Development of a business model to plastic packaging waste management: the case of the Montreal Metropolitan Community (MMC)

By being moldable, durable, light, and inexpensive plastic packaging has seen a rapid growth in the use and its disposal is becoming a planetary challenge. Besides sustainable production and consumption globalized trade in waste plastics represents a significant option towards a circular economy. China, who so far represented the greatest importer of this material, recently (2017) implemented a policy banning the importation of most plastic waste and rising global concern regarding the destiny of this enormous displaced material flow.

Numerical and experimental analysis of the capture efficiency of domestic range hoods

Cooking activities are the main source of indoor pollutant emissions. Domestic range hoods are the most efficient technology to ensure a good indoor air quality. However, a label guaranteeing a high capture efficiency does not exist yet in North America. Thus, running low efficient hoods at high air flowrates during and after cooking may ensure low concentrations of indoor pollutants in the kitchen, while being high energy demanding and noisy and leading to depressurize airtight.

Valorisation d’une solution de gestion du personnel

Le projet consiste à bâtir un outil permettant d’évaluer les économies que les clients peuvent espérer en mettant en place le procédé et le logiciel proposé par Merinio. Le logiciel est un outil permettant de faire la gestion de la main d’œuvre de façon plus efficace en automatisant des tâches, en éliminant des tâches répétitives et réduisant les erreurs. Le stagiaire devra faire une analyse des facteurs qui peuvent permettre de réaliser des économies monétaires, en temps, en qualité ou en satisfaction dans un projet.

New acoustic insulation meta-material technology for aerospace

Sound pressure level in aircraft cabin are similar to a noisy work place. One of the most disturbing noise for passengers is related to the engine fan noise during take-off and approach. This noise is mainly tonal (i.e., at specific frequencies) and in the low frequency range (below 500 Hz) – see figure below.   Reducing this noise for the comfort of passengers is an important and challenging issue in aeronautics.

Visualization of gene structures, phylogenetic trees, and RNA structures

Bioinformatics is at the intersection of computer science, mathematics and biology. With the advent of new technologies, more and more genomic data is being generated. A common task for analysing such data is to visualize it in an interactive way that highlights the results of computational analyses. In the past 5 years, Web browsers have become very fast at data visualization, creating more opportunities to share bioinformatics results on the Web.

Mortality Rate Modeling: A study of the effectiveness of longevity and mortality linked financial derivatives as hedging instruments in a pension risk management strategy

Private pension plan sponsors wishing to manage their longevity risk transfer it to insurers through annuity contracts or bespoke longevity swap arrangements. They increasingly rely on such contracts to reduce their risk exposure. For example, annuity purchase activity from Canadian private pension plans expanded from $1 billion in 2012 to almost $2.7 billion in 2016 (Willis Towers Watson (2017)).

Magnetorheological Fluid Actuators for various industries

Exonetik designs, develops and manufactures magnetorheological (MR) actuator systems that enable novel functionalities to satisfy unmet customer needs. In collaboration with Exonetik engineers, interns will participate in the design, development and testing of customized magnetorheological actuators for three specific applications in the automotive, manufacturing and health sectors. The expected results of these subprojects will be prototypes that will be tested to demonstrate the added value that the technology can provide.

Digital vs classical humanitarianism. Mobilizing Doctors Without Borders, digital humanitarians and evidence-based study to guide a crucial analysis on the effectiveness of data collection and treatment in emergency. Project 1: Case study: 2015 earthquake

Obtaining reliable information is crucial for humanitarian workers who aim to respond to a catastrophic situation. In this context, there are many possible sources of information (e.g., local population; journalists; authorities), but only a limited time to gather data, analyze them and respond to the situation. Since 2010, a new way of gathering data has emerged called the digital humanitarianism (DH) where digital technologies are used to collect and treat information. Considering this new reality, traditional ways are challenged.

Numerical simulation and experimental analysis of frosting in air-to-air counterflow heat exchanger

The present project combines an experimental and numerical approach to be able to model the condensation and the frost formation in air-to-air counterflow plate heat exchangers. An optimized geometry will be proposed as well as frost prevention and defrosting strategies for air exchangers used in North America climate. The sensible heat recovery requirements in building codes still tend to go up. To achieve the required efficiency in a limited volume, the crossflow plate heat exchangers will be replaced by counterflow plate heat exchangers.

Numerical modelling of continuous centrifugal castingof aluminium tubes

Continuous centrifugal casting (CCC) is a new process to produce aluminium tubes with many advantages over classical extrusion: reduced amount of scrap and energy consumption, low transformation costs, more flexibility to produce tubes of different sizes. In CCC, a constant flow of molten aluminum feeds a rotary mold which solidifies the metal into a tube shape while a mechanism extracts the new cast tube in rotation. However technical challenges need still to be overcome to make CCC more reliable.