APEX Total Compensation Study

The APEX (Association of Professional Executives of the Public Sector of Canada) total compensation study seeks to provide a current assessment of executive compensation philosophies and governance within the public service sector in Canada. Issues related to limited differences in compensation between senior level managers and less experienced managers will be explored including the various compensation policies in place within federal, provincial, and municipal public sector organizations.

Test package for digital microfluidic electrochemiluminescence assays

Portable medical tests that could be used in the clinic or at the patient’s home significantly reduce the time it takes to get a diagnostic result. To make them portable, miniaturized fluid handling systems are used to control and automate the test procedure. By combining these tests with sensitive detection strategies, we can use small volumes of samples, such as a finger prick of blood. Verv Tec of Sudbury Ontario is developing the next generation of portable medical testing systems and require assistance in developing and optimizing diagnostic tests.

Testing the biofiltration capacity of a hydroponic green wall system for airborne VOCs

Air pollution is linked to 7 million deaths worldwide, making air quality one of the top ten global causes of death. Eighty percent of Canadians live in cities, and growing evidence suggests that indoor air within the built environment has significant health impacts. Our research will evaluate the contaminant removal capabilities of an active ‘living wall’ biofilter designed by a Canadian company for residential use.

Multimodality thermal cancer treatment using targeted liposomes and temperature monitoring using photoacoustics and ultrasound

The problem of cancer chemotherapy is the severe toxic side effects on healthy tissues. The use of liposomes as a chemotherapeutic drug carrier can accumulate at the tumour site, but the timely release of the drug has remained as a problem. Liposome systems that respond to hyperthermal temperature is one of the approaches for triggered release of drugs from liposomes. The combined use of drug-containing thermosensitive liposomes and localized heating methods can selectively deposit drugs in the heated region.

Chemically upgradation and hybrid biocatalytic valorization of lignin into green aviation ligno-jet fuel and paraffinic hydrocarbons

‘Low-Carbon Fuels’ refer to fuels produced from biological and waste resources with lower lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions than fossil fuels. This project, supported by Suncor and performed at Ryerson University, aims to explore the use of innovative biocatalytic and catalytic processes to produce drop-in ligno-biojet fuel from lignin. A single biochemical step will be utilized to convert degraded lignins into hydrocarbons, and after subsequent catalytic hydrodeoxygenation using novel catalysts, into aviation fuels. The use of second-generation feedstocks (e.g.

Efficacy and feasibility of online cognitive training platforms for older adults with subjective cognitive complaints: A randomized controlled trial

With an aging population on the rise, the prevalence of cognitive decline is expected to increase substantially. Goal Management Training® (GMT) and the Memory and Aging Program® (MAP) are cognitive interventions that have been studied extensively and applied clinically to address these needs. Although previous research has demonstrated efficacy of the in-person versions of both MAP and GMT, significant barriers exist in the utilization of these programs. In light of these challenges, online versions of MAP and GMT have recently been developed.

Structural and Thermal Analysis of an Insulated EPP Wall Panel System Design

Factory-built structural insulated panels are used for off-site building construction to minimize the labour needed for construction framing, which aims to save construction time and improve the quality of the installation. The panels, instead of using wood or steel framing, are the structural support for walls. Although the insulated panels provide structure, additional reinforcements are needed in order for the panels to be used on a multi-storey residential building.

Assessment of aeration performance and energy consumption of different biological wastewater treatment systems for small communities in Ontario

Attached growth wastewater treatment processes such as the rotating biological contactor (RBC) have been recognized as more energy efficient compared to suspended growth processes. Hannah Environmental Equipment Inc. specializes in producing high energy efficient RBC systems providing high modular flexibility suitable for various plant sizes. The proposed project aims to assess the application of RBCs in the Canadian environment and compare that to current secondary wastewater treatment technologies in terms of energy efficiency, treatment performance, and environmental impact.

Multifunctional anti-viral membranes for removing pathogens

Nowadays the spread of different kinds of pathogens such as bacteria and viruses like COVID-19, dyes, heavy metals, etc. into the environment cause a threat for all human beings, living microorganisms, and nature.

Journalism Product Innovation and Audience Engagement at The Conversation Canada

The Conversation Canada (TCC) is an independent news startup that specializes in short-form, evidence-based explanatory journalism written by experts in universities and curated by professional journalists. TCC is supported by a consortium of universities, agencies, and governments. News articles are freely available online and may be republished at no cost under a Creative Commons license. In 2018 The Conversation Canada published nearly 1,000 stories, and has around 1.3 million monthly views, two-thirds from outside Canada.