Assessing the geohazards of Mount Meager, BC, Canada: Insights to advance green energy production on volcanoes

Climate change is leading to the retreat of glaciers and more extreme weather events that greatly increase landslide hazards on Canadian mountains as seen by the recent catastrophic events and fatalities in British Columbia. BC also hosts dormant volcanoes which are important areas for development of geothermal energy yet are vulnerable as they consist of hydrothermally altered and weakened rock.

Developing CLEWs Modelling Methods to support the SDGs

The UN Sustainable Development Goals provide guidance for how to address the interconnected challenges of climate change. Most modelling does not include consideration of the different factors of the SDGs, though recent work has begun to include the nexus of Climate, Land, Energy and Water interactions in models. This helps identify impacts of the energy system on land and water systems and the climate. This project expands nexus modelling to better represent the water interactions and land interactions to better address the SDGs.

Body pose estimation using Mocap data acquisition

Recent advances in wearable devices have allowed athletes to monitor some determinant factors of their sport performance. In addition, they can be used to develop real-time 3D avatars of people to compete with them during dynamic activities. Kinetyx recently developed insoles with multiple sensors that can be worn within a shoe while performing many activities. These sensors can monitor the loading and kinematics of individuals during outdoor activities as well as identify the type of activity.

Computer Vision for Animal Tracking and Monitoring

OneCup uses Computer Vision to uniquely identify livestock and wildlife from almost any angle, effectively Face ID for animals, called 360 Live ID. We then track health, growth, activity, nutrition, and phenotypes with the ID. It is a revolutionary idea that will disrupt the agricultural industry. We call our AI for cattle BETSY, or Bovine Expert Tracking and Surveillance.In this research project, we will expand BETSY’s functionality and her deployment platforms. Two of the researchers will implement and test AI pipelines on Android and Apple mobile devices.

Cognitive effects of individualized lifestyle interventions in typical ageing

With a predominantly ageing population around the globe, we have seen a shift in ageing–focused research from a disease-oriented to a health-oriented approach. Planned, large-scale longitudinal and cross-sectional studies of ageing have generated multimodal databases. These data have advanced multi-level and interdisciplinary research on the interactive effects of behaviour, biology, social environments on well-being as people age. As a result, researchers have the unique opportunity, as never before, to study these factors.

Development of Wireless sensors using microfabrication techniques

The goal of the partnership is to develop new wireless pressure and torque sensors for commercial applications, transfer knowledge to industry to commercialize research advances, and train new highly trained personnel (HQP) with skills sought after in Canada’s growing high tech sector. The industrial partner, EPIC Semiconductors, develops new innovative technologies for customers so that they can gain a competitive advantage in their industries. EPIC Semiconductors currently does not have a cleanroom facility. Through the proposed partnership between EPIC Semiconductors and Dr.

Quantifying the relationships between rail profile quality indices and inservice wheel-rail contact conditions

In order to maintain safe and efficient operations, railway systems periodically use large, special purpose, trackbound grinding machines to re-establish the desired profiles of rails, and to remove surface damage that has occurred under operating conditions. The accuracy of the grinding process is typically measured using quality indices to compare the resulting rail profile to its target shape.

Improving the efficiency of Hydrogen fuelling stations with Ionic liquids

Hydrogen is a promising vehicle fuel that emits no greenhouse gases at the end use and can be produced from avariety of renewable and low-carbon sources. However, to provide a useful vehicle range it has to be stored atvery high pressures, with maximum pressures as much as 800 times atmospheric pressure. Fuel stations that candeliver this pressure use a lot of energy and require large, strong, and expensive equipment. This project willinvestigate a promising approach that will reduce both the energy required and the system size and cost for vehiclefueling with hydrogen.

Empathic Conversational AI Agent for pain understanding and management

Currently in Canada, 8 out of 10 Canadians have ongoing musculoskeletal pain preventing from doing regular day to day activity, and looking for solutions for their pain. The proposed research is aimed to create a conversational chatbot that can engage in empathetic conversation to examine the effect of empathic conversation in engagement and pain management in users, by evoking self reflection and self-awareness in the user.

Feasibility Study of an IoT-based Real-time Safety Alerting System for Working at Heights in Construction Sites

In the proposed project, we will investigate a solution for increasing the safety of construction workers at heights using an intelligent sensor-based system. A real-time monitoring system will be developed for alerting workers who are getting close to hazardous conditions and areas. The objective is to lower the chance of accidents by enhancing supervision of workers for their safety based on regulations and working practices in a construction site.