Hydraulic Vortex Optimization of a Recessed Impeller Pump

Toyo Pumps is performing research to upgrade their current line of recessed impeller or vortex pumps. Currently, these pumps can only operate in very limited and specific conditions. The goal is to redesign these pumps to allow them to operate in a wider variety of conditions and improve the efficiency, producing more work at a lower power cost. New designs will be made using advanced technology that makes it possible to virtually investigate hydraulic designs using software that simulates the flow through a pump.

Examining the barriers and facilitators to trauma registry sustainability in the Global South

Injury is a leading cause of death and disability world-wide, however rates are especially high for low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). Trauma registries— databases that document information on the injured patient related to the injury event, demographics, process of care, and outcome— are commonly used in high-income countries and have proven extremely effective in reducing rates of death and disability through informing injury prevention and quality improvement programs.

Understanding Real-time Particle Systems for Health, Entertainment and VR

The proposed research is a collaboration between Persistant Studios’ PopcornFX and SFU’s iVizLab to collaboratively work on ways to understand the processes involved in content creation using a real-time particle system. The iVizLab’s research focuses on using real-time visuals with the biodata from the users as one of the main interfaces to create affective systems that can intelligently interact with the users. In creating the visuals for the iVizLab, it is important to be able to create content that can be modified in real-time with the incoming data.

Energy management and optimization of airport terminals with the focus on green and net-zero energy solutions

This project is a collaboration between Vantage Airport Group Ltd. and Dr. Krishna Vijayaraghavan research group at SFU to identify best current sustainable practices in the airport industry. The focus of this project is on the economic and environmental aspect of sustainability, and this research aims to identify the best terminal and hub design practices that can minimize the energy consumption with the focus on green and net-zero energy solutions.

Searching for Tasks: A Study on Online Searchability for Situated Action

The project is the start of a bigger vision to help improve ‘Employability in an ever-changing, global and digital economy.’ The Partner organization and SFU Communications lab has a larger vision for where we may take this innovation initiative over the long-term, however initial pursuits will start out to develop a better understanding through an applied research project to explore ‘just-in-time learning practices impacting employability’.

The impact of an online remittance channel on the size and frequency of money transfers by international migrants in Canada

International transfer of funds (also known as remittance) plays an important role in the global economy. Existing research has studied the impact of international remittances on economic development, poverty, employment, and education. In developing countries such as Lesotho, remittances constitute 20% - 30% of the gross domestic product (World Bank, 2006). Policy makers worldwide have made an attempt to reduce the historically high cost of international remittances.

Interaction between cannabinoid drugs and sodium channels in diabetes/high glucose induced oxidative stress, neuroinflammation, and neurotoxicity

Diabetes mellitus, a common metabolic disorder, exhibits neuropathic complications that can eventually lead to disabling pain (Todorovic 2015). This is attributed to hyperglycemia/high glucose resulting in neuronal hyperexcitability (Todorovic 2015). Importantly, diabetes-evoked neuronal hyperexcitability and neurotoxicity can be caused by alterations in voltage-gated sodium channel (VGSC) expression (Hong, Morrow et al. 2004), resulting in changes in the sodium currents lowering the action potential threshold (Hong, Morrow et al. 2004, Chen, Wang et al. 2018).

Radon: Building a BC Based Response

Radon is a cancer-causing radioactive gas produced by the natural decay of uranium in rocks and soils. Radon can enter buildings and reach high levels in indoor air (Khan and Gomes, 2017). It is the second-leading cause of lung cancer (after smoking). killing approximating 3200 Canadians a year (Chen et al. 2012). High radon concentrations can be easily remedied, and doing so is a cost effective way to prolong life and reduce death from disease (Gaskin, et. al. 2018). However, Canada’s legal rights and remedies to respond to radon in Canada are largely inadequate (Dunn and Cooper, 2015).

Design of an Anthropomorphic Lower-Limb Exoskeleton System

Human locomotion can be influenced by several factors such as neuromuscular and joint disorders that affect the functionality of joints and can cause partial or complete paralysis. Reduced mobility is estimated to
affect over 1% of the population in the world. Many individuals require mobility assistive technologies to keep up with their daily life and the demand for those devices increases with age.

Summer intern from China develops superpower at SFU — learns to see through skin

Like a Marvel character’s super power, summer intern Yutian Zhang has been learning how to see through tissue.
However, unlike a comic-book hero, Yutian is working with a research team to develop a laser-based optical system and a special camera to see through tissue. The desired result would be improved medical technology for tissue imaging.