Transliteration from Arabic to English

Machine translation has been an active field in Natural Language Processing. Although the quality of translation cannot reach that of a human, it is getting closer. One of the major sub-tasks in this field is ‘transliteration’, which is mapping the letters from the source language to the letters of target language. It would be useful for translating the proper names, location names and any out-of-vocabulary word found in the source text.

Segment Pool Allocation Strategy

Video games must be able to present things in ‘real time’, with no delays thus performance is critical. A modern processor can deal much quicker with information that is in one continuous section of memory as opposed to divided into smaller chunks. When information is split, it causes a delay in processing. The intern’s research will focus on optimizing a new system for memory management that will attempt to achieve greater performance through a system that organizes memory into collections of whole blocks in order to prevent the need for data to be split.

Fusing Structural, Functional and Diffusion Tensor MR Image for Neurological Disorders

Structural Magnetic Resonance Imaging (sMRI) provides high-quality images of soft tissue through the use external magnetic fields and electromagnetic radio-frequency pulses to excite protons abundant in the human body. Diffusion Tensor MRI (dtMRI) is a unique, non-invasive imaging technique capable of measuring the anisotropic diffusion of water molecules in biological tissues.

Rate-Distortion Optimized Streaming of Fine-Grained Scalable Video Sequences

Video streaming over the Internet is increasing in popularity. Many video objects are made available online and many users are streaming video everyday. In addition, the increasing processing power of personal computers, and the availability of high-speed Internet services, encourages users to demand more, higher-quality video content. To provide high-quality and to accommodate clients with various resources, fine-grained scalable (FGS) video coding has been proposed as part of the recent MPEG-4 and H.264 standards.

Computational Fluid Dynamics for Computer Gaming

As computer hardware becomes more powerful, the ability to produce effects approximating physical phenomena in soft real-time for computer games becomes an achievable and important goal for game realism. Interactive smoke effects are one such phenomenon. Despite advances in game architecture, however, computing gas/fluid motion with a high degree of physical accuracy is prohibitively expensive. This project's immediate goal is to research the optimal balance of physics and aesthetics so that this particular effect can be provided to gamers in soft real-time on current hardware.

Applying Dynamic Constraint Scheduling Technology to the Efficient Management of Emergency Responders

In this project, the intern research team is proposing to research and develop a Decision Support System (DSS) based on current research in constraint-based optimization, dynamic scheduling and probabilistic modelling. The Ottawa Paramedic Services (OPS) can use this system in their command and control centre to improve its operation and as a result improve the lives of the residents of Ottawa. The system is supposed to handle the burden of the combinatorial complexity while the human operator makes high level, strategic and tactical decisions.

Antibiotic Resistance Surveillance Program

The BC Ministry of Agriculture & Lands (MAL) monitors antimicrobial resistance of bacteria found in chickens, swine, cattle and other farm animals. The program uses a complex sampling scheme to select animals to be tested, and tests for resistance to several different bacteria. For E. coli and Salmonella, resistance and MIC values for 17 anti-microbial agents are collected, and for Campylobacter, for 8 antibiotics. Methods of analysis and presentation need to be developed to summarize the data using appropriate statistical methodology.

LCD Colour Correction of LED Back Light Arrays

A High Dynamic Range display is a display that can reproduce a wider range of image intensities than typical displays - that is, a range more closely matching the capabilities of the human visual system. Specifically, BrightSide Technologies’ DR37-P display can produce an eye-squinting 4000 cd/m2 (as bright as a ceiling fluorescent light) or as dim as 0 cd/m2.

Streaming Workload Characterization and Multi-level Client Clustering

This project is part of a larger research project which investigates the applicability of the peer-to-peer (P2P) computing paradigm in designing large-scale content distribution systems. To develop an efficient content distribution system, it is essential to understand the workload that will be distributed, the behavior of content consumers and the environment in which the system will operate.

Embedding Undirected Graphs onto Extended Grids

D-Wave Systems is currently involved in the research and development of quantum computing technology. Quantum computers allow for not just a fast computer, but potentially, a change in the computational complexity of problems. Graph theory plays a crucial role in the development and understanding of the capabilities and behaviour of the quantum computing hardware being developed, both from an operational and an applications perspective.