Is the Comprehensive Assessment of Psychopathic Personality-Institutional Rating Scale Suitable for Use at Correctional Facilities?

Although a large number of inmates are estimated to have personality disorders (primarily antisocial personality disorder or psychopathy), mental health screening and treatment programs in correctional facilities rarely focus on maladaptive personality patterns. Given that the effectiveness of mental health screening has great implications for the safety of staff and inmates, as well as for treatment outcomes, it is crucial to address the feasibility of incorporating screening for personality disorders into existing procedures.

Controls on Sediment Production from Forest Roads in the Honna Watershed

Forest roads can contribute significant amounts of sediment to nearby streams with subsequent impacts on aquatic ecology and water quality (including drinking water quality). This project will determine the triggers for sediment generation from forest roads in the Honna Watershed through controlled experiments using a large and small scale rainfall simulator and continuous turbidity monitoring.

GPU-oriented Structural Variation Detection in Human Genomes

Fast structural variation (deletion, insertion and inversion) detection between genome of different individuals is the main goal of this project. The internship team is planning in extending new algorithms to reduce the number of false positive calls (especially for deletions) and to parallelize it using Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). The standard approach implementation of the algorithms, as a result of high computational needs, is not fast enough for every day use by health science centers (such as hospitals).

Determining the Socio-demographic and Environmental Risk Factors for Intentional Injury

This aim of this project is to determine the social characteristics of neighbourhoods and elements of the urban environment that may be associated with increased rates of intentional injury (injuries resulting from violence and self-harm). Conducting comprehensive area-based assessments of intentional injury is difficult in Vancouver because of restrictions on reporting sensitive health information.

Spine Motion Tracking: 3-D Spinal Motion Analysis Using Intertial/magnetic Sensors to Investigate Effects of Low-back Pain on Movements

The purpose of the proposed research is to measure and analyze the 3-D spinal movements using inertial/magnetic sensing, and to study the effects of low-back pain on spinal movements.

Parallel Multivariate Polynomial Multiplication and Division

In this internship, the team proposes to develop high performance sequential and parallel algorithms for multiplication and division of multivariate polynomials. They propose to use a recursive data structure. One of the possible advantages of a recursive data structure is that we can also see how to parallelize polynomial division. Potentially high level algorithms such as computing polynomial GCDs and polynomial factorization will benefit from this speedup.

Modelling Population Dynamics of the Itcha-Ilgachuz Caribou Herd

This project will use computer modeling techniques to examine the population dynamics of the Itcha-Ilgachuz caribou herd in west central British Columbia. This large herd is a potential source, from which caribou could be transplanted to small endangered mountain caribou herds in Southern BC to help boost their numbers.

Testing for thresholds and defining targets – using bird habitat relationships to improve forest management on traditional lands of the West Moberly First Nations

Tree species composition – in particular the ratio of coniferous to deciduous trees – is likely a major evolutionary force shaping biodiversity in the boreal ‘mixedwood’ forest. There are concerns that logging practices are resulting in declines in the amount of old mixedwood stands in Canada’s western boreal forest, which may be having a negative impact on species adapted to mixedwood stands.

Integration and Assessment of Compiled Parallel Bit Stream Technology in High Performance Text Processing Applications

International Characters, Inc., based on research at Simon Fraser University, has developed high-performance software techniques for reading text files in various formats into databases. However, programming using those techniques can be difficult and error-prone. New research has shown that this form of programming can be automated to a considerable extent. This project is to evaluate the automatically-generated software and determine how easily it can be integrated into important commercial applications.

Efficient Object Segmentation and Video Compression for Eye Tracking Applications

The main objective of this research project is to propose and develop efficient image segmentation methods for measuring the location of the center of the pupil in video frames captured by a real-time eye-tracker system, and to design an overall software program in order to investigate the performance of the developed methods in real situations. Based on the obtained results, we would be able to suggest which method would be the best choice for the proposed application.