Songs in the key of brain health

Led by Professor Pascale Tremblay in the university’s Department of Rehabilitation, the project has provided a unique research opportunity for Anne-Christine Bricaud, who travelled from France to spend the summer as a Mitacs Globalink research intern. She’s working with a team at Laval to determine the effects of group singing on communication and brain health, especially among senior citizens.

Biotechnology partnership transforms safety in blood donation processing

From there, new protocols for screening and handling blood products were enacted to prevent the spread of these diseases through blood donation programs.

Over 30 years later, infectious diseases such as Zika and West Nile virus pose new challenges for the safety of blood donation around the world; however, a partnership between a multidisciplinary team of researchers at Université Laval, Quebec-based Phytronix, and international biotechnology firm Waters Corporation could revolutionize screening technology for donated blood products.

Accords de Partenariat Trans Pacifique et libéralisation du marché laitier: impacts économiques sur le secteur laitier canadien

Avec les derniers accords, en matière de politique commerciale canadienne, il devenait nécessaire d’analyser l’impact économique de ces accords sur l’industrie laitière en prenant compte les résultats des travaux déjà entrepris sur ce sujet. L’objectif général de notre étude est d’analyser l’impact des réformes commerciales suite à l’AECG (Accord Économique Commerciale Globale) et au PTP (Partenariat Trans Pacifique).

Catalysts for natural products epoxidation

The present project consists of developing new catalysts for the epoxidation of natural products. Those catalysts will be titanium and molybdenum, two well known metals for this reaction, on well defined porous silica supports. Solid catalysts are favoured in industries because they are easy to produce at low cost and easy to separate from the reaction medium. Finally, they can be reused several times. The current project consists of developing an easy strategy to prepare titanium and molybdenum catalysts by direct wet impregnation of the support with the metal precursor.

The study of action mechanism of indoles in Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer

The indole subunit is a near-ubiquitous component of biologically active natural has become an important building block or intermediate in the synthesis of many pharmaceutical agents. Such as indole-3-carbinol, found in cruciferous vegetables has been shown to inhibit carcinogenesis. In this project I will focus on studying of action mechanism (cell apoptosis, angiogenesis inhibition and inhibiting microtubule formation) of indoles in breast cancer and prostate cancer. Establishment of models for the screening of indoles resources for resistance to breast and prostate cancer.

Mise à l’échelle numérique de modèles hydrologiques pour les modèles de climat à grande échelle

La résolution spatiale horizontale des modèles climatiques régionaux est à l’heure actuelle encore assez grossière, de l’ordre de la dizaine de kilomètres. Cette résolution engendre une sous discrétisation spatiale du cycle hydrologique continental, et donc une estimation approximative des échanges d’eau et d’énergie entre l’atmosphère et la surface continentale.

Mitacs Entrepreneur Awards: Guillaume Brault, Inova Source

Mitacs gratefully acknowledges the Government of Canada, the Networks of Centres of Excellence's Industrial Research and Development Internship program, Western Economic Diversification, the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, Alberta Innovates Technology Futures and the governments of British Columbia, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec through Le Fonds de recherche du Québec - Nature et technologies, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Newfoundland and Labrador through its Research and Development Corporation for their support of Mitacs Accelerate.

A dual-band optogenetic headstage

B. Gosselin and Doric Lenses Inc. have developed the first low-cost wireless head mounted optogenetic device enabling simultaneous biopotential recording and optical stimulation in the brain of freely moving rodents. This project aims at providing such a wireless optogenetic headstage system with user programmable functions, so it can address the dual nature of brain biopotentials, and become an essential tool for innovative research.

A wireless ring pulse oximeter with advanced signal processing

Pulse oximeters are key devices to provide early information on the respiratory and circulatory systems. In addition to be bulky and cumbersome, most commercially available systems lack a wireless connection, which cause numerous inconveniences. This project aims at designing a new wireless ring pulse oximeter which will enable to measure transmitted and reflected light from several locations around the finger to increase the quality of signal and gain more flexibility while improving comfort and ease of use.

Data-driven approach to establish a design space for raw materials properties and manufacturing conditions for pharmaceutical drug stability assurance

Pharmaceutical companies are required to perform stability testing of their drug products by regulation. A drug product that succeeds on stability testing means that its identity, potency, and purity remain within pre-established limits over its shelf life. Nowadays, drug products are more frequently reformulated in response to a highly competitive market, new research discoveries and the availability of new suppliers of raw materials.