Development of New Chromophores for Soil Detection on Surgical Instruments

Small surgical instruments can be used multiple times if cleaned properly after each surgery. At the end of the cleaning process, a visual inspection of each instrument is performed in order to detect any traces of soil such as blood, tissue or any other biological materials. However, the human eye is not a flawless sensor and soils that are not visible to the naked can be present.

oN DuTy! – Innovative Program on NonDestructive Testing (NDT)

NonDestructive Testing (NDT) is a key discipline in major industrial sectors to ensure quality and safety. Several methods are regularly employed in areas ranging from x-ray or ultrasound testing of metallic or composite components in the automotive and aerospace industries, to the inspection of petrochemical ducts using eddy currents or acoustical emissions. The present proposal combines different NDT-related subjects under the oN DuTy!

Northern Centre for Sustainability: research and advocacy for changes in municipal regulations and building code for the construction of a carbon-negative, energy-positive, waste-positive and closed water loop building above the 60th parallel

Ecology North wants to hire architecture, engineering and urban interns to assists in the research, outreach, awareness and education of the world’s most advanced sustainable building practices, towards the creation of a building that makes the best use of regenerative architecture, to heal the planet and the people. The project is for the construction of the Northern Centre for Sustainability.

Smart TECHnology for better shared decision making about prenatal testing for pregnant WomEn (TECH4WE)

Whether or not to undergo prenatal screening to assess the risk of certain genetic conditions in the fetus, and if so deciding among available prenatal screening tests, is a difficult decision faced by all pregnant women and their partners. However, few are aware of the implications of the various options. With shared decision making (SDM), patients and doctors share health decisions based on the pros and cons of all the options and on what matters most to the patient, so decisions reflect this knowledge and the preferences of those involved.

Development of miniature fluorescence microscope with optogenetically synchronized patterned illumination - Year two

We propose development of miniature fluorescent microscope with flexible spatiotemporal photostimulation patterns of ensembles of neurons in freely behaving animals.For precision and targeted photostimulation of light-activated proteins (opsins), the light beam from high power incoherent light source will be shaped by user-controlled digital micromirror device (DMD). The light patterns formed by DMD will be sent via fiber bundle to miniature imaging system that can be implanted on the head of the animal.

Optimal manure management strategies to favor productive and low-GHG emitting dairy farms in Québec

Dairy production in Québec, Canada, contributes for 38% of the province agriculture-related greenhouse gas emissions. These numbers could however increase in the near future due to the evolution in manure management of dairy farms.

Towards automatic tree selection through fusion of mobile lidar and computer vision information

The aim of this project is to explore the automation of tree selection, which consist of selecting which trees to cut in a forest harvesting operation. When selecting a tree, one must consider multiple characteristic of the tree: its size, its position relative to other trees, its health and many other things. We begin this endeavor by developing a method to precisely measure the diameter and the position of trees in a given area. To do this, a combination of a laser scanner and a camera will be used.

Computational and machine learning approaches to improve design and screening of high bioactivity peptides for drug discovery

The cost of developing new drugs is now widely acknowledged by industry leaders as prohibitive, with some estimates now in excess of $ 5B per drug. It is imperative that new approaches are developed to mitigate the cost and time required to bring new drugs to market. To help achieve this, we contend that new techniques in machine learning must be brought to bear on the drug development process.

Dietary alternatives to force-feeding for the production of foie gras

Foie gras is a commercial food product made from duck livers containing elevated amounts of fat. The traditional production practice involves the force-feeding of corn-based diets to the animals. Foie gras is currently produced globally at around 26 000 ton/year; however, given the growing animal welfare concerns, demand has started to dwindle, and its production has been banned in several countries. We propose to evaluate dietary changes with potential to increase voluntary feed intake and liver fat accumulation.


Extracellular nucleotides can favour inflammatory diseases via the activation of P2 receptors. The proinflammatory P2Y6 is the dominant nucleotide receptor in human and murine intestinal epithelial cells (IEC) and its expression increases during inflammation. Interestingly, we found that the blockade of P2Y6 totally prevented inflammation in the murine DSS model. This project will show whether and how the blockade of P2Y6 signaling in IEC can reduce, or even prevent, mucosal inflammation.