Assessing the feasibility of industry wide incorporation of eco-certification into the Sustainable Winemaking Ontario initiative

This project will assess the potential for a certification program to enhance the Wine Council of Ontario’s voluntary initiative Sustainable Winemaking Ontario. This will involve an investigation of the barriers to implementation and acceptance, consumer interest and purchasing behaviour, the optimum format for a certification program and corresponding labelling and the types of indicators that are deemed important by members of the wine industry and wine consumers.

Mattamy Homes Green Initiative Program

This research project proposes the exploration of various mechanical systems configured in two residential homes in Milton, Ontario. The primary goal is to determine the energy consumption and monetary costs associated with integrating new technologies of both heating and cooling requirements of a new home. Refinement of previously collected data and software modeling are keys to providing successful long term projections on potential savings in energy usage and economic payback periods.

Research and Innovation Change Management in the Canadian Construction Industry

The purpose of the internship is to identify the existing status of research and innovation (R&I) processes in the Canadian construction industry. The internship will look at target levels and the extent of research and innovation (R&I) based in part on comparisons elsewhere. The intern will also research the barriers to change and an implementation plan to effect change. Through the research, resources and tools to assist the Canadian construction R&I process will be available, and a change management roadmap and implementation plan will be developed.

The use of Wollastonite to enhance fresh and mechanical properties of concrete

This research project with Canadian Wollastonite, a company focused on the commercial development of a high grade wollastonite deposits located north of the St. Lawrence River in the eastern part of the Canadian province of Ontario, investigates the possibility of using the natural mineral to enhance the properties of concrete. The project will look at three main uses of wollastonite in concrete: (1) as reinforcement to enhance the tensile strength of concrete, (2) as mineral filler to obtain self‐flowable concrete; and (3) as filler to improve strength gain of concrete.

Prevention of microbial persistence on surfaces for Infection Control

The goal of the internship with Bioshield Technologies Canada, a developer of antimicrobial and biostatic products, is to evaluate a product formulated to be used as a surface treatment for microbial control. The project is part of a comprehensive research program aimed at developing improved protocols for infection and contamination in the hospital and food processing environments and related laundry care facilities.

Image Rectification for 3D Stereoscopic Displays

3D, or Stereoscopic video technology has entered a new era. 3D stereoscopic effect has always relied on the viewers wearing special glasses to allow left and right image to be seen by each respective eye to create the stereoscopic effect of depth. Some industry players have started to investigate ways to create a 3D effect on the screen or display that does not the user to wear glasses. Spatial View Inc.

Flexible Integrated Data Aquistion, Monitoring and Display System for the TRCA’s Sustainable

The project with Toronto and Region Conservation Authority , an agency that promotes the understanding, enjoyment and care of the natural environment, will entail the development of a robust data acquisition and monitoring system. This will be used for the long term performance evaluation of the various new and emerging green/sustainable/renewable housing technologies. The finished product will provide an impartial, robust hardware and software combination of monitoring and evaluation of the installed and future sustainable housing technologies in the two houses.

Development of Solar Hot Water Heater Performance Monitoring Protocol and Equipment

The internship will entail the development of a flexible and robust data acquisition and monitoring system for the large‐scale long‐term performance evaluation of residential Solar DHW heating systems. The literature review will guide different alternative solar heating options. The expected result will provide flexible and portable hardware/software equipment and survey protocol for large scale monitoring and evaluation of solar DHW systems.

European market analysis for SpeechBobble Inc.

The intern will undertake research with SpeechBobble, a start-up company that focuses on social computing data analysis. The goal of the internship is to perform an extensive analysis on social computing in Europe. This entails mapping out the current status of social computing by determining what factors impact adoption and usage of social computing and whether or not there are significant differences between the various countries.