User-friendly app for gauging autism

Autism spectrum disorder refers to a broad range of conditions characterized by challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviours, speech, and nonverbal communication. This once misunderstood disorder affects a broad range of communications skills and behaviours.

According to Public Health Agency Canada, one in 66 Canadian children are diagnosed with autism.

Predicting Scleral Lens Rotation Based on Corneoscleral Toricity

Patients with corneal disease often require treatment with scleral lenses. Unlike regular soft contact lenses, these lenses are much larger and have a space between the cornea and the lens that is filled with fluid before lens application. These lenses are extremely useful in cases of extremely ocular dryness and in patients with irregular corneas. Adjusting these lenses to perfectly mold the surface of the eye is of the utmost importance to ensure that the patient is comfortable and sees well with their lenses.

Pathways for Deep Decarbonization in Cities: Mechanisms, tools and governance structures for transformative climate action

As the urgency for action against climate change increases, local governments around the world are committing to reducing greenhouse gas emissions through deep decarbonization targets. Cities are the largest place-based sources of GHG emissions and therefore have great potential to reduce emissions on a global scale.

Satellite Solar Radiation Nowcasting

The main duty of Hydro-Québec is to repond efficiently to the energy demand of customers, in a safe and secure way while remaining competitive in the markets as well. The main goal of this start-up project is to support Hydro-Québec in developing a future-oriented energy system by proposing innovative technical solutions. Among these solutions, deep learning has been the final choice. Using a deep learning approach, satellite images, weather model outputs and data from solar radiation measurement stations, will be use for the development of a solar radiation nowcasting model.

Power network transfer capability

Hydro-Québec is a public utility that generates and distributes electricity. Despite selling most of its electricity in Québec, its most lucrative sales are in the neighboring markets. To ensure the best possible quality of service, the transmission system must remain stable, but to maximize profits, the company also wants to increase its transmission capacity to maximize energy exports. The transfer limit is now conservatively estimated based on a certain combination of simulated network configurations.

AI to predict emergency visits is an AI-based predictive analytics platform that goes beyond traditional claims-based risk scores to use all patient-related healthcare data to provide both clinicians and care managers with a full breadth of timely, transparent and accurate predictions of health outcomes. helps value-based providers confidently answer a variety of health-care questions like, which patients are most likely to be readmitted to the hospital? Or which of my patients would most benefit from establishing a relationship with a primary care provider?

Link predicting in court

The company Lexum is an undisputed leader in the development of information retrieval tools for the law - statutes, regulations and decisions of courts and tribunals. The project is to improve a new tool offer by the company. The tool is used to retrieve a list of legal subjects from a factual description. With that list extract, the tool provides a list of potential related document.

Simplification of long sentences

The task of sentence simplification can present itself in multiple forms. It could consist in correcting the punctuation of a sentence like so:
Avant : J’ai acheté un bateau je l’aime beaucoup.
Après : J’ai acheté un bateau. Je l’aime beaucoup.
However, a sentence can be both long and written correctly. In this case, it would require a reformulation in multiple sentences like so:

Electrical Load Forecasting

Load forecasting is an essential activity for a company like Hydro-Québec. It is necessary for objectives as varied as the management of production or the management and maintenance of the electricity network. Any significant forecasting error can result in reliability issues, loss of opportunity, or additional costs to the business. On the other hand, a good prediction would allow Hydro-Québec to generate additional sales in neighboring markets. With the deployment of its Advanced Measurement Infrastructure (AMI), Hydro-Québec now has a significant amount of new consumption data.

Real-time object recognition on wearable devices

The goal of the project is to implement real-time state of the art object recognition models on wearable devices. These devices aim to help people living with a visual disability by providing a description of their outdoor environment and offer navigation guidance. This would improve the experience of the users by allowing them to perform usual day-to-day tasks with much more ease and safety.