The Security Implementation of the Sahara Pipeline Inspection System

The intern will work closely with the PPIC Sahara system design engineers to develop a new security control system to protect both the software and hardware of the Sahara system. The tasks will 1) propose a true random number generator based on the dsp controller 2) implement a cryptographic algorithm based on the random number generated 3) develop the hardware and software for the proposed security system. This security system will provide an effective protection to the Sahara equipment from unauthorized use and protect the economic interests of the company.

Defining a Business Strategy for MDIT Innovation’s Clinical Management Software

Clinical Management Software (CMS) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) are key components of today’s life sciences and healthcare organizations. They are particularly relevant to Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS) used in the development of pharmaceuticals. The collection and management of patient information in CTMS is facilitated through Electronic Data Capture (EDC) systems, which can coordinate vast amounts of detailed statistics and reduce the costly expenditures of poor quality data and the delays associated with resolving inconsistencies. MDIT Innovations Inc.

Design Tools for Next Generation of Microelectronics Cooling Solutions-Characterization, Modeling and Optimization.

There is an increasing trend towards miniaturization in the microelectronics industry which increases the power density and thus heat generated from these devices. Consequently, one key factor limiting reliability and higher performance of electronic devices is the heat removal, to maintain the device below its maximum operating temperature. This indicates the importance of devising efficient cooling strategies to meet the demands of the electronics sectors. The goal of this program is to develop and implement state-of-the-art cooling solutions for Analytic Systems’ products.

The interaction between cardiovascular and posture controls and the effects of aging

Falls are a leading cause of morbidity and mortality in the elderly, and are the sixth leading cause of death. Often these falls result from a loss of balance due to decreased postural control; however, age related reductions in cardiovascular control during postural changes may produce light headedness and fainting (syncope) leading to fall proneness. In order to assess fall proneness, further study is required to increase our knowledge and better characterize how the cardiovascular and the postural control systems interact. We shall conduct two studies to accomplish the task above.

An Inverse Gaussian plume approach for estimating zinc emissions from a smelting operation.

Teck Metals Ltd. operates one of the world’s largest integrated lead-zinc smelting operations out of Trail, British Columbia. Every year, they report on atmospheric emissions of zinc and other contaminants through Environment Canada’s National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI). The purpose of this internship is to extend an existing inverse Gaussian plume model for estimating the emissions of zinc from point sources. The input to the algorithm is a collection of measurements of particulate material deposited on the ground in the area around the Trail smelter.

Use Experience Design and Interactive Interfaces to Support Energy Conservation

This multiple]internship project aims at three applications: BCHydro's continuing efforts to encourage energy conserving actions by its clients and customers through its PowerSmart program, the City of Vancouverfs sustainability program and Team Northfs entry to the 2009 Solar Decathlon competition. Each internship will produce a prototype and/or presentation with the intent to use these results, directly or as strategic insight, in PowerSmart public exhibitions and in the Solar Decathlon house.

Self-Powered, maintenance-free wireless sensor network with location tracking and health monitoring sensor interface

Monitoring of remotely deployed installations is an expensive and challenging task involving potential risk for unsupervised personnel working in inaccessible locations. To this end, Adigy Canada Inc. is developing an innovative wireless network that is characterized by completely maintenance-free operation, provision of interface for health monitoring wireless wearable sensors, localization of subjects, and an intrusion sensor interface.

Visual Histories of Decision Processes for Business Intelligence

In contemporary professional work, particularly groupwork, knowing what has been done, and why it was done, is often crucial to a project's success. Further, an important aspect of organizational memory is the shared history of project work (successful and unsuccessful both). Yet, most work and project management software provide only minimal tools for supporting review, reflection and reporting of such histories. The goal of this research project is to devise, prototype and test dynamic visual histories and linked repositories for collaborative decision making.

Secure Data Sharing and Storage for Enterprises

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) often need to share sensitive data with their clients and colleagues. The existing solutions however suffer from limitations that will compromise the integrity of the data or the recipients or the business. In this proposed internship, the intern will work with Bits Republic Technologies, Inc on solutions toward cost]effective and secure data sharing.

Canadian Diaspora Project Year II

The first year study of the Canadian Diaspora Project (2008-2010) finds that overseas Canadians are important assets for global Canada, specifically in their contribution to Canada's foreign relations with their country of residence. This research continues the Canadian Diaspora Project and further explores ways to foster the political, economic and cultural links of these overseas Canadians to their homeland, especially through the Canadian diasporic media available in their country of residence.