Développement de protocoles et infrastructures d’essais pour l’évaluation de systèmes embarqués dans les véhicules intelligents/autonomes sous de multiples conditions

Le développement rapide des technologies de l’information et des capteurs au cours des dernières années a eu un essor de plus en plus important dans le secteur automobile afin de rendre la conduite plus sécuritaire. Les systèmes de sécurité active en milieu automobile visent à éviter les collisions plutôt que de mitiger leur impact sur les passagers. Or la sécurité routière est directement fonction de la performance des systèmes intelligents embarqués et des capteurs en termes de fiabilité et de robustesse. Ils sont de plus en plus omniprésents, nombreux et complexes.

Synthèse de nouveaux revêtements polymériques plus adhérents

Le développement de revêtements à deux composantes nécessite l’ajout d’autres produits couteux afin d’augmenter leur adhérence à la surface du substrat. Ce projet de recherche portera sur le développement de nouveaux revêtements qui aura une meilleure adhérence sans ajout d’autres produits. Cela permettra à SophiChem Inc. de diminuer les couts de production de ses revêtements sans compromettre leur efficacité.  De plus les utilisateurs finaux de ces produits réduiraient de beaucoup leur temps de travail.

Optimization of new inhibitors of type 2 serine proteases as anti-influenza agents

The proposed project aims at optimizing new antivirals to fight influenza. Current antivirals, which target proteins of the virus, suffer from severe resistance owing to mutations in the virus. Our group has identified some enzymes in the human lung that are critical for the maturation of the influenza virus. By blocking these enzymes, we expect that the proposed treatment will be a lot less prone to the development of resistance since the target is the host and not the highly mutable virus.

Development of CFD model applied to fluidized beds for waste gasification

Gasification of wastes (either urban waste or residues from forest and agricultural operations) at large scale is a challenging operation because of the heterogeneity of the feedstock. Enerkem has addressed such challenge via its state-of-the art Bubbling Fluidized Bed (BFB) technology coupled with secondary Cracking and Reforming that results in high conversion of Carbon to syngas and a quality of the Syngas that makes it suitable for Catalytic Processing. The Enerkem approach provides a sustainable alternative to both landfill and incineration.

Mass spectrometry for multiplexed high throughput analysis of large molecules

Whether it is for research, development or diagnostics, life sciences typically require the quantitation and characterization of samples with assays that classically measure molecules one at a time. Considering that the development and execution of such assays are time consuming and requires considerable investment, the uses of multiplexed analysis would be highly advantageous. Mass spectrometry is a technology that allows multiplexing, but requires highly specialized knowledge in order to achieve the desired results.

Gallium nitride processes for efficient low loss power transistors

The project’s aim is to develop a comprehensive technological platform for the fabrication of GaN-based electronics devices for applications in telecommunications and power generating and management systems. As of this date, the progress relative to this technology has been excellent and sustained. Our team has now established the most advanced fabrication expertise for GaN-based devices among Canadian universities, and state-of-the-art high electron mobility transistors are now routinely fabricated. Technologies around the epitaxial growth of GaN-based materials are also to be developed.

Development of a miniaturized device for optical reading of the quantum semiconductor biosensor

In our experiments with semiconductor microstructures, such as those used for the fabrication of light emitting diodes (LED), our team has discovered that popular LED devices could also be used for the detection of micro-organisms that come in contact with the device. As a result of our almost 5 years of research, we have demonstrated the operation of an LED-like photonic biosensor capable of rapid (less than 2 hours) detection of E. coli.

Performance assessment of a high efficiency 1000x concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) system

Meeting the growing energy demands in a sustainable fashion is one of the greatest challenges of this century. This projects aims to evaluate a promising renewable energy source: concentrated photovoltaics (CPV). The configuration developed by our partner promises to offer utility-scale solar power at competitive prices, making it a viable alternative. It is based on large steel and glass structures that focus the incident light to reach over 1000x concentration onto a large array of high performance triple junction photovoltaic cells.

Financial analysis and evaluation model for willow plantations at Grappe agroénergétique des Coteaux

The project has to do with the financial evaluation of using different types of trees as biomass for energetic consideration. This initiative is designed to develop a model to analyze and evaluate the economic benefits of the intensive cultivation of willow trees and compare them with results obtained with traditional forestry practices. The project also aims to determine optimal production conditions for poplar plantations and the cultivation of other woody plants, including triticale and switch grass.

Architecture and application of an innovative decision-support module for use in primary care with electronic patient records

This project is designed to develop a decision-support module to be used with electronic patient records. By using innovative methodologies to analyze patient data as well as the sharing of such data with clinicians and the patients themselves, the project seeks to resolve current problems faced by clinical decision-support information systems (including problems that have limited the impact that these systems have had to date on medical practice).