Lichens, lichenivorous gastropods, and acidification at clearcut and natural forest edges

Clearcut logging and acid deposition affect lichens and slugs (lichen consumers). The main research goal of this project is to improve our understanding of clearcutting and acidification impacts on lichens in Nova Scotia. The effects of forest logging on ecological communities may extend beyond the edge of the clearcut into the forest. We will: (i) identify the responses of lichens to clearcut and unharvested wetland forest edges; (ii) determine how lichens relate to acidity; and (iii) examine the influences on lichen survival and health on a landscape scale.

Retaining Diverse Employees at Technology Companies

The current research project aims to investigate internal communication among organizations in the IT industry and whether communication experiences are different among minorities and women in the organizations. A diverse workplace is important to facilitate an inclusive, productive, and healthy workplace. However, no study has looked at how communication to women and diverse employees may be different than majority groups.

Technical, Environmental, and Economic assessment of recycled 3D printing filament making machine: Opportunely and challenges

The proposed project focuses on assessing an innovative piece of equipment for turning plastic waste into recycled filament for 3D printing. Through this project, Shifting Shap3s will better understand the impact of various factors, such as mechanical and environmental, on the quality of the output filament. In addition, the project will assess the environmental impacts of the product and its lifecycle. Moreover, it will analyze the economic performance of the product and opportunities for sustainable production.

Correlating Manager Interpersonal Skills with Team Psychological Safety

Psychological safety has been consistently linked to positive workplace outcomes, including increased team learning and task performance (Edmondson, 1999; Newman et al., 2017). Previous research focusing on the development of psychological safety has identified several of its antecedents (Frazier et al., 2017). For instance, leaders have been found to play a critical role in shaping the psychological safety climate within the work teams (Nemanich & Vera, 2009; Nembhard & Edmondson, 2006).

How Can Unions Improve their Workplace Human Rights Practice?

In Canada, existing human rights laws are “read in” to collective agreements. Violations of those terms can thus be grieved and submitted to binding arbitration.Some key human rights cases began as union grievances.

Executive Coaching: Where, When, And How It Works? Designing A Framework To Evaluate Executive Coaching Effectiveness On Leaders’ Occupational Health, Self-Efficacy, Learning, Performance, And Business Outcomes

Executive Coaching has become extremely popular over the past few decades. Despite this popularity, there are still some significant gaps in the literature. This project is an attempt to answer two main research questions: What are the best evidence-based practices in terms of “coaches’ skillset and competencies” and “executive coaching process” that will potentially lead to the highest level of coaching outcomes in terms of the leaders’ occupational health, self-efficacy, learning, performance, and business excellence?

Lipidomics and the Derisking of Deep Ocean Petroleum Exploration

high cost of deep-sea petroleum exploration requires the pursuit of new technologies to ensure that Canada’s energy demands continue to be met. The Scotian Margin has proven economic grade reserves and it is certain that undiscovered deposits further lie within the extensive region. However, these sites may be in deep water settings thereby requiring the use of additional prospecting tools to encourage further industry investment.

Fusion of heterogeneous machine learning models to identify broker mismanagement

Lexington Innovations serve AI based data analytics solutions to financial institutions across North America Institutions recommend financial products and instruments from different brokers to their customers. The institutions are required to ensure that the trades serve their customer interests. The existing rule-based system results in high false positives. The recommendations that are identified as positives are scrutinized by financial analysts, which is costly and inefficient.

Designing Student Success: Building a Mobile Application to Improve Student Retention and Persistence

Ipse is creating a mobile application platform to support student success. Although many elements of the platform have been created and tested, this particular project focuses on the final development, testing and refinement of the minimum viable version o f the platform. Working with the Canadian partner, the US intern will act as a lead programmer and a technical coordinator for this project.

Development of natural antimicrobial topical product from traditional Philippine medicinal plants

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) occurs when antibiotic drugs and products stops working, making it difficult to treat infections and diseases which could lead to further health complications and death. Therefore, development of antibiotic products is needed to control the increasing cases of AMR. Medicinal plants are a great source of natural antibiotic compounds to make antibiotic drugs and products.