’ adherence and enable remote rehabilitation-(market and competitor analysis, regulatory & software design)

Poor physical recovery, especially in remote rehabilitation, is the problem that will be addressed in this project.This project is Phase I of development of Fun-exercise module. Fun-exercise system uses gamification to boost patients’ adherence to their prescribed home-exercises. To achieve this goal, Fun-exercise will use mentally stimulating and customizable games paired with a set of wearable sensors to provide feedback to ensure activities are being done correctly. In phase I, patient study and conceptual design of the Fun-exercise module will be undertaken.

Novel Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven wearable device for continuous vital sign monitoring

Wearable medical devices (SWDs) are emerging as powerful patient monitoring and data collections tools. These smart, multiplexed devices allow us to quantify dynamic biological signals in real time through highly sensitive and miniaturized biosensors. SWDs can enable monitoring at risk patients at home, diagnosing early disease progression, and reducing healthcare expenditures by means of prediction and prevention of disease.