Modelling and Assessment of Cloud Based Smart Dual Fuel Switching System (SDFSS) of Residential Hybrid HVAC System for Simultaneous Reduction of Energy Cost and Greenhouse Gas Emission Under Smart Grid

The objective of this research is to develop models to assess potential benefits of cloud-based Smart Dual Fuel Switching System (SDFSS) of the residential hybrid HVAC system of electric air source heat pump (ASHP) and natural gas furnace/boiler (NGFB) for simultaneous reduction of energy cost and greenhouse gas (GHG) emission.

Developing BioInteract technology to identify therapeutic drug targets in genetic disease models

Higher drug discovery failure rate has led to an increase in drug prises in the market. BioInteract technique is designed to combat the failure rate by identifying most potential therapeutic drug for a broad range of genetic diseases by analysing the drug effect at molecular level. It is a scoring system that can rank drugs based on their ability to restore the key interactors at the molecular level in the mutant cell and thus predict how successful a drug will be in the given disease.

Examining the operation of Public Pools and Spas in the COVID-19 Era

The COVID-19 pandemic affected every aspect of our lives, and recreational water facilities were not immune to this with several questions and concerns about potential exposure to the virus at these facilities. This research project aims to understand experiences, needs, and attitudes towards the use of recreational water facilities, namely, public pools and spas during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Solar Simulation for Real-World Conditions and Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Efficiency Characterization

Currently, the scientific community is aware of the potential of dye sensitized solar cells - they are translucent, conduct 100% renewable energy using the Sun’s energy, and are inexpensive to manufac-ture. They possess the potential to revolutionize Canada’s energy system for the better. This research project will show, using a unique solar simulator, how dye sensitized solar cells can work efficiently under more conditions than have currently been tested: such as air pollution, position of the Sun rela-tive to the Earth, and elevation.

Exploring the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion of the Canadian Sport Industry

This project will examine the equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) within the Canadian sport industry.

Evaluation of Resiliency in Community Youth Empowerment Programs - Year two

Youths experience increased vulnerability to mental health challenges associated with their development and living contexts. Effective mental health promotion must consider the multidimensional determinants of resilience. To address these needs, Dr. Jenny Liu (Elevate applicant) has developed and validated an innovative model, Multi-System Model of Resilience (MSMR), which measures resilience capacities and needs at the individual, community, and structural levels. In collaboration with Hong Fook Mental Health Association (HFMHA) and with mentorship from Dr.

User Experience Design of Next-Generation Electronic Pocket Notebook for Law Enforcement Agencies

Mobile note-taking has soon taken over our digital world. With many digital applications offered on computers, mobile devices, and tablets. We want to further improve on this experience for those working in the law-enforcement industry and create an easy, and readily accessible application for police officers’ use. This mobile application will be a productive alternative to the paper and pens that so many are currently using.
Mobile Innovations delivers secure mobile data applications for Law Enforcement to operate on Android, iPhone & Windows.

Applying social psychological research to improve hearing rehabilitation outcomes for persons with hearing loss - Duplicated

Millions of Canadians experience hearing loss that impairs functioning and participation in everyday life, however, only a fraction of these individuals address this loss by adopting and using hearing aids. To address this gap, hearing aid research has traditionally focused on the biology of the ear to improve technical aspects of hearing aids as well as on individual factors related to hearing aid adoption (e.g., degree of hearing aid impairment).

Formulations & Production Methods for Plant-based Salmon Fillet

This project seeks to trial the use of protein inputs from freshwater and marine algae and aquatic plants for use either individually or in various combinations in the formulation of an alternative protein fish product. The specific target species and cut for this product is an Atlantic salmon fillet. Therefore, algal biomass that contains the salmon-coloured pigment astaxanthin or astaxanthin extract on its own may be also trialed as ingredients. Overall, the physical, chemical and gelling properties of the different input materials will be characterized.

Mindfulness for Mental Health: Tailoring the DeRose User Experience

DeRose Meditation delivers meditation classes to thousands of users worldwide with the goal of improving personal wellbeing, work performance, and overall life for its clients. Through thematic analysis of qualitative interviews with developers of DeRose Meditation, meditation class leaders, and long-time program users, this project will articulate a “Theory of Change” model specific to DeRose Meditation, which will define fundamental, active components of the program, how these components are invoked to generate change, and key outcomes associated with participants in the program.