High Average Power - Frequency domain Optical Parametric Amplifier (HAP-FOPA)

The goal of this proposal is to make the most advantage of the recently developed technique of Frequency domain Optical Parametric Amplification (FOPA) by pushing this technology to unprecedented levels. The IP has been protected by the group of prof. François Légaré from INRS_EMT. The main inventor, Bruno Schmidt, has founded few-cycle Inc. to commercialize this disruptive technology in Canada. Prof. Légaré and few-cycle Inc.

Developing a novel solar cell incorporating graphene and collaborative technologies

The rapid depletion of fossil fuels (such as Coal, Natural gas, Oil etc.) and the escalation in environmental pollution have prompted increased investigations in the field of alternative energy sources. In this context, solar cells are being studied to satisfy the increasing power needs of today’s society as photovoltaic power uses pollution-free energy source, solar energy. Silicon solar cells are still very expensive due to both the using of expensive materials and the employing costly processing steps.

Smart mutational exploration of the CalB lipase active site using a combination of virtual screening and iterative saturation mutagenesis

The company Odyssée Biotech specializes in the production of natural flavors and fragrances using innovative enzyme technologies. Using natural enzymes allows the enterprise to produce highly pure ingredients in mild conditions with a natural label. This green approach also makes this technology highly competitive and environmentally sustainable relative to other production methodologies employed in the industry. The strawberry and ice mint flavors are priority target products in the food and flavoring industry, but they are hard to produce using currently available enzymes.

Terahertz metamaterial sensors for monitoring of the insulation material quality - Year Two

A partial discharge is a localized spark that bridges a small portion of the insulation between two conducting electrodes under high voltage. The lifetime of high voltage electronic devices is often determined by the ability of the insulation material to withstand partial discharges, which start within gas voids in solid polymer insulation. A typical monitoring of insulation for voids and cracks requires long measurement times.

Generation of few photons and photon pairs with engineered beams carrying angular momentum

Cylindrical vector beams (CVBs) are a class of non-conventional beams of laser light that exhibit spatially varying polarization properties and zero intensity along the propagation axis. CVBs have received significant interest due to their peculiar focusing properties when used in combination with high numerical aperture optics. CVBs are also especially important at the limit of few photons/photon pairs for applications in quantum information processing and quantum data storage.

Research into Quebec’s rivers aims to improve Atlantic salmon habitats

This summer, Globalink intern Piyush Rai is working alongside Dr. Normand Bergeron at Université INRS to better understand how improved culvert design can positively impact the migration and survival of Atlantic salmon.

Fully-coherent Terahertz Detection via Biased Nonlinear Micro-slit

This project is concerned with the development of a novel commercial product for broadband low energy photon detection in the terahertz (THz) spectral range, lying between the traditional microwave and optical regions. Currently available THz detection techniques however are commonly limited to a narrow spectrum, typically below 3-4 THz.

Terahertz “Teramometry” for Diverse Applications

Two out of five Canadians are expected to develop cancer and one out of four Canadians is expected to die from cancer. For treatment of Melanoma, a dangerous skin cancer, plasmonic photo-thermal therapy is applied for precisely localized plasmonic heating of gold nanoparticles to kill cancer. One of the major challenges in heating applications involves precise temperature measurements. Current approaches are inconvenient, inaccurate, or costly. Thus, there exists a need to develop non-contact and non-invasive temperature sensing technologies e.g.

Ingénierie de la lipase B de Candida antarctica pour l'estérification d'acides aromatiques encombrants

Les esters à chaînes courtes sont des molécules employées comme ingrédients de base dans la fabrication d'arômes et de fragrances. Certains esters sont très prisés, tels que ceux entrant dans la composition des arômes de menthe givrée et de fraise. Cependant, ces esters sont particulièrement difficiles à obtenir naturellement et/ou artificiellement. De plus, la demande commerciale est grande pour obtenir ces esters avec une certification naturelle. Il est néanmoins possible de les fabriquer ''naturellement'' en utilisant des enzymes en laboratoire.

Pollution control of gas mixtures: gas monitoring and detection of contaminants usingnovel THz technology

Electric power plants are the number one toxic air polluters in North America. The emitted pollutants are proven to cause serious health and environmental issues. The emission of Carbon dioxide and of other pollutants, such as nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide - major drivers of the human-accelerated global climate change- must be monitored insitu. Our goal for the present project is to explore the properties of Terahertz radiation for control of pollution in the atmosphere. In particular, we intend to develop a new waveguide-integrated gas monitor, based on Bragg grating sensors.