A Framework for Robust, Fast, Efficient and Configurable Navigation of Video Game Characters

We will create new software technology for generating intelligent-looking movement behavior of virtual characters in video games. When characters move around in some game worlds, they typically plan their path around fixed obstacles and use some simple rules to avoid dynamic obstacles, such as other characters. Recently a family of methods based on the concept of Velocity Obstacles (VO) has been developed at the University of North Carolina. These algorithms have been shown to produce collision free navigation in theory and in practice.

QR Artist


Despite the change in usage and application (“Barcode Scanning Hits Some Big Milestones,” 2011), QR codes have kept the initial appearance. Black blocks in a square format still represent QR codes. This project, QR Artist, proposes humanizing these codes by inventing a framework that creates artistic QR codes and provides marketing analysis tools and reports for the customers.

2012 Technology Industry labour study

The project is about analyzing the Technology Industry in British Columbia. The study helps predict the British Columbia (BC) technology labour market through quantitative and qualitative analysis of answered questionnaires from technology companies in BC. A report summarizing the findings will be submitted to Cindy Pearson, COO of BCTIA by the end of December. In January, BCTIA will share the report with all technology companies in the BC region.