Approximate Algorithms for Resequencing of Human Genome using High Throughput Short

Human genetic variation has been traditionally studied at the single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) level. It is clear that, human genetic variation extends beyond single nucleotide polymorphism. New projects aimed at identifying structural variation have been initiated through the use of high throughput sequencing technologies. Although the new sequencing technologies produce short reads with respect to Sanger sequencing experiments, the focus of search for differences between a sample and its reference is moving from single based differences to structural variations.

Analysis of Decision Support System Metrics

Octothorpe Software is a decision sciences company that offers systems which organizations can use to improve their performance. This MITACS ACCELERATE internship project will be focused on developing new methods and metrics that organizations can use to improve their competitiveness. This will be achieved by developing the procedures, processes and the tools for displaying and understanding the key factors to improving the organizations success.

Structural Variations in Human Genomes Using High Throughput Short read technology

This internship will be developing tools and solving algorithmic problems related to short read technologies (the new technologies of sequencing the human genome). The problem being solved will help the biology and molecular biology researchers to use these new tools to find variations between different individuals. This will be very important step in realizing the personalized genomics dream.

Performance Metrics/Leadership Development Analysis

This internship will assist in the development of a diverse generational employee survey towards leadership development and workplace goal alignment. Initial baseline measurements will be obtained from Watson Wyatt, who have worked with BC Hydro since 2002 to develop, deliver and analyze the annual employee survey and results. The main objective of the research is to understand the perspectives and gauge the level of engagement of the workforce of BC Hydro.

Visualizing Fan Trends

The objective of this research project is to insight trends and associations between fans of various entertainment properties, the entertainment industry and the media properties themselves. The intern will begin by analyzing data from various sources such as product sales reports, market growth rates as well as data previously collected by the company. Based on the data, key factors will be extracted and employed in the analysis. Existing visualization techniques will be tested and if necessary, new methods will be created to better interpret the data.

Sustainable Community Economic Development in British Columbia

In this project, the intern will create a sustainable community economic development guide that will identify and document the current range of initiatives towards sustainable community economic development available to local governments in BC. This guide will outline the framework, methodology, tools, initiatives and resources available to local governments in BC striving to support local economies.

Social and Environmental Purchasing Portal

The intent of this internship is to undertake the research necessary to enable Vancity to develop a social and environmental purchasing portal. The target audience will be Vancity staff via their existing intranet, Insite. The research will focus on Vancity’s peer and micro-entrepreneurs, their social enterprises and its ‘green’ business members. The idea is to provide staff with a tool to help inform their purchasing habits for both corporate discretionary spending as well as personal buying.

Neural Correlates of Branding Effects across Different Media

The purpose of branding is to create high brand familiarity and positive brand image which contribute to the building of brand equity. The underlying mechanisms, both at a cognitive and electrophysiological level, are poorly understood. The main goal of this study will be the exploration of the electrophysiological correlates of branding of a familiar product and compare these effects across different media channels. If branding through TV, as explored in one study, produces a certain effect on brain waves, does branding in print and online produce the same or similar effect?

Zeros 2 Heroes Data Model: User Experience

The aim of this research is to design and implement a model of social currency in a networked community which is based on the stock and flow concepts most commonly associated with investment forecasting and user choice in an environment of scarcity. In other words, creating a system which can assist in predicting those things users would most be willing to put their actual money behind. This research is intended to ultimately assist developers of film, television etc.

Mathematical Investigation of a Balance Metric using Hypergraphs: Finding a Paper, Rock, Scissor-like relation between Game Scoring and Gaming Strategies

Fit Brains technology uses five classes in skill development that are loosely associated to certain regions of the brain. Together, these skill sets help define the human experience. It is also believed that increased fitness across these five classes can better a sense of wellness. Sometimes, incidental effects in game strategies have demonstrated that the point metric contributing to the fitness levels can be tampered with and can mislead the player in various ways.