The purpose of this project is to research and develop a business & technical model for a web-based geo-authenticated public consultation service. Combining methodologies from social media, e-commerce & community consultation, this project will analyze best practices in each area to determine the most appropriate model for a scalable platform for targeted community engagement. Qualitative & technical research, in addition to a beta site evaluation at the City of Vancouver, will be conducted to provide the basis for developing the final report and prototype model.

TRA(P) – A Language for Describing Motion in 2d Contemporary Art

The internship will investigate existing techniques and languages to analyze, describe and visualize  motion, movement or flow characteristics in a number of different fields and application areas including optical flow for video and visual effects, and Laban Motion Analysis for physical movement. The goal is to draw on existing approaches to define a language to describe motion in 2D art images, and for the purpose of manipulating images to better suit different compositions and spatial layouts.

Designing Social Games to Maximize Engagement and Healthy Living


Ignite play is developing a social media package which will make healthier living more fun and easier. An important component of this package is social game and reward system that encourages users to make changes in their lifestyle. This project will involve the development of a game design (in terms of prototype or series of prototypes) which will help:
1. Attract and engage users,

2. promote virality (spread to other users),

3. promote stickiness (ability to sustain users),

4. provide incentives for people to engage in healthier behaviours, and