Improving high-quality lipid production in the commercially important microalgae, Euglena gracilis

FAs are an integral part of lipids (oil, fats, wax esters, etc.) that are essential to human health. Lipids with desired chemical and physical properties can be produced by manipulating their FA composition. Euglena gracilis is a commercially important microalgae capable of producing lipids with diverse FA composition. This project aims to study three different approaches; (i) metabolic engineering (ii) media optimization (ii) plant-based inducers, for controlling the production of FAs to produce lipids with desirable characteristics.

An updated nutrient budget for the Lake of the Woods and options for management

The Lake of the Woods (LOW) is a large transboundary lake that frequently experiences toxic algal blooms that are caused by excessive nutrient inputs to the lake from its watershed. The objective of this research is to quantify nutrient delivery to the LOW from atmospheric deposition and rivers draining the Canadian portion of the basin and use this information to guide management efforts.

Data Science in Pilot Performance Assessment

Automatically assessing a pilot performance during a flight training session is a capability that can enhance the flight instructor during his duty. From data gathered during a flight maneuver, we are looking for a way to automatically assess pilot performance to augment instructor performance and provide objectivity during flight training assessment.

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No additional funding contribution is required from the academic supervisor or university.
Fellowships will be awarded competitively.

Impact of Wind Energy Turbines on Bat and Bird Mortality

In this Mitacs-funded project, a postdoctoral researcher will work with partners at Trent University and Bird Studies Canada to expand our understanding of how wind turbines affect birds and bats. We will leverage an extremely detailed database on wind-wildlife interactions that is managed by Bird Canada. Using these data, we will investigate whether bat and bird mortality are affected by turbine characteristics including height and the area swept by the turbine blades.

Arctic-Nesting Bird Monitoring and the Impacts of Mining Disturbances

Agnico Eagle Mines Ltd. has proposed the Whale Tail Project, approximately 130km North of Baker Lake, NU. The project includes the construction a dyke within Whale Tail Lake that will divert water from the proposed mining pit into the surrounding lakes and tributaries, resulting in flooding that will elevate the water levels by 4 m above current levels over two years, causing approximately 157 ha of tundra to become flooded during the time of birds? nest initiation.

Research scaled to support walleye population

When your business relies on a natural habitat, your number one priority is protecting it. For John Grace and his family — owners and operators of the world-class Old Post Lodge on Northwestern Ontario’s Lake St. Joseph — conservation has been an important part of the corporate vision from day one.

The Contribution of Invertebrates to the Seasonal Diets of Walleye in Lake St. Joseph – year 2

The aim of this project is to better understand the onshore and offshore feeding habits and movement of walleye on Lake St. Joseph. There is special emphasis on answering the question: if, when and how much do Walleye rely on invertebrates in general, and Mayflies in particular. Walleye are an economically and ecologically significant sport fish and Mayflies are an important bioindicator of ecosystem health and potentially have an intricate predator prey relationship.

Sustaining Biodiversity Protection and Restoration Potential as the Foundation of Land Trust Business

This project is designed to create a strong plan for both the environmental and economic sustainability of the Haliburton Highlands Land Trust and the properties they manage through the ecological gifts program. Another benefit to this project for the Haliburton Highlands Land Trust is that donors are much more likely to contribute land and dollars to the Land Trust if they are comfortable with role the Land Trust plays as a steward of the land, including activities related to ecological restoration and of damaged properties.

Evaluating effects of local, landscape, and regional factors on Bobolink (Dolichonyx oryzivorus) nest survival

The bobolink (Dolichonyx oryzivorus) is a migratory songbird that is currently a species at risk in Canada due to steep population declines. Because bobolink nest on the ground in pastures, hayfields, and other grassland-type habitats, nest success and abundance may be influenced by various environmental factors. Our goal is to understand whether these factors directly or indirectly affect bobolink nest success. This is important as it will contribute to filling current knowledge gaps regarding bobolink breeding success.